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~Until we meet again

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~Until we meet again

again this is one of my older fanfics but what the hell- if people dont want to read it they dont have to lol
enjoy anyway.

Until We Meet Again

There were no bodies. There was only the sense of physical touch. Two spirits, both of the same soul, touched. An emotion, something that was stronger than love but was the closest thing a human can understand, was shared between them.
“Promise you will find me.” The one communicated to the other without speaking. Words did not exist for them.
“No matter where you are, I Promise I will come.” That deep emotion turned to desperation as their time grew shorter. Soon, the two halves were torn asunder, and for the first time in both of the halves long existence, they knew an emotion stronger than agony or pain. The one left behind watched as the first one left this place and appeared below. Alone.
“Don't worry,” a soft voice said, “Soon it will be your turn.”
~Sixteen years later~
A girl named Yulia Volkova stood naked in the small one room apartment. Her red lacquered fingers rubbed the tinted makeup into the scars that marred the smooth tanned skin on her upper torso and arms. Satisfied, she drew the white shirt over her slender shoulders and fastened the three middle buttons, leaving both the bottom and top ones undone. Next, she pulled on the simple standard black pleated skirt in which, of course, she had taken off four inches so it would fit her better. She grinned to herself as she remembered yesterday when the woman at the uniform desk had showed her the options of the plaid skirt or the black.
“What kind of moron would wear plaid when they could look almost normal?” she thought to herself. She reached around her back, fastened the little hook, and smoothed the skirt low on her hips. She looked at the small black briefs on the bed and shrugged.
“I don’t want to kill someone with shock on my first day.” she told herself reasonably as she slid on tiny underwear that really didn’t make that much of a difference. Pulling on her knee socks, she stepped into her boots and zipped up the tall black leather around her calves. Ready, she grabbed her bag and car keys and headed to the door, pausing to smile at a picture of her parents mounted by the door.
“Bye Mum, Dad.” She kissed her fingers and placed it on the cold glass before turning the door knob and heading out into the Moscow sunlight.
Yulia, with a little hop, got out of her red 1966 Mustang and slammed the rattling trap door. She headed from the back parking lot to the steps of the school. Students milled around on the steps almost like it was a social hierarchy ladder. Yulia was too busy trying to put her keys in her bag and pull out her school issued I.D card that she needed to get into the high-class school. She finally shoved her keys into the bag and zipped it shut. She had reached the top step of the school when she raised her head and looked eerily around her. All of the girls wore the red and black plaid skirts, with little white shirts and sweater vests with white ankle socks and docker shoes. Yulia felt as if she had walked into a movie filled with clones. It seemed as if every girl had light brown or blonde hair pulled into a pony tail or half up, decorated with bright plastic clips or even ribbons tied into bows. Their jewelry were small little studs and charm bracelets. Yulia was beginning to think this school wasn’t such a good idea after all. She could feel all of the students’ eyes looking over her petite frame - from the spiked punkish hair, the layered gold medallions around her neck, exposed midriff, short black skirt, to the tops of her black polished boots.
The uncomfortable silence was punctured by a soft exotic laugh that filled the air with its warmness. Yulia turned in surprise, hearing it in such an out of character place. Yulia was frozen in stunned silence at what stood before her. The red haired siren stood a few inches over Yulia. Her hair was a bright garnet red, the tight corkscrew curls broken up by chunky little braids that framed a soft peaches and cream toned face. The wind was sucked out of Yulia's lungs as she stared.
“Her eyes. Oh my God, her eyes!”
The dark green eyes were alive with an inner fire telling more about her than anything. The almond shaped eyes fluttered lightly with ashy gold lashes for a moment before they opened again. This time, Yulia saw the small flecks of gold that dotted the nameless beauty’s face. She was dressed differently from all the other girls as well, Yulia half noted. Her black skirt was longer. She wore a white long sleeved man's shirt - the cuffs unbuttoned and rolled back, the tails of the shirt tied around her waist, the material just tight enough to define her bust and curves. That is when Yulia's gaze met hers. The world seemed to stop as everything for Yulia went black and white except for the red haired girl. Neither one blinked as they studied one another. The moment was shattered like a glass bubble when the school bell rang. A blonde girl called out for the red head. She reluctantly turned and followed the blonde blonde into the doors with rest of the students. Her garnet head turned just before she disappeared into the doorway with a last lingering look at the dark haired girl. Yulia stared after her feeling dazed and confused.

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Yulia leaned against the concrete column, a half smoked cigarette in-between her full pouty mouth as she acclimated herself to her surroundings.
The school was utterly upper class, posh and classy. Thank God, the classes had been pretty much the same except for them being at a quicker rate, which is why Yulia was here anyway. She took another deep drag from the cigarette and blew out a slow stream through her compressed lips as she thought about the past two months of her life.
Two months ago, Yulia was still living with her aunt. Her parents had still been alive and were traveling the world as usual. Yulia, as she very well knew, had not been something her parents had planned. So when she was born, she was sent to live with her Aunt Marion. Her parents did love her but they just weren’t able to deal with a child. Every two months, her parents had come home to visit her, stopping their busy careers as songwriters and producers to visit the daughter they barely knew. Nonetheless, Yulia had loved them just the same. Everyone knew that her heart belonged to Marion, which no one resented; it was simply the way it was. Then less than half a year ago, something had happened in the young girl's life that changed her forever. Her aunt had gotten cancer, and within three months of finding the deadly disease in her liver, she was gone. The stunned teenager was saved by only one thing - her parents. They had stopped their careers and settled into Moscow life with their daughter. It was darning this time. Yulia had finally found out about her parents and they had started to build a relationship. But things hadn't been situated long enough for either of them to get comfortable. One night when driving home from dinner, a drunk driver swerved and had hit straight onto the car that was carrying Yulia and her parents home. Her parents had died instantly and Yulia had suffered numerous cuts and a concussion from the shattered glass and twisted metal.
Thinking about the past, Yulia felt sick to her stomach. She drew out a second cigarette and lit the end as her mind drifted back into her trailing thoughts.
The government decided that Yulia, having no relatives, was old enough to be on her own if she wished - which she did. One thing she would always be grateful to her parents for was the will that had left her everything. Her parents had been very intelligent and frugal. In the end, they had left Yulia with just over a million dollars. So she had bought herself an apartment and enrolled in the private school, which allowed her to finish her education a year early. Thinking about the past, she was distracted and swore when a stray piece of fiery ash burnt her fingers.
“Fuck!” she flipped her hand and brought the back of her hand to her mouth sucking on it. That was when she noticed a boy standing on the other side of the column laughing.
“That was talented.” he responded drolly. He was tall, muscular, blonde and a smart ass. Just the type of man Yulia would have been attracted to if she wasn’t a lesbian.
“Oh screw off.” she growled. The boy laughed again and leaned halfway against the wall. “You know,” he said matter-of-factly as he drew a package of cigarettes from his pocket and pulled one out. “Smoking on school grounds is strictly prohibited.”
“And who the hell are you, the campus police?” He lit the cigarette and took a first puff before offering a wolfish grin. “No. I'm Sasha, the class president.”
“So you must be Yulia Volkova.”
Yulia looked at him as she took a final drag from the cigarette.
“What about me?”
“Just that you have more money than most of us here, and it’s all thanks your parents.” Irritated at the mention of her dead parents in such a casual conversation, she grounded the crushed butt of her cigarette into the ground.
“That is no one’s fucking business.” she replied coldly as she turned to leave. Sasha jumped from the wall in front of her.
“Look, I'm sorry okay. I didn't mean it like that. In all honesty, I just wanted to meet you. Let’s face it. You’re not like a lot of the girls that go to this school.” Yulia's anger cracked a bit and she smiled at the boy.
“To say the very least.”
Sasha backed up a few feet when he saw the girl visibly relax.
“So what is the final class on your schedule for the day?” Yulia drew the folded piece of paper from her pocket and handed it to Sasha who unfolded it, looked at the last class listed, and burst out laughing.
“Have fun!”
She snatched the piece of paper from his hand and looked at the list with a groan.

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Yulia walked down the long corridor. She glanced at her watch. Great, ten minutes late on her first day. She pushed the double doors wide open and walked into the gym. The room was filled with some fifty-odd girls stretched and talking, as the teacher tried to gain some semblance of control. All talk stopped and all eyes fell on Yulia. She had dressed in a pair of black gym pants with the three adidas stripes down the side along with matching tennis shoes and a white tank top. Her hair was wind blown and wild from the jaunt she had taken with Sasha outside. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a flash of red that caught her attention. It was that same girl. Her long red hair was in two braids caught with little white elastics. Her outfit looked amazing. She wore pink shorts and a white t-shirt, a small pink jacket on top of the shirt and pink tennis shoes. Either she hadn’t noticed Yulia come in or she didn't care, Lena looked preoccupied as she took hold of a girl’s hands who helped brace her as she spread her legs wide on the floor and sunk to the ground into splits. Yulia almost gasped as she saw girl turn sideways, flipping her legs directly under her.
“Good God! She would be amazing in bed! “ Yulia thought to herself.
“Miss Volkova, it was so good of you to join us.” an authoritative voice called out. Yulia's perverse thoughts were put on hold as she turned and noticed for the first time a short, balding man who squinted at her through thick glasses. “Sorry sir err...I got lost.” The man's demeanor softened as he saw her discomfort.
“That’s fine. Just don't let it happen again. Okay class, today we are going to be doing the PT testing for running. So I want everyone outside onto the track.”
“It figures,” Yulia muttered to herself. “My first day and we’re doing testing!”
The class filed out onto the track field with Yulia trudging along behind them as the teacher blew the whistle and everyone started around the track.
“I pay eight thousand dollars a quarter for this damn school and we run around a track. Why do I feel so much like a damned hamster?” Yulia wondered to herself as she began a steady jog. She stayed on the inside track as she ran, mulling over the events of the day - the classes, the red haired girl, Sasha, and then the red haired girl once again. It was at that moment that the girl came running up from behind her, passing her as she ran with a dark haired girl. Yulia almost stopped running as she became mesmerized by the girl’s backside. The girl had abandoned the light jacket - her smooth pale arms now exposed and the short shirt revealing several inches across her back. She had also rolled up the hem of her shorts higher around her waist making the length almost indecent. Yulia almost choked in surprise when she saw a bit of teal underwear. Inspired, Yulia increased her speed, running in a hard sprint around the track. She knew how fast she was but several people were shocked as the small brunette tore around the track passing the two girls.
“What the hell is my problem?” she asked herself. “She’s just a beautiful girl.” A voice inside her head laughed.
“A girl who you feel you already know…who you feel a connection to.”
She pushed the thoughts from her mind as she ran at a neck-breaking speed. The teacher finally blew the whistle, signaling the end of the class. Sweating, Yulia pushed herself to finish the last lap as everyone else stopped in mid run and turned to go inside, not wanting to waste shower or prep time to get ready to leave for the day. Satisfied, Yulia slowed to a walk and followed the gaggle of girls up the hill. She was passing a tree when the auburn siren jumped out from behind it.
“Jesus!” Yulia screamed in surprise. The other girl started laughing.
“I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you. I'm Lena Katina.” Yulia smiled and took the hand Lena offered.
“You’re Yulia Volkova. I know. I asked around.”
Yulia felt her cheeks flush. Her fingers brushed Lena's and slid into her warm palm. She almost jumped as she felt the electric currents pass between them. Lena studied Yulia with her fathomless dark green eyes. Slowly, they both drew their hands away and began walking up the lawn into the building. When they approached the door, Yulia pulled it open and held it for Lena who walked in the door with a silent smile of thanks. The locker rooms were empty, being that it was Friday and people had rushed to leave. Heading down the same row of lockers, Yulia felt her heartbeat kick in. Her palms began to sweat as she undid her locker which was only three lockers away from Lena's. Lena undid the lock and hung it on the inside of the door, which squeaked in protest to being opened. Without hesitation, Lena pulled her white shirt off. Yulia felt her mouth go dry as she tried not to stare, but she couldn't help it. Turning her shapely back to Yulia, she reached up and undid the hook of her bra with one hand.
“Damn it, Yulia!” she screamed at herself. “Stop!”
Struggling to gain some control of her senses, she turned into her locker and began to strip. She tore off her clothes at lightning speed including her shoes and socks which she crammed into her locker before drawing a towel around her body, violently tugging the ends around her. Lena laughed and Yulia turned and looked at her questioningly.
“In a hurry?” Lena asked with a repressed grin. She had a towel wrapped around her as she sat on a bench, drawing off her shorts and the scrap of teal lace.
“No, I just hate feeling sweaty.” Lena nodded in understanding and stood up, a small bag handle looped around her wrist.
“Ah shit! I forgot my soap and shampoo!”
Again, Lena's infectious laughter hung in the air as she shook her head and reached into her locker, handing another small bag to Yulia. Yulia leaned over and peered into the other girl’s locker.
“God, planning on opening a beauty shop anytime soon?” Lined on the back of the locker were several bras and matching underwear sets, on the bottom were several bags like the ones the girl had - they were each lined up holding a sponge, body wash, and shampoo in different scents.
“No,” Lena responded wisely. “I just like being clean.” She closed the door and walked down the aisle followed by Yulia. The white tiled shower room was full of steam left by the running showers. The clouds of steam enveloped them as Lena gave Yulia a playful wink and headed into the steam, the towel falling away from her body as she walked into the mist. Yulia paused as she saw a black and blue marking on Lena's hip.
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I must be seeing things!” she said to herself as she turned and headed to the other side of the huge room. Under the showerheads, she tried to drown herself thinking about every stupid thing she had said to the other girl. She opened the bottle of body scrub and squeezed half of the bottle onto the sponge, not even noticing as she began to lather her entire body. She stopped, brought the sponge to her nose, and inhaled.
“Oh God! It smells like her!” Yulia paused realizing what she had just said.
“Fucking hell! Yulia, this is where obsession stops and stalking begins!” Frustrated with herself, she quickly washed her hair and wrapped the towel around her. Back in front of her locker, Yulia pulled on a pair of dark denim jeans not bothering with underwear as she pulled the thick black turtleneck sweater on. She violently began rubbing her short locks with the towel. Throwing the towel into the locker, she combed some gel through her hair and messed it with her fingers. Trying to hurry, she sat down on the bench and started pulling her tall boots back on.
“I can't do this! What the hell was I thinking! I don't even know her! What the fuck am I doing?” she said aloud, talking to herself. She paused when she saw a shadow fall across the floor. Standing and soaking wet, the white towel clung to her body as Lena stared at Yulia with a look that could only be described as confused and hurt. She looked utterly vulnerable. Yulia, without thinking, stood and crossed the space separating them. Gently, her body pushed the taller girl back against the lockers, her fingers tangling in the long damp curls that framed the hurt face. Yulia felt Lena's breath catch, as her soulful green eyes dilated darker in pleasure. Her eyes closed fluttering and her breathing harsh as she opened her eyes and stared back at the wide blue ones. As if drawn like a magnet, Yulia and Lena's heads bent, their mouths touching each other softly at first. Yulia felt Lena's hands wrap around the back of her neck, drawing her closer. Yulia slanted her head, deepening the kiss - her mouth parting, her tongue stroking the lush full lower lip of Lena who responded with a low moan. The towel fell away from Lena's body by accident, and Yulia took full advantage of this. Her hands ran gently up and down her spine and then wrapped lower on the other girl’s hips, squeezing. Lena let out a small cry of pain under Yulia's mouth, who drew back immediately and looked down to where her hands clenched. Moving her hands, her face turned several shades of white at the crush of black and blue bruises across her hips, back, and stomach. The lingering yellow bruises amidst them told Yulia that this wasn’t the only time she had received bruises.
“Oh my God!” Yulia almost screamed.
Lena leaned down and grabbed the towel. Yulia felt another wave of nausea pass over her as she saw the bruise on the swell of Lena's breast.
“Who did this to you!” Yulia raged as Lena leaned against the locker, her arms drawn protectively across her middle.
“No one did anything to me. I fell down the Metro stairs the other day and skidded down several metal steps.”
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“Then, how the fuck did you get those bruises on your front?”
Lena took a deep calming breath as she gained control of herself.
“Look, just forget about it, okay. It was a mistake with you kissing me anyway.”
Yulia felt as if Lena has physically slapped her.
“It wasn’t a mistake!”
Lena didn't respond as she began pulling on her clothes haphazardly. She pulled on her black pleated skirt, a new bra, and a white tanktop from her locker, drawing a blazer over it. Yulia stepped in front of Lena as she was drawing the newsboy cap low over her eye, her wet hair still in her fingers as she tied it into a braid.
“Tell me what’s going on.” Lena's body went tense and she pushed past Yulia.
“Who the fuck do you think you are? You don't even know. And just because you fucking make out with me doesn’t make you an expert! I don’t have time to deal with this shit right now. I have got to go!” Her tone was almost hysterical as she grabbed her bag and slammed the locker door shut. While she jammed her feet into a pair of tennis shoes, Yulia stopped her gently putting a hand on her arm.
“Please, I know I don’t know you, but just tell me what really happened.” She saw Lena let her guard down, her face tormented as she struggled with herself.
“Listen,” she said softly, almost too soft for Yulia to hear. “I appreciate it, but it’s best that you just pretend this never happened.” She turned and walked out the door.
“Like hell I will!” Yulia raged to herself. She pulled the door open and almost gasped in shock. A tall dark haired man had an arm drawn around Lena's waist and was kissing her lips softly. She was too dumbstruck to notice Lena's tense posture or her cold clammy skin. The dark boy’s head pulled up and stared at Yulia.
“Oh Sergi, this is my new friend Yulia Volkova. Yulia, this is Ivan Sergi Shapalov. But everyone calls him Sergi since his father is headmaster. We don't need two of them running around.” She gave a nervous laugh as Sergi's hand dug hard into her waist, telling her to shut up.
Sergi offered his most charming grin and offered a hand to Yulia. She ignored it as she studied the two of them.
“Come on babe, we got to go if we’re going to make it to my parents for dinner.” Lena nodded and obediently followed Sergi. She turned her head looking at Yulia one last time. As they disappeared around the corner, Yulia let out a breath.
“She has a boyfriend.” Yulia said broken-hearted. The memory of Lena rushing to get out the door flashed in her mind - she almost panicked.
Yulia then knew how Lena had really gotten those bruises.
For Yulia, the weekend was endless. She had looked up Lena’s number in the phone book and for so many times lifted the phone, intending to call her. She tried to distract herself with homework but that only proved to be a few hours challenge and soon she was done. By Saturday afternoon, her house was spotless. Every article of clothing she had was washed at least twice and she had even organized her closet. Yulia sat on the edge of her perfectly made bed. Her hands rested on her knees. She bit her fingernails as she tried to figure out what to do.
“She is afraid of him. And yet she doesn’t want any help.” Yulia scrubbed her hands over her face and racked them through her scalp.
“You also have this huge attraction to her, and this need to protect her. Although before you didn't give a shit about anyone.” Tired of debating, Yulia dug the cell phone out her pocket and punched the numbers.
It rang.... once.... twice... three... four times. Yulia was about to hang up when a breathless voice picked up the phone.
“Err. Yes, This is Lena's friend. We were supposed to meet today, but I forgot the place she told me to meet her.”
“Oh dear. Lena has already left, but you might be able to catch her at the bookstore or the coffee shop.”
“Okay, thanks Mrs. Katina.” Yulia replied, hope creeping into her voice. Before the other woman could reply, Yulia had shut the phone and was heading out the door with no hesitation, pausing only long enough to tug the knee length denim jacket on before she ran down the stairs.
~Lena ~
This was the only day Lena Katina got any peace. Her boyfriend often went to Italy with his father for business on the long weekends, leaving her the entire Saturday to just, even for a few hours, live a normal life. The bookstore and coffee shop became Lena's world. People always thought that she simply loved to read because she was smart and that TV held no interest. But the truth was that she loved to read because books became an escape for her - to leave Moscow and travel in her mind, become another person and not have to face her reality. Yesterday, Sergi had been more than just a little upset with her for making him wait. The new marks on her arms proved it. Thank God the weather was still cold and she could wear the long sleeved red sweater she had on today. But how much longer could winter last? Two, maybe three weeks tops? Then, she would have to find a new way to hide her bruises. Sergi's violence had just started the month before. She gripped the cardboard cup as her mind drifted back. She had said something to correct Sergi. It was just over something dumb; she didn't even remember what it was now. The only thing she really remembered was that look of madness that had come into Sergi's eyes as his hand raised and slapped her fully across the face. She had staggered from the pressure of it and had nearly been knocked unconscious. When she had gained control of her senses, Sergi was leaning over her and screaming incoherently. But the threat was a promise that if she told, she knew her parents would never find her alive.
Since that day, each moment of her life had been filled with terror and fear that each day would be her last and no one would even know what had happened to her. She had covered herself well with her false happiness and easygoing smiles. Until yesterday. Something had happened to change that when she had first seen Yulia. There was something about her, something that reminded Lena of someone she had forgotten. The inner strength and light that Yulia evoked was all around her. That light had seeped into Lena, making her feel not so lonely anymore, as if maybe she was worth something - maybe even special. When Yulia had kissed her.... Lena stopped.
“I can’t think this way. Nothing can ever come of it.” She told herself. Back into the world of her books, Lena ran her fingers along the spines of the old classics, the pungent smell of leather and paper invading her senses. No, this was much more safe.
Yulia pulled the cafй door open and went inside. Sitting on the far side of the modern cafe, Lena had a book laying flat on the table and a cold untouched coffee beside it. Lena's head was bent, but her gray-green eyes were unmoving as if deep in thought. Her hands lay in her lap, the fingers twisting around each other in irritation. Yulia studied her closer - she wore a red turtleneck. It was cool outside but not cold enough to wear a thick knitted top like Lena’s,
“He hurt her again.” Yulia thought savagely as she walked across the space of the coffee shop, pulled out a chair, and sat in front of the auburn haired beauty who looked up with a registered alarm on her face.
“What the hell are you doing here?” She leaned halfway across the table, hissing the words.
“I want to be your friend.” Yulia said, genuinely and honestly meaning the words that she spoke.
“If you want to say that yesterday was a mistake, okay, I respect that. But I just want to help you.” Yulia reached out and gently took her hand as she said this, her touch calming and connecting, but most of all reassuring. Lena stared at her hand being held by Yulia's smaller one. Her other hand was gently stroking the inside of her palm. It felt so familiar, so right.
“God, I wish I could be her friend.” Lena thought agonizingly as she gently pulled her hand away.
“I can't.” Lena said shortly. “You can't get involved in this anymore than you already are. Please, if you want to be my friend, just stay away.” She slid back from her chair and picked up her purse from the floor. Yulia repressed everything inside her that told her to follow Lena.
“I'm not giving up,” Yulia said softly. “Never.”
Yulia stood facing Lena.
In her eyes, she saw everything she was.
Her nature.
Her personality.
Her hopes.
Her dreams.
She also saw everything Lena was.
Her soul.
Everything that had ever happened to her – her childhood dreams and failures, her first kiss with Sergi, her confused thoughts about life.
Yulia saw everything that existed between them.
The promise.
All of this was held in Lena's dark fathomless eyes - which darkened in anger or in pleasure, which turned a sharp gray when she was upset or hurt. When they widened, showing the flecks of gold, she realized just who Yulia was. “Please,” she heard Lena beg, the darkness coming further around her.
“Don't forget! Please don't leave me!” Her voice became more distant and like magic, Lena disappeared. The last image was her hand reaching out for Yulia. Yulia reached out and felt only empty space.
Panting, Yulia jolted out of the bed. Her breathing was heavy as everything came flooding back to her. She felt herself crying for the first time in years.
“God, Lena. Please remember.”
Yulia couldn't get to school fast enough. She had woken up early, taking special care with her appearances. She spent more time on her hair and makeup than she usually did and even took time to adjust her clothing. Her heartbeat fluttered whenever she thought about Lena.
“This is insane!” she told her reflection. “She has gone through so much. How can I expect her to remember anything about us? She might not even care anymore.”
“It doesn’t matter.” A voice said, not Yulia's. “You were meant to be with her. Even if she doesn’t know it. You do. You have always wanted to protect her, ever since the beginning.” Deep inside, Yulia knew this was true. Even though she had just met Lena, she knew that her heart and her very soul belonged to the auburn haired angel.
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Another image flashed before Yulia's eyes. It was very blurry.
Two women were together, dressed in robes. Their hair coiled around their head in curls and small braids. Fire had engulfed the city and was burning around them. War. Soldiers had burst into the large stone house, leering at Yulia's beautiful body. They had tried to rape her. Sobbing, Lena had attacked them.
Yulia, as if watching a movie, screamed when she saw a knife sink deep into Lena's stomach. Blood seeped into her white flowing robes as she collapsed to the floor. Yulia held Lena's head in her lap, begging her not to leave her.

As quickly as the dream had come, it had vanished, leaving Yulia panting and clenching the sink for support.
“She saved me.” Yulia whispered.
“Yes,” The voice whispered. “Now it’s your turn to save her.”
Lena struggled to get out of bed the next morning.
God, she hurt so badly. Sergi had come home the night before and had come over while her parents had been out to the theater. He had been in a rage because of an argument he had with his father. When she had spilled a drink, he had gone off. Lena had only enough time to curl herself into a ball as his fists came railing down her fragile body. He had kicked her as well, twice in the stomach, as she had tried to crawl away. His spiteful words hung in the air.
“You fucking stupid bitch! You think you’re so smart, do you?” The rest had become a blur as she curled up in the fetal position, her only thought to protect her vital organs and her head. Sergi had left her there on the floor. Knowing her parents would be home soon, she had literally crawled into her bedroom, locking the door behind her and curling up on the floor because her bed was too high for her to climb on. She was too exhausted to cry and too numb to think. One thing had drifted into her mind as she fell asleep.
Yulia. Tentatively, Lena pushed up from the floor, staggering as she felt a wave of dizziness pass over her while she stumbled into the bathroom. She shed the simple shift dress she wore, dropping it on the floor. She stared at herself in the mirror. No longer did she see herself. The only thing she saw was a worthless abused body. No longer was she Lena. She was what Sergi had wanted her to be - Nothing.
With each step she made, it took Lena every last drop of energy to prevent from screaming. She had managed to get her mother to drop her off at school, but as soon as the car had pulled away, Lena nearly crumpled to the ground. The long flights that led up to the school were long and drawn out. She felt her world dip and sway around her. Sweat broke out on her brow as she went to take another step.
“I can't do this anymore.” she sobbed silently. “I just can’t take anymore.”
“He won. He has broken me down until I have nothing left inside.” She felt her will to live wither, and she slowly started to sink to her knees in a slump. Someone caught her. Through masses of dark curls, she felt a familiar hand. Delicate, smaller than hers with red manicured fingertips. Her Yulia.
“Oh, God,” Lena heard Yulia whisper. “What has he done to you?” With agonizing slowness, she felt the arms slide around her waist, trying so hard not to hurt her.
“It will be okay, Lena. It's over. I'll protect you.” It didn't make sense. How could a girl smaller than her protect her from Sergi? But for some reason, she believed Yulia. At that moment, she believed that Yulia could do anything.
Somehow, Yulia had managed to get Lena to her car and into her apartment. Leading her to the bed, the auburn haired girl slumped onto it like a rag doll. Yulia knelt before her and slowly began to undo her shoelaces, carefully watching her face. Lena's face was a chalky white and her usually rose-colored lips were bloodless and chapped. Yulia stopped as she stared at her eyes - eyes that didn't belong to Lena. They were dead. Lifeless. No emotions even flickered in the glazed-over orbs. Yulia repressed her need to cry and slowly slid the shoes off of Lena's feet.
“There,” she said softly. “Why don't you lay down Lena.” As if in a trance, the girl obediently laid down on the bed, curling up on her side and making herself into a tight ball. Yulia knelt by the bed, her fingers lightly combing the red disarray of locks and brushing them away from her flushed face.
“She's so hot. She has to have a fever.” Yulia, thinking that Lena had fallen asleep, went to rise from her feet. She felt the other girl’s hand catch hers. Nearly rising off the bed, the look in her eyes panicked. Yulia, almost reading her thoughts, took Lena's other hand gently.
“I'm not going anywhere. Don't worry. I'll never leave you again.” Slowly, Lena's rigid posture began to relax and she leaned back on the bed, her hands still entwined with Yulia's. Lena couldn't make sense of all the chaotic emotions running in her head. She only knew that when Yulia climbed into the bed next to her, simply holding her hands, not making any other contact with her, she knew that this is what she needed. She needed to be held. But most of all, she needed to be loved.
Slowly, the world awoke Lena Katina. She felt her golden lashes flutter, not wanting to face the world when she was in such a wonderful dream. She was safe, and for once, her body didn't ache. She slowly opened her eyes, her face inches from Yulia's. Lena laid on her stomach, half resting on the smaller girl, Her arms curled around Lena, resting on the indentation of her waist.
“Why did she save me?” Lena asked as she watched the other girl sleep. “She doesn't even know me.” The thought passed through her head. Slowly compelled to do so, her hand gently reached and touched Yulia's forehead and then her cheek, her touch gentle as she used the back of her hand. Lost in thought, she didn’t hear Yulia's steady breathing stop as her eyes slowly opened, gazing down at the other woman watching - always simply watching.
“Because I knew I had to.” Yulia said aloud before she even knew what she was saying. Yulia didn't need words to know what was plaguing the other girl. Her facial expression, her body language, but most of all, her heart said it all. Yulia remembered more things than “they” realized or indented. Lena's soft gasp of surprise was audible as she gazed back at the girl. Yulia felt a heavy feeling grow inside her as she gently touched Lena's cheek, who stared mutely at her.
“Whatever does or doesn’t happen between us, you won't go back to him. I promise. I won't let it happen.” Lena really wanted to trust her. She knew deep down that Yulia's words were true, but the promising threats and time had worn down Lena and the small shards of doubt that were left inside of her showed in her terrified eyes.
Carefully, Yulia drew her body away from Lena and slid off the bed.
“Are you feeling okay?” Lena half nodded, doing a mental check on her body.
“Nothing’s broken, but I know ligaments and muscle are torn.”
“Well, first we need to get showered - if you think you can manage that - and then we need to call the doctor and the police.” Panic and a frightened look of near insanity filled Lena's eyes.
“No! Please no!” She almost shrank back in the bed, as if Sergi's physical presence filled the room.
“Okay. Okay.” Yulia hurriedly said as she sat down on the bed. Lena instinctively put her hand in Yulia's, needing human contact…needing Yulia.
“Slow down! You’re going to scare her!” The unknown voice whispered in Yulia's mind. She took a calming breath, knowing whoever was talking to her was right. She couldn't push Lena. Not so hard so soon. She racked her mind trying to change the subject.
“Do you think we can get you into a shower or bath?”
“Yes.” came the tentative reply after a few moments. Yulia pulled the blankets back on the bed as Lena slid to the edge of it. Her skirt rode up on her thighs revealing several large purple and black bruises, several spots were a deep plum color in which blood vessels had broken under the skin. Yulia pretended not to notice as she put an arm around Lena's waist, who leaned heavily on her and was panting by the time they got to the bathroom. Lena needed to cling to the sink as waves of dizziness engulfed her and the world tipped and swayed. Yulia said nothing, but her presence was more than enough. Lena stood in front of the sink, her gaze avoiding the mirror. Yulia turned on the water in the huge tub and added some peppermint soak gel to sooth Lena's bruises. For a moment, Lena bit at her bottom lip as she hesitated and then began to unbutton her shirt. A hand stopped her.
“Please, let me help you. You can’t get that shirt off without hurting yourself.” Yulia asked, almost pleading. Lena swallowed and nodded. Gently, treating Lena as if she were a china doll, Yulia began to undo the buttons of the long shirt. As each button came undone, the fabric gaped slightly and Yulia would pull it together lightly with her fingers until the last button was undone. Trying to be almost medical about it like a nurse or doctor would have been, she slid the shirt from Lena's shoulders. Lena watched as the look of utter horror flashed across Yulia's eyes as she saw her body. Lena felt disgusting. As quickly as the look had come, it had gone and was replaced by her nonchalant attitude. She put the shirt on the vanity and gave a soft smile.
“I'll be in the kitchen making some tea if you need me, okay?” Lena forced the return smile and nodded as Yulia walked by her, her hands working the zipper down on the skirt. She didn't see Yulia glance over her shoulder, seeing every bruise and mark on the rest of her body as the skirt slid to the floor. Yulia pulled the white door almost closed, leaving a crack open in case Lena needed her. Numbly, she walked into the unfinished guest bedroom and softly shut the door. Yulia's fit hit the door as she leaned her head against it, the first withheld sob filling the silence of the room. Her tears poured hot down her cheeks and drenched the collar of her t-shirt. Never in her life had Yulia felt an all-consuming anguish as when she had seen those bruises on her body. Her head pounded and her body ached, almost as if she felt Lena’s pain.
“Oh God. Why couldn't I have gotten here...sooner! God...why did you do this to her.” Her question fell deafly into the room between her choked sobs.
Lena slid into the hot water, the warmth seeping into her bones as they stung. She didn't look at any part of her body, not wanting to see how Yulia saw her. She leaned her head against the rim of the bathtub and closed her eyes.
“Sergi won't let me go.” Lena knew it was truth. He was crazy with rage over controlling her. The only thing he hadn’t done was rape her. Only because he had other girlfriends who filled that void. For now. She remembered when she first met Sergi. It had been at the start of the last quarter. Her parents and his father had become friends and they had gone to dinner together. He had been so different then. Gradually over the next two months, they started to date and then became more of a “serious item”, as much as you can in high school anyway. Some people even thought that someday they would get married. Lena didn't know where that idea came from. She cared for Sergi - at least in the beginning. Now, she stayed with him out of fear. Slowly, without even noticing, Lena had come under his control. Telling her friends she couldn’t go out because Sergi would get upset and jealous. She hadn't even seen it happen. There had been instances when he grabbed her arm too roughly or shoved her. All of which Lena had thought were accidents.
Lena lifted her hands and covered her face with her hands.
“How could I have been so stupid?” her mind asked. And she had given up hope of ever living again. She had even, on some occasions, considered suicide. But what would that do? She still would have died under his control. She remembered just a few weeks before, sitting in her room, staring at the bottle of tranquilizers, and then flushing them down the toilet. Just in case she did become too weak, just in case things got so bad that she did want them. She didn't trust herself anymore. With anything. Nothing made sense inside her head anymore.
She paused and thought about everything that had happened the past four days.
“She has helped me in the past four days more than any other person has in sixteen years.”
She closed her eyes again, remembering the kiss. When she had come out of the shower room, she had heard Yulia cursing about how things could never work. For some reason, those words had almost crushed her; more than anything that Sergi had ever said to her. Then, seeing her standing there, her dark eyes boring into her soul, she couldn't hold out. The kiss had been everything Lena had ever wanted from anyone and was nothing like Sergi's kisses, who simply took what he wanted - his hands crushing her body, hot and wet with saliva. Yulia had taken her as well, but the difference was that Lena had wanted to give her everything. In those few minutes, she was willing to risk everything - someone walking in, Sergi, her very life. But Yulia had given back. Her hands had been so gentle on her body, growing slowly yet more demanding as she had deepened the kiss - returning everything that Lena had given so willingly to Yulia. It was the first time in so long that Lena felt desirable or wanted.
“You’re not a lesbian.” A dark voice whispered in her mind. “You're not even bisexual.” Lena swallowed hard and let her mind go blank. She didn't know who she was anymore. She didn't care.
The silver kettle blew a hot stream of steam and Yulia pulled it off the stove and into a smaller white teapot, the herbs and rose petals already releasing their flavor into the water as it seeped through the strainer. She added an extra cup and put a lid on the tea before picking up the tray and walking back into the room to set it on the nightstand. Biting her lower lip, she tentatively knocked on the still closed door.
“Lena, do you want to borrow something to wear?” There was a long pause and then a splash of water.
“Yes, please.” Yulia let out a long breath, and smiled.
“I'll just put it inside the door.” Before she replied, she went across the room to her walk in closet and rummaged around for something suitable and comfortable for Lena to wear that she could put on without help. Her fingers scraped the bottom of the drawer and wrapped her hands around a piece of fabric and pulled. Standing up, she held up the soft peach tank dress. It was soft cotton and had no waist so it would not dig into Lena's bruises. But most of all, it was new. Still leaving the tags, she slowly cracked the door open and placed the dress on the table along with a pair of plush furry slippers. Trying to find something to occupy herself, Yulia spent the next few minutes remaking the bed with clean pristine white sheets and fixing the huge goose down comforter.
Inside the bathroom, Lena struggled from the bathtub. She lifted herself from the bathtub, gritting her teeth as her bare body met in contact with the cold tile,. She wrapped a towel around her body and dried it as best as she could while repressing a scream of pain that tightened in her throat when she bumped her arm across her stomach amid a crush of black bruises. Her fingers reached out and softly touched the soft peach fabric. Struggling, she pulled it on over her still damp body and down around the tops of her thighs. Her hair was still soaking wet as she pulled the door open and stepped back into the bedroom that became her sanctuary. Yulia glanced up from a magazine that she was reading in the corner armchair and smiled.
“I made you some breakfast and tea.” Lena looked at the small tray holding hot toast with butter and jam melting onto the crunchy surface, a bowl of mixed freshly cut fruit, juice and tea. There was also a vase holding some sprigs of lavender.
“You really didn't have to do that.” Lena said softly as she stared at the tray, nearly choking up with an overwhelming emotion.
“I know I didn't have to.” Yulia admonished softly as she set the magazine and stood up.
“I wanted to.”
Lena sucked in a deep breath of air as a single tear trickled down her cheek. Yulia crossed the space separating them and softly brushed the tear away with the pad of her thumb as she gazed intensely at the beautiful girl.
“Please, don't cry. I never wanted to make you cry. You have had more than enough of that in your life. I just wanted to make you smile.” Lena swallowed another knot in her throat and smiled softly as she took the other girl’s hand and gently gave it a squeeze.
Yulia closed her eyes as she tried to gain control of her erratic heartbeat. All her life this was all she ever wanted and it was standing right before her. But whether or not she would be able to keep it was a different story. So many times had she lost Lena. She didn't know if this life would be any different. She opened her eyes again and looked back into the dark green eyes that studied her.
“You looked so sad just then.”
Yulia gave a wary smile and brushed a soaking wet lock of hair that was clinging to Lena's face behind her shoulder. Lena's cheek turned into Yulia's palm instinctively as their bodies gravitated towards each other and their lips met softly. Lena, needing further contact, laid her hand on Yulia's waist. And the two ragged half souls touched - the jagged and tattered edges meeting the other and matching perfectly.
Yulia sat on the chair next to the bed where Lena sat, the cell phone clenched to her ear.
“I'm sorry Mom, but I got really sick and Yulia didn't know the number.”
There was a long pause as her mother talked and her face went pale, her knuckles turned white gripping on the phone. She coughed as if her throat was dry.
“Well, did he seem upset?” There was another pause
“Well, I'll call him tonight. Is it okay if I stay over here tonight? Yulia invited me since it’s a holiday tomorrow? Her parents?” She looked at Yulia who smiled and nodded.
“Yeah, they said it was fine. Okay, I love you too.” Lena snapped the phone closed and slumped back on the bed, exhausted.
“Sergi called.” Lena said dully. “He was really upset, and my mom said she heard something break in the background over the phone.”
“It will be okay, my Lenika.” Yulia said softly, not even noticing the tacked on nickname. “We have the rest of today and all day tomorrow before we even have to worry about Sergi. He doesn’t know where you are, and he sure as hell doesn’t know where I live.”
Lena visibly relaxed as Yulia took her hand. Yulia 's fingers rubbed softly across the palm of her hand.
“Yulia, where are your parents?” She was slightly taken aback by the question.
“My parents died a few months ago.” She heard Lena's soft gasp of surprise as her other hand covered her mouth. She slid further across the bed and took Yulia's other hand.
“My god, Yulia! I am so sorry I didn't know...I -” She stopped when she realized that Yulia didn't hear her, but was simply staring at her.
“She is so beautiful.” Yulia said to herself as she watched the other girl.
“She is such an amazing person and she doesn’t even realize it. How is it that she and I are tied for eternity?”
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Yulia?” The instant voice asked again, knocking her from her dreamy thoughts She blinked and grinned at Lena.
“Sorry, was lost in thought.”
Lena shifted in the bed uncomfortably, wincing as a sharp pain shot through her body causing her to accidentally clench Yulia's hand. Yulia said and did nothing as pain ripped through her hand.
“Lena, you really need to see a doctor.” Lena’s eyes were clenched shut, a stray tear trickled down her cheek as she shook her head.
“Can't,” she said breathlessly.
“Lena, do you trust me enough to give you a back massage? It may help.” Lena wasn’t thinking too clearly, but she didn’t care just as long as the pain stopped. Careful not to jar the bed, Yulia climbed on top of it as Lena, in near tears, turned to lie on her stomach. Starting at the base of her spine, Yulia splayed her fingers at the width of Lena's waist and slowly and very gently began to rub. She worked her fingers over each vibrate as Lena clenched the pillows, her body rigid and stiff with pain. Gradually, as time passed, Yulia kept massaging Lena's body which was finally relaxed under her hands, her breathing deepening as she fell into an exhausted sleep. Yulia softly touched Lena's hand as she pulled the warm blankets around her shoulder. Yulia walked into the kitchen aimlessly when she heard her phone ring. She dug it out of her pocket.
“Hello?” she asked. She nearly jumped back from the phone as a man's screaming voice rang in her ear.
“LENA? WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU? YOU GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE NOW!” Yulia felt her back go as rigid as a metal bar as she took a calming breath, her voice icy as she spoke.
“This isn’t Lena.” There was a long pause as Sergi realized his mistake and his entire tone changed.
“Can I talk to Lena, please?”
“What the fuck is with this guy?” Yulia asked herself. “He HAS to be totally mental.”
“Lena is sleeping and I am not going to wake her up.”
“Look,” the voice said, getting agitated. “She will want to talk to me. Just wake her up!”
“No!” Yulia shot back, her voice firm. “She is sick.”
It sounded as if he was going to hyperventilate as he tried to control himself.
“She is not sick. She is always faking it.” Yulia's control snapped.
She heard a shocked gasp as she continued.
“Well,” she told herself grimly. “The war has started.”
Scotland~ 1240
“Wake up, girl!” Lena's father said, roughly shaking the girl awake.
The red headed girl pulled down the tattered blanket and stared at her father.
“What is it, Da?”
“You need to get up and get washed, the laird's wife is coming into town today. You’ll get to see for yourself just what a beast she is.” he muttered under his breath as he walked away.
Lena pulled the blanket off from her body and stood up in the small hut that she shared with her parents and two brothers. Pulling the ragged hand-woven blanket down, a piece of rope closing her “door”, she washed her face and hands clean and scrubbed her callused fingernails clean. She pulled out her best tunic and pulled it over her head, tying the braided leather belt around her waist. Still barefoot, her long red locks crackled in the dim sunlight as she stepped out of the hut and onto the dirt covered streets.
Lena was the daughter of Ian McDonald, who was the head horse keeper up at the Laird's castle. And it was just two weeks ago that he had returned with their Laird who had just married an English heiress named Lady Yulia. From the moment that she had stepped from the carriage, everyone hated her. Not just because of the beautiful cut of her clothing or her long dark hair, but the fact that she was English. Lena had thought that she was one of the most beautiful women she had ever laid eyes on. People had misunderstood her quiet observant nature as rude and standoffish. More people came to hate the beautiful young girl who was, in fact, several months younger than Lena who was just sixteen. Lena felt sad for the poor girl. No one had seen her the way Lena had. The day before Lena had been sent to the castle, she was searching for her father. Taking a shortcut through the gardens, she had been shocked to see the young girl on a bench, sobbing her heart out. That’s when she had started to question and realize that Yulia had not had a choice in the matter, as it was with most noble woman - they married for station, for money, or for connections. Not for love. Only the peasants ever did that.
Inquiring more, she had found out that Yulia had been sold to their Laird with the terms of a large dowry, several castles, and the villages surrounding them.
Distracted in thought, Lena didn't see the carriage that rumbled down the middle of the street nor did she have time to jump out of the way as the carriage swerved, knocking her unconscious.
When she later awoke, her dark gray eyes opened, meeting those of the person she had been thinking about. The dark blue eyes stared back at her worried, and something more....
“Are you all right?” The soft voice asked, the soft English accent gentle on her ears.
“Aye M'Lady.” Lena replied shortly, as she looked around the room in shock. She was in the lady's bedchamber at the castle, laying in her large feather bed in front of the roaring fire. Lena jerked into a sitting position, and looked down in horror at the nightdress she was wearing- also Lady Yulia's.
“M'Lady, I am so sorry I got in the way of your carriage. And-” It was stopped as the younger woman settled herself onto the bed, drawing the long scarlet skirts around her as she put a finger to the younger girl's mouth.
“It was my fault. I was in a hurry to get there and be back, as I know how well I am hated by the villagers.”
Lena flushed with embarrassment.
“I don't hate you, M'Lady.” Lena said softly. Yulia's saddened blue eyes warmed as she took the girl's hand and smiled.
That had been the start. The next thing Lena knew, she was moved to the castle and became Lady Yulia's companion. They loved each other incidentally - but nothing had come of it. They had become closer to each other than even to their own families. It had not come as a surprise to either woman when Yulia became pregnant. Neither woman disliked Lady Yulia's husband, but in truth, Lena knew him just as well as Yulia- he was away most of the time. Over the next several months, Yulia struggled to carry the baby to term. Yulia went into birth six weeks early. Lena struggled not to panic as she helped the midwife try to save her lover and the baby. The Laird arrived the next day as Lena clung to Yulia's hand, sobbing gently as Yulia’s hand reached up to brush the red tendrils from her face, Yulia spoke, her breathing ragged.
“I love you... Lena... loved you more than... anyone...” The world stopped as Yulia took one last breath, a tear falling from her eye as they closed for the last time. Something evil had filled the Laird with hate, for his wife had loved Lena so much.
“You.” he barked coldly.
“It was because of you she died!” He called for the guards who came into the room with confused looks on their faces.
“Take her to the dungeons. She will be burned in the morning for being a witch, and for killing my wife.”
~End of dream~
Lena woke up, her terrified scream filling the air as Yulia skidded into the room and held the girl who shook in fright. Thinking it was a dream about Sergi, she said nothing. Lena clung to the other girl as a buzzing headache throbbed in her brain as something came to mind- something she couldn't quite remember...
It took several hours for Yulia to finally calm Lena back down who fell into an exhausted sleep. Dark smudges marked under her eyes, her skin felt as thin as parchment paper and she shivered several times as she pulled the blankets back over the auburn haired girl. Yulia reached out and lightly touched Lena's forehead. She was extremely warm. She looked up at the ceiling.
“You just couldn't give us a break, could you?” She said with a half muttered curse. She went into the kitchen to get something to eat. She wasn’t even hungry, but going through the motions of cooking calmed her down so she could think.
“I've got to get her to a doctor, and I've got to figure out what the hell I am going to do about Sergi. He won't leave her alone. And I know she’s petrified of him.” She aimlessly stirred the boiling pot of noodles as she pinched the bridge of her nose. Instantly, she saw a flash of light, almost as if she were falling into a dream world.
~California 1967~
They had met at a concert. The mud was everywhere from the driving rain that was still falling. But the band had still played. Most of the women welcomed it, soaking their flowery shirts and splattering their long skirts with mud, squishing it between their feet in order to connect with the earth.
“What fucking idiots.” thought Yulia as she watched several people dive face first into the mud. She took another deep drag of the marijuana-incased cigarette. She was all for the free radical movement and peace and, of course, the partying and the drugs, but she was getting fucking sick of people saying that they were doing these to defy “The Man”. They were doing it because they were a generation that was bored as hell. She looked around the mashing groups of people that swayed to the anti-war music, all looking semi-stoned and in a trance. She just wasn’t feeling it.
It was at that moment that another man came up to her and offered to sleep with her or at the very least feel her up. She looked at him incredibly. One thing that people of her generation could say she was is a feminist. She had slapped the boy and sent him packing. It was all free love until people found out the 19-year-old beauty was also a 19-year-old lesbian.
“Maybe I'm just getting too old for this shit?” Yulia wondered as she looked around the crowds. That’s when something caught her eye. A girl younger than herself came walking through the crowds. She had long red hair that fell past her waist in soaking wet curls; on top of her head, she wore a wreath of daisies. Her strapless white dress clung to her body, molding to the girl’s large chest. Yulia almost made an ass of herself as she choked on her joint. Most women went braless to the concerts, most women could... but God she looked amazing. Yulia ran her fingers through her short boyish cut. And approached the girl.
“Hi.” She said lamely. The beautiful girl turned to her and gave a welcoming smile.
“Hullo.” she said softly with a New Yorker accent.
Yulia yelped as she felt hot, boiling water run over onto her hand. Swearing viscously, she put her hand under the freezing tap water, distracted still by the vision of Lena in that dress.
~ New York City, 1922~ Prohibition and flappers era~
Yulia awoke to soft kisses on her lips, cheeks, and eyes. Her arms locked around the beautiful body and pulled her close, not yet wanting to open her eyes. Slowly, her dark blue eyes lifted under the thin eyelids, her black sooty lashes revealing the world to Yulia. Sitting over her was a half dressed Lena. Her red hair was cut into a short slick bob just brushing the curve of her delicate neck, long strands of pearls draped around her creamy neck and falling well past her navel.
“Good morning.” the breathless voice said softly. Yulia smiled and pushed back further onto the bed. She pulled Lena into her lap and began to softly run her hands up her thighs. She gave a small moan but pulled away.
“You can't. You need to get to work.” She said in a hurried whisper. She gave a sigh and kissed Lena's mouth gently.
“You’re right.” Yulia got out of bed, placing Lena gently in her spot as she hurried and dressed in a pinstriped suit. She combed her short hair and headed to the door, blowing a kiss to her young wife. She headed down the stairs of the large mansion, her hand curving on the wide arched banister. At the bottom of the stairs, three men stood in dark suits waiting for her. As she reached the bottom, one of them silently handed her a gun, which she tucked into her holster hidden under her jacket.
“Good morning, Mr. Volkova.”
Yulia's eyes snapped open as a clap of thunder rolled through the air.
“You have got to be fucking kidding me!” she screamed at the voices in her mind. “You made me a man, and never mind the goddamn fact I was head of the fucking Mafia!” She wiped the cold sweat from her forehead.
“The mind sees what the heart wants it to.” the warm, loving voice answered back.
“Lena saw you for you. Would it really matter otherwise if Lena was the man?” Yulia blocked the voice out, knowing that it wouldn't have made a difference. She pulled herself off from the couch and went into the bedroom, climbing into bed next to the sleeping girl. She gently pulled her body back against her. Falling asleep with Lena in her arms banished any other dreams, for Lena was her dream.
The next morning was already ending when Lena Katina woke up. She groaned and sat up. No matter how bad she was, she needed to get out of bed and try to fix the mess that was now her life. She pulled back the blankets from her legs and slid to the end of the bed. She was just beginning to rise from the bed when Yulia came into the room carrying a tray. She nearly dropped the tray as she almost threw it onto the nearby lamp table.
“What the hell are you doing?” Yulia almost raged as she caught the girl in her arms, her body felt like lead and every muscle was screaming for relief.
“I have to get up and start moving around. I have to go back to school tomorrow.” Lena's hands braced on Yulia's steady arms. She felt so damn helpless. She hated feeling out of control and having her emotions so close to the surface, making her feel like she could break at any moment. She wasn’t like that. But Yulia was so understanding, she could tell her anything - and almost had. How could any of this make sense? She barely knew Yulia and felt as if she had known her for a lifetime. A dull throb came to her head as she tried to reason through her chaotic thoughts.
“How can I feel anything for her? She's a girl! And I always have been attracted to only men. Why her? Why now when my life is so fucking messed up?” She felt a small voice creep into her head.
“Because you need her just like she needs you. Why does it matter if she’s a female?”
Yulia hugged Lena close as the girl swayed almost drunkenly in her arms, loving the feel of holding the girl close, trying to protect her from the world. Lena closed her eyes tightly as she clung to Yulia, her face buried against her neck as she tried to get the voices in her head to stop.
Yulia had just sat down with Lena on the bed when there was a knock at the door. Lena gave Yulia a worried look. She rose to her feet and into the living room entry where she looked through the door and saw what looked like an older version of Lena. She slid the lock free and opened the door.
“May I help you?” The girl was almost gothic. She wore her long hair parted in the middle in chunky braids, several strands were tinted an electric blue, highlighting her auburn locks. Her slender body was outlined in a black floor leather trench coat and opened to reveal the long floor length skirt in bright purple, and the clingy black tank top dusted in silver sparkles.
“Is Lena here?” She asked, her startling gray eyes filled with worry.
“She’s in the bedroom.” The other girl paused and gave a raised eyebrow.
“Lena was sick yesterday and almost passed out. I didn't know her number so I brought her here.” Yulia said with a lame shrug.
“Who are you anyway?”
“I’m Yana, Lena's sister.” She replied as she walked into the house, uninvited.
“LENA!!” she called the name out, as she headed into the bedroom. Befuddled, Yulia closed the door and followed the other woman into the bedroom. Inside the room, Yana was bent over, giving her sister a hug. Yulia felt her heart thaw a little towards the other woman. Lena gave a startled gasp of pain when her sister squeezed her too hard. Her face turning pale, she pulled back as if her sister had struck her. Yulia felt every overwhelming protective feeling welling up inside her body.
“Lele? What’s wrong?” Lena was not answering; she was nearly gasping in pain. She saw Yana pull down the dress slightly on Lena's back.
“OH MY GODS!” Yana shrieked and turned to face Yulia.
“What the fuck happened to my sister?” The older girl raged, her gray eyes turning cold silver as she stared back at the equally matched ice blue eyes that belong to Yulia.
“Ask Sergi.” Yulia managed to spit out as she turned her attention on Lena, who was still wide-eyed in shock as pain jetted through her body. A single tear managed to escape her restrained sob. Yulia put an arm around Lena's back, rubbing it softly as Lena leaned against her hip, biting her lower lip so hard that it drew blood.
“That bastard. He's going to jail, if they find him alive after I am done with him, and mom and dad!”
“No!” Lena shot from the bed hysterically grabbing her sister's hand, her eyes wild with fright.
“Please Yana, no!” Her nails dug into Yana's arm as she struggled through the pain. Yulia saw the pain - literally saw the hurt dig into Lena's stiff spine as she swayed on her feet. Yulia moved behind her just in case she fell. Yana looked in shock at her baby sister.
“Lele, it’s okay. He won’t hurt you anymore.” Yana said reassuringly.
“Please god, don’t say anything! If you love me at all, don’t say anything!” Lena was sobbing, actually begging.
“Okay, okay.“ Yana said softly, drawing her sister into a comforting hug, afraid to touch her fragile sister.
Yana stayed for several hours. No one talked as Lena rested her head in her sister’s lap and they had watched hours of senseless TV. Finally, Lena had drifted off to sleep and Yana rose from the bed, gently covering Lena. In the living room, she paced until finally facing Yulia.
“Tell me what happened.”
“I found her the day before yesterday on the front steps of the school, almost passed out. When I got her back here and she was getting in the shower, I helped her undress. She could barely move, worse than now.”
A pained look came to Yana's face.
“And?” Yulia's fists clenched hard as she felt a strange emotion come over her.
“Her entire body is black and blue. He's beaten her...a lot.” Yana covered her mouth with her hand, as a single glistening tear trailed down her cheek.
“How could I not have noticed?” Yana asked
“She hid it well, I suppose.” Yulia said as she sat down on the sleek streamline couch.
“I won’t let her go back to him, and something has got to be done about him.”
Yulia nodded mutely.
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“I want Lena to stay here. My mother wanted me to come pick her up, but I’ll tell her that Lena is going to stay another night. However, she will notice when Lena doesn't go to school tomorrow. That bastard has been calling the house nonstop since Lena missed school.”
Yana studied the raven-haired beauty.
“I know you'll protect her.”
Yulia's head shot up and looked at Yana.
She knew about their past, their present and their future. She knew!
Yana quietly left the room, leaving Yulia to wonder just who Yana was.
Imperial Russia~ 1790's
Glittering gowns dipped and swayed as the lively music played. Gold gilded chandeliers twinkled with bright crystals shooting reflections onto the painted walls. Princess Lena stood watching in utter boredom. Her cousin was the Tsar and so it was mandatory that she attended. Her wealth of red waves was pulled high upon her head in elaborate curls and knots, small strands of milky white pears looped through the bright curls, setting her apart from the rest of the royal family who wore gaudy tiaras. Lena took another step in the elegant white dress, the full belled skirt covered with pure white silk embroidered with small gold flowers that were trimmed in jewels. The tight corset was pulled tight, cinching her waist almost until it hurt to breathe, pushing the thrust of her breasts forward for every man to leer at. God, how she hated these things! Her family called her eccentric because she disliked the court and preferred being in Odessa with her horses and large library where she could wear breeches and men’s Cossacks shirts. Lost in her thought, she didn't notice the slow murmur that moved through the crowds, that rumbled to a small roar as heads turned and watched.
Yulia Volkova was in every man's, and even some women’s, dream; the most beautiful courtesan ever created. Her small stature did nothing if not make her unique. Her dark beauty was known throughout all of Russia.
Her startling blue eyes stared straight ahead, her graceful neck held high as she swirled into the middle of the ball. Late. Her dress was a deep sapphire blue, the low cut bodice revealing her bare shoulders and daring low cut V over her breasts. The little bit of fabric that did cover the top of her body was dripping in diamonds. Her long hair was worn unfashionably straight but, actually, seemed to suit her. The front of it pulled back to the crown of her head with a small diamond clip, falling in a straight long sheet of black glossy locks. Her eyes traveled around the room, slowly as if appraising the people there. Many felt inferior to the beauty, even though Yulia had no title whatsoever. Her simple refined elegance and ice freezing blue eyes demanded that she be treated with respect. Her eyes fell on the lovely red head, seeing only the girl’s profile as she looked longingly out the window into the gardens. Yulia watched, mesmerized by the young girl who made her heart nearly stop in her chest. She was the most beautiful creature she had ever seen. She was total opposite to what Yulia was.....
Lena was sick of this. She walked through the dancers and out on the huge terrace leading down to the gardens. She was not supposed to be here; her chaperone would have a fit. But she had to escape from this stifling life, if only for a few moments. She lifted up the heavy cumbersome skirts and ran lightly down the stairs. Up above, the dark haired woman moved through the door, following the other girl at a slower pace. Lena pressed into the darkness, leaning heavily against the tree. Eyes closed, her head tilted to the stars, wishing she could escape her body. She heard a rustle and her eyes snapped open, a woman stood inches from her.
“Who are you?” Lena asked.
Yulia was captured by the beautiful goddess, her mouth still parted in question as Yulia stepped closer and bent her head, her small hand cupping the base of Lena’s head, her fingers entwining in the dark glossy curls. She saw a spark of excitement fill the younger girl’s eyes as Yulia lowered her head, her mouth brushing Lena's…
Three times...before her full lush mouth met on contact with Lena's. Yulia was a dark seductress who captured any who looked at her and Yulia wanted to corrupt this innocent maiden forever and make Lena's hers alone. Her hands locked around the girl’s waist, pulling her roughly to her. A smile lit inside Yulia's mind as the auburn haired girl ran her fingers through Yulia's hair, her touch so soft it made Yulia moan. Lena's gentle hand brushed Yulia's cheek, and Yulia's kiss softened. And for the first time in her life, Yulia Volkova, the seductress of all of Moscow, believed in love and found it in Princess Lena.
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Deep in sleep, both Lena and Yulia smiled. Neither one waking as they slid closer to each other, their heads resting together, a hand slipping through the other’s as each knew peace.
Yulia rolled onto her back. Dreaming.
“Why didn't you let me find her sooner?”
“We tried. But there is more to this than you or Lena can understand.”
“Tell me.”
“There was one, before Lena came to earth who tried to love her the way she does you. When she refused him, this one swore to take Lena, even after the promise was made between you and her. By then it was too late. In each life, this one finds you both and destroys everything. This one is self-destructive.
“Are you fucking telling me Sergi is this one?”
“Yes.” the voice replied, sounding heavy.
“What about Yana?”
Yulia felt a wave of warmth rush over her as the voice spoke.
“Yana knows because she recognizes it. She has the same thing you and Lena has with her other half. She is one of those rare people that realizes things without having to be told.”
Yulia nodded as she mulled over all of this.
Africa~ The Amazon~ 3000 BC
Dark greenery and foliage covered the ground as a small woman struggled, running through the darkness and trying to escape her past, running from those who would hurt and kill her. Yulia had escaped from those who captured her, planning on selling the young girl into slavery. When they had stopped to rest, she had escaped, trying to run anywhere; no longer caring where she ended up as long as she escaped. Something pierced the flesh of her left hip. Stinging but not hurting, she looked down and saw a dart protruding from her slender thigh. Before she could react, her body fell to the ground. The world sinking from beneath her feet.
Lena stared down at the girl who rested on the fur-covered dais in her lodge. She was quiet and beautiful with shoulder length hair that was black as midnight, and tanned smooth sleek skin, her body toned, but she was rather small. The Amazons and their queen have been tracking the young girl for three days, seeing if she had what it took to become one of them. She had proven herself, running night and day without sleep, stopping only long enough to drink from the stream, and eat berries and foliage she found. She had much spirit. Already, Lena felt a connection for the nameless beauty. She had adopted her under her care; Lena had sworn her life to protect this one. And no one would dare argue with the queen warrior of the Amazons. Standing, she raised to her full height, only a few inches taller than the brunette. The dark curls separated her from the rest of the clan who were mostly dark haired and tan skinned. Lena remained pale, her body was softer and rounder than the rest of them, her smooth arms covered in skins, the laced top leaving her bare stomach exposed. The skirt cut high over her thighs to give her free movement when she fought. The wind blew as she caught a scent of something unfamiliar. Her spear in hand, she closed her eyes, drawing the senses to her. Her eyes shot open in surprise as the spear was ripped from her grasp. Turning, she saw the younger girl, the sharp deadly blade pointed at her throat.
“Let me go.” said Yulia savagely. She jumped back as Lena's hand knocked the blade from her hand and dived onto the younger girl. Hands and legs tangled as they rolled. The clan quickly gathered after hearing rustling from the camp. Both struggled in silence. Lena rolled on top, her dark green eyes triumphing as she held the girl down. The violent blue eyes staring up at her, a compelling need came over her as she bent and kissed the girl softly on the lips. Other Amazon warriors gasped. Many of them were envious, wanting to be in the young girl’s place. Yulia bit Lena's lip, hard and drew her legs up around Lena's hips when she was most vulnerable. Rolling, she forced her way on top and pinned Lena to the forest floor. Breasts heaving, Lena remained motionless, her eyes dark as the panting woman touched her body along the entire length of Lena's body. Taking control, Yulia bent her head returning the kiss, her mouth parting Lena's, stroking each other’s body lightly as the battle of wills turned gentler. The Amazons around them nodded. Queen Lena had met her match in battle, and in love.
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Yulia's eyes opened.
Warrior blood pulsing through her veins. Enough was enough. She was going to protect Lena. She hoped that Lena would forgive her when she found out. The time had come for Yulia Volkova to face Sergi.
Yulia left the apartment early that morning before Lena woke up. Not wanting to explain just then, she had left her a note and given it to Yana who had come over early that morning to be with Lena, who was still too ill to get out of bed. Many people gazed at her as she walked down the street. Who wouldn't? It was summer and Yulia was dressed head to foot in black. Her tall boots clung to her legs under her long flared black jeans, the small tank top hugging her small curves, and her eyes hidden by dark large 60's tortoise style glasses. Her hair wild and still damp from the quick shower she had taken. She approached the school. She was surprised at the ease of finding Sergi, who was in the backseat of his car with a blonde haired bimbo, her skirt pulled up around her waist and her head in Sergi's lap. An almost sinister look crossed her face as she, without hesitation. opened the car door and climbed inside.
“Who the hell are you?” Yulia turned in the seat and drew her glasses off, a deliberate smile crossing her face, a look that made Sergi shudder - It was almost evil. The blonde jerked her head up, watching with nervous eyes, too afraid of the look in Yulia's eyes to say anything to her.
“I’m your worst fucking nightmare.” Yulia said, her words drawn out and pronounced very clear, leaving no room for error in his understanding.
“You ever fucking lay a hand, or even look, on Lena Katina and you will be the one never to be found.” Sergi went red with anger. He jerked forward in his seat but came up short when he looked over Yulia's shoulder and saw four huge men dressed in suits standing behind her, the bulge of a gun holster evident on all four under the expensive suit jackets. Sergi gaped at her.
“Who the fuck are you?” he managed to sputter.
“You chose the wrong person to mess with, when you fuck with the friends of the girl whose uncle runs the Russian Mafia.” She said, her voice so bone chilling cold that Sergi and the blonde turned several shades of white.
“Remember what I said.”
She pushed the glasses back on her face and silently got out of the car, letting it slam shut behind her. The four men followed her as she left the school grounds, getting into the stretch limo. Inside, it was silent for several minutes before one of the men started to laugh.
“Russian Mafia? That was good kid. You got your money’s worth at least.”
Yulia grinned as she handed the man another fifty thousand dollars in a bond check.
“If my parents taught me anything, it's to do things right.”
~Americas' early 1800’s, the “Far West”~
The fringe of the white buckskin dress beat against young Yulia's legs as she walked through the tall grass. Her dark hair lay parted in the middle and braided on either side are long braids tied off with pieces of leather, a beaded headband in blue, white and green beads decorated her forehead.
She was an outcast among her people, the brave and strong nation of Lakota. She was well past the age when most women would be wedded with one or two children. But Yulia, the youngest child and most beloved of her father and his three wives, was not like most women. She didn’t want to marry, she didn't want children but, most of all, she didn't want a man. A shrill war cry filled the air as four horses came charging across the field. Thrown across the front of her brother's lap was a small figure.
A captive.
She followed the horses back to camp and was just walking up to the horses when Yulia's brother pulled the small figure roughly down, throwing her into the dirt. The girl claimed to her feet, and threw back her hair revealing a dirty smudged delicate face, defiantly looking at her brother.
He spat at her feet and the girl said something coldly. Yulia could see that they were not words one would speak unless very angry. Yulia's brother saw Yulia and smiled.
“Look sister, I have brought you a slave.”
A…A WHAT!!” Yulia sputtered as she crossed the space and slapped her brother. Several people gasped, he was the one chosen to be the next chief, and she had publicly spoken down to him.
“I never asked for a slave. “ Yulia said coldly as she stared defiantly at her brother “That is why you will run our tribe into the ground. You never think of others. Your whole life is a whim!” Several murmurs started in the crowd and her brother made no comment but turned on his feet and left. Yulia gently knelt beside the girl, talking to her softly in a language she knows the woman didn't know.
Lena glanced down at the new clothing she was wearing. It was from the girl that had helped her. The one person who had become her savior. The dress was very immodest and she didn't even have any shoes to wear. The leather felt buttermilk soft against her skin, falling several inches below her knee in layers of fringe. The sleeves were short leaving her bare arms for anyone to look at. In order to hide it somewhat, she had let her long hair out and wore it straight over her shoulders instead of in the braids that the black haired girl had on. She was afraid. She had been torn away from her barn in the middle of the day as she worked, milking the cow and sneaking in to read one of the books she had brought with her from New York when her family had moved. She had been thrown over the horse and her hands tied. She gave an audible shiver. She hated it here and just wanted to go home. The only one who had even been kind to her was the dark haired girl who looked like an Indian princess.
~~~~~~~~~Two months later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
“No!” Yulia screamed as she grabbed Lena's arms
“I will not let you go back to that life! You belong here with me!” The dark haired girl said crying. Over the past two months, the two had grown close and had even become lovers. Yulia, who believed in her gods, knew that Lena had been sent to her. She had been alone for so long and now fate was trying to tear the auburn haired woman from where she belonged. Lena was biting her lip, drawing blood.
“If I do not go back, they will come here! They will come here and destroy everything! Our people will die!” Yulia clung to the other girl, letting out a sob and feeling her heart crack inside her body. Yulia knew that she would be unable to live if Lena left her. It was as simple as that. Yulia was so unlike her people; she was emotional and sensitive, and when she had joined with Lena, she had lost her very soul.
“I will come back! I promise you! I will never abandon you!”
Yulia and Lena clung together for several more minutes, Yulia's sobs turning into dry racking tears. She pulled a knife from the strap on her thigh. Before Lena could stop her, she cut through the single long braid she wore that day. The long hair falling to the ground. A sign for Lakota women in mourning, or when sacrificing their beauty for the ones they loved, an offer to the Gods.
“I will not let it grow until you return to me.” Yulia said as Lena, still half in shock, fingered the short hair that framed the young girl's face; oddly it looked beautiful on her.
“I will come back, if I have to run away and leave them and my world behind forever, I will!”
Over the horizon, several mounted men came riding to the edge of the hill, dressed in blue military wear. All looked down with cold hard calculating eyes at the Indian girl. Not caring, Lena drew her arms around Yulia and kissed her soft mouth, her kiss full of promise and love. She drew back from her and pulled away, their two worlds driving them apart as their fingers separated.
“What are you talking about!”? Lena screamed at her father
“All of them! Every last savage is going to die in the name of God for they took you! The captain promised me!”
Lena ran from the house, rain pouring on her body as she stole a horse, her heart gripped by fear as she rode.
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All of them were dead.
The women, the children, the men.
She rummaged though the camp, turning over bodies and searching teepees.
She found Yulia lying under a tree. She lay on her back, no physical mark of death on her. That is when Lena, through her tears, noticed the trail of blood seeping out from under her back. The coward had shot her from behind. Sobbing, Lena took the knife she carried in her pocket, a gift from Yulia, and shore off all of her hair, letting the golden red locks fall to the ground, the curly locks tinting with Yulia's blood. She heard the sound of horses in the distance. Sliding next to Yulia, she bent, placing one last kiss on her mouth, a tear falling onto Yulia's lifeless cheek.
“I promise.” Lena whispered as she dragged the knife slowly across her wrists, her body beyond pain. Lena lay down beside Yulia, their blood mixing in the grass. Soon the only sound was the blowing wind, and the mournful sound of a pack of wolves howling.
~Four days later~
Lena pushed the last white plastic disk through the hole, fastening her last button. Today was the first day she would be going back to school. Over the past four days, Lena had come to a lot of conclusions in her life. She needed to get rid of Sergi, she needed to find herself, and that she cared very deeply for Yulia Volkova. Coming home that day with Yana had been one of the hardest things she ever done. She had felt so safe and protected with Yulia around. She had trouble sleeping that night when she finally got into her own bed. It was unbearable and lonely without Yulia beside her. She had finally called Yulia at three in the morning who picked up on the first ring and talked to Lena until she felt her body relax and ready to go to sleep. Her body still ached, but the vicious black bruises had begun to fade. The only thing lingering was the pain she felt in her heart and mind. And she didn't know if that would ever go away.
Yulia was getting out of her car and was getting ready to walk up the sidewalk when Lena came out the front door of her apartment. She gave a friendly wave and Yulia took a deep breath.
“Hi.” Lena said as she got closer, the backpack swinging from her hip. Instead of the plaid skirt Lena usually wore, she had on a long black shirt, not comfortable showing off her legs, afraid that the hem would somehow flip up revealing the still fading bruises.
“Are you feeling okay?” Yulia asked as she gave Lena a gentle hug. Lena returned the hug, lingering in the younger girl’s arms for several seconds, reveling in the comfort Yulia somehow managed to bring her.
“I'm fine. Yana said I should go back to school today unless I wanted to be dealing with the police. We better get going so we’re not late.”
Yulia gave a half nod of agreement and drew from Lena's arms. Walking to the cherry red mustang, Yulia almost went to open the door for Lena but remembered that they were going to school and not on a date, that they were only new friends and not lovers. The drive through the Moscow traffic was quick, neither one talking much as each girl dealt with their own personal thoughts. Yulia pulled into the parking lot and lightly jumped from the car with Lena at her side as they headed through the huge parking lot to the school. As they got nearer to the school, the crowd of students became thicker and each girl realized that they were staring at the two of them. Yulia gave Lena a questioning look, who simply shrugged as if to say “I don’t know what’s going on either.” They climbed the steps that led into the school and near the top of the steps, a group of girls stood standing. When a blonde girl caught sight of Lena and Yulia, she actually pointed and laughed.
“What the hell is going on?” Yulia muttered under her breath. No sooner than the words were out of her mouth, a jock came brushing past them. He stopped in front of the girls and smiled at Lena.
“I heard that you went lezzie, Lena. I guess Sergi wasn’t enough of a man. Maybe you should try me.” The boy grabbed his crotch rudely and laughed as Lena's face went pale.
“Fuck off!” Yulia said violently as she grabbed Lena by the arm, who was frozen and walked around the boy. Several snickers and muttered phrases coming from behind them made Yulia's ears burn. In the school, they got the same stares as Yulia and Lena went into the girls’ bathroom where it was still too early for the presence of the usual throng of girls who applied their makeup in the mirrors.
“Are you okay?” Yulia asked, as she yanked a paper towel from the dispenser and ran cold water over it, mutely handing it to Lena who pressed it to her forehead.
“I'll be fine. I am just sorry.”
“For what?” Yulia asked incredulously.
“For dragging you into this. For having people label you something that you aren’t. It’s just fucked up, even for Sergi.”
Yulia gave a delicate shrug.
“I don't give a damn, people are sheep, let them assume what they want.”
“I don't know how I can keep going here. I can't do this!” Lena said in a morose voice. She had been here for less than ten minutes and already she felt as if she was drowning in quicksand, and no matter how hard she struggled, she would only be pulled down faster.
“Look.” Yulia said as she put her hands on Lena's shoulders, making her look at her.
“You survived that bastard once. I won't let him destroy you again. Okay?”
Lena gave a half nod, hoping that she looked stronger than she actually felt. Her hands slipped around Yulia without a thought, resting her head against the girl’s chest, as Yulia calmly ran her fingers through the ends of Lena's hair.
The bell rang.
“You ready?”
Yulia pulled back and offered Lena her hand. Her strength. Her heart, not that Lena knew that. And without a second’s hesitation, Lena took it.
By the end of the day, Lena was ready to have a nervous breakdown. Besides getting piles of homework from all of her teachers, students had stared at her. Some had even commented to her face, calling her the most horrible names they could. (Even one word they call lesbians - one that even I refuse to write.) The only peace she had gotten was when she met Yulia for lunch, even though she could barely eat. Lena sagged in relief when the last bell rang, setting her free. She gathered her books and headed to her locker to collect all of her books. She was walking down the hall when she felt a chill creep up her spine, making her freeze.
“Well, if it isn’t little Ms. Bitch” Sergi's voice said. Lena felt herself stop breathing. She kept walking until she reached her locker. Students were around; he wouldn't do anything to her. Hands grabbed her roughly and turned her around to face a raging Sergi.
“What the fuck do you think your playing at, huh?” His hands crushed into her arms as he slammed her into the locker. Stars exploded in her head as she looked at him with wide frightened eyes. She couldn't speak.
“Just who the hell do you think you are, Lena?” his voice grew even more hostile as he screamed, students now stopping to watch.
“SHE' S A FUCKING GIRL! MAYBE I SHOULD HAVE BEEN MORE OF A MAN AND SHOWED YOU WHAT IT WAS LIKE! MAYBE THEN YOU WOULDN’T BE SUCH A STUPID BITCH!” Lena flinched and a smug smile grew across Sergi's face as he drew back his hand and slapped her sharply across the face. Lena staggered, her mind numb as she turned everything off inside her. He was going to kill her. She wasn’t afraid but she would miss Yulia.
There was a pause and Sergi turned around when he felt someone tap his shoulder. The last thing he saw was a small fist flying straight at his nose.
Yulia had waited by the doorway for a few minutes, but as she did a sense of dread began to grow inside of her. She had just pushed her way through the crowd when Sergi had slapped Lena and everything that was rage, anger, and hate expelled from her body breaking Sergi's nose. He howled in pain clenching his bloody nose.
“You,” Yulia spat out. “Are a fucking coward!” She turned away from him as blood dripped between his fingers, gently touching Lena's cheek as she huddled against the lockers trembling.
“Are you all right?” Yulia asked, her voice soft. Lena only nodded. Yulia's fingers pressed gently against her face, examining the swelling flesh. She had forgotten all about Sergi until Lena screamed. Yulia turned just in time to see Sergi crumble to the ground. Several people gasped and cheered. Lena had one hand covering her mouth.
“What happened?” Yulia asked in total conferment.
“I...saw him come towards you and.... I... kicked…“ She trailed off seeing Sergi wither on the floor. Amazed that she was still alive, she felt a rush of power go through her body, and for once she wasn’t helpless.
A boy came over to Yulia as he looked at the asshole lying on the floor.
“She kicked him in the balls! If she hadn't, he would have done the same thing to you as he did to Lena.”
Yulia stared at her friend. Lena was shaking slightly. It was only natural that Yulia offer her hand to Lena who took it without question, sliding into her protective arms as a teacher pushed through the crowds demanding to know what happened. The truth had come out about Lena and what Sergi had done to her, and now everyone was going to know it.

Yulia couldn't believe this. This was total bullshit. Both she and Lena sat slumped in the chairs in the principal's office. Sergi sat across the room slumped in a chair, an ice pack on his crotch and his nose taped into place. Blood was soaked into his white shirt as Mr. Shapalov screamed.
“Fighting will not be tolerated in my school, Ms. Volkova or Ms. Katina, and because of it, my son now has to suffer irreparable nasal or reproductive damage.” Lena stared at the floor. No one was going to believe them about Sergi. She felt as if everyone in the entire world was against her, except Yulia. She was going to pay for punching Sergi. She didn't know how but she could feel the poison building in his body.
“ I am suspending you both for two weeks, and am even contemplating expulsion.”
Yulia felt the tension inside her. She could care less about getting expelled.
“So,” she said coldly. “What about your son?”
The man paused, amazed that the girl had the audacity to interrupt him.
“Ms. Volkova, I will deal with my son and my student as I see fit. Do you understand me?”
She shot out of her chair, turning it over as she slammed a fist down on the desk.
“Yes, you will let your son to go on fucking hurting people just as he will because his Father is the headmaster. Well, let me fucking ask you something. Do you know what your son does when he's not around you?”
Lena paled as she whispered softly in mortification.
“Yulia, please...”
“Your son beats women. Mainly Lena.” The dark haired man sputtered several times and looked at Yulia with a slack jaw.
“So you go right ahead and suspend us. Hell, expel us. I dare you. Because your son is going to get his ass found in jail where he'll finally learn what it’s like to fear for your life when he finds himself as someone's prison bitch.”
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Lena felt tears begin to fall down her cheeks. Yulia had promised. Why was she doing this? Nothing was said as Sergi and his father stared blankly at Yulia, who kneeled down before Lena.
“I had to. There was no other way to stop it, Lena. You can hate me if you want, but I had to stop this. I care about you too much. “ Her hands reached out to gently touch Lena, who ripped away from her.
“You’re just like them!” she spat out. “I feel violated all over again.” She shoved her chair away and got up, leaving the room.
Lena braced her head against her hand as the phone rang off the hook for the twenty third time this morning. It had been two days since she had left the school and left Yulia, who has been calling every hour on the hour since then. She couldn't talk to her. She just didn't have the strength to deal with this any more. She just wanted the world to disappear and leave her in peace. The phone rang again. A tear trickled down her cheek as she reached down and yanked the cord from the plug disconnecting the phone. It almost physically hurt her to pull the only connection Yulia had to her but...she just didn't know anymore.
There was a soft tap at the door. Before she could reply, the door swung open to reveal Yana.
“You okay, Lenika?”
Lena merely shook her head and continued to look at the apartment window from her seat. Yana sat down heavily beside her.
“I know you’re hurting. And not just from what Sergi did to you.”
Lena said nothing and Yana sighed.
“Yulia did what she did because she cares about you.”
“I begged her not to tell.” Lena choked out softly.
“What happened wasn’t your fault, Lena. Sergi is a bastard who, thanks to Yulia, WILL go to jail.”
Lena didn't hear her. All that she knew was, in her heart, Yulia had betrayed her.
“She loves you.” Yana said simply. Lena blinked through her tears and stared at Yana, as if she had just awoken in a different time.
“She loves you, Lena.” Yana repeated. “When you were sick, she almost couldn't function. I don't even know her but, I know she loves you. She would do anything for you.”
“She's just my friend. Or so I thought.”
“Look! “ Yana said standing up. “You can tell yourself whatever you want. You can deny the fact that Sergi was abusive to you or that someone thinks you are the most amazing person on the planet and that she could love you. But just because you don't admit it isn't going to make it real. Bad things happen to good people Lena. But so do amazing things. Yulia is one of those things. You should take what you can get and hold onto her like hell. Because those amazing chances are hard to come by.” She left the room too upset to look at her sister, leaving Lena to her thoughts.
Yulia felt as if she couldn't breath. For three whole days, she had gone without seeing Lena. It felt like a lifetime. She pushed herself harder as she ran around the outside of the track, trying to blur the world with speed. God, she never thought she would hurt so badly. A pressure had settled into her lungs and was passing at her, making her short of breath and her heart pound in her ears. What was left of her heart anyway? She barely knew Lena, yet the past few days had been something she would never understand. She had lived to make Lena happy and she herself had never been more fulfilled. She stopped running and bent over her hands on her knees as she squeezed her eyes shut. She didn't know how to deal with it.
An empty space that she had thought she could fill when her parents died was wider than ever. And no matter how much she told herself that it didn't matter as long as Lena was happy she would be okay - she wouldn't. She pulled herself up and dragged her fingers through the sweat soaked tresses. She almost fainted. She blinked several times to make sure it wasn't some kind of mirage seeing Lena standing only feet away. Close enough to touch.
“I'm sorry. I was upset. I still don't even know what I want...“ Lena stopped as she struggled for words, the flow that had started ebbing. She didn't know what she wants because she didn't even know who she was. But something felt right between her and Yulia. Even though she wasn’t lesbian or even bisexual. She felt something that she couldn’t even begin to put into words. Yulia waited as Lena held her breath and took a step forward. Two feet separated them.
“I care about you, Yulia...” Lena bit her lower lip, studying Yulia, praying for some kind of reaction that wasn’t rejection. Lena closed her eyes as she searched inside of herself struggling to find the words. Her eyes opened again, staring straight into the blue eyes that had saved her time and again and she said the words Yulia was praying for.
“I want to be with you.”
Yulia crossed the bridge of the two feet separating them, pulling her arms around Lena. And clenching her tight. Lena clung on just as hard, begging to whoever decided fate not to rip them apart.
The bright sun filtered through the trees as Yulia and Lena sat on a Moscow park bench having a picnic. Yulia cut through another thick homemade sandwich and offered it to Lena, who smiled and shook her head.
It had been three weeks since Sergi got arrested after Yulia had called the police. Sergi had confessed and was now serving two to five years in prison. Since then, Lena had slowly started to get better. She was in no way healed, but the connection between the two girls had deepened. And they both relied on the other.
Lena studied Yulia as she smiled and bit into the sandwich, distracted for a moment.
“She really cares about me.” Lena thought tenderly “She wants to take care of me. Why?”
She blinked.
Yulia became concerned as she saw the look that had passed over Lena's face.
“I asked if you wanted something else?”
“What did you bring?”
Yulia hoisted the huge basket into her lap and rummaged through it, Lena peering over the side of the huge basket.
“Caviar, bread, cheese...”
Lena shook her head negatively again.
“No, thank you.”
“How about.... mhmmmm... cake? Vodka.... cookies... more vodka or.... more vodka?”
“No, I'm okay.” Lena sat back against the bench.
“Thanks for inviting me today”
Yulia waved a hand dismissively as she dug through the basket.
“It's nothing. Ohh. Wait, how about this?”
She pulled out a small white Tupperware container and pulled off the lid and handed it to Lena, who stared into the container and got choked up.
Somehow, Yulia had managed to get watermelon - it was de-seeded and cut into small bite size squares. It was what Lena had told Yulia was her idea of heaven in a bowl. But didn't eat it much because it was expensive to buy and usually they were never very ripe.
“Thank you.” she said softly, holding the bowl close to her chest like it was the crown jewels.
Yulia only nodded and for several minutes, neither one spoke as Lena slowly savored the fruit; it was perfect. She bit into another piece and juice ran down over her mouth. She felt Yulia's eyes watching her. She slowly raised her eyes, pulling the uneaten portion from her mouth. Yulia reached up before she could stop herself and brushed the trickle of juice away from Lena's chin. Lena felt her breath catch as Yulia pressed closer, her lips brushing delicately against her mouth. The touch so faint it made her wonder if she felt it.
“Lena. I wanted to ask you, if you would like to go to the dance with me next week, but I understand if you don’t want -”
“Yes.” Lena interrupted.
Yulia blinked and stared at her not believing, wondering if she heard her correctly.
“I want to go with you.” Lena said, lightly touching Yulia's cheek, her own face flushed with anticipation as she bent closer and returned Yulia's kiss, moving it slowly deeper.
Yulia put her hands around Lena. The moment was fragile but for the world for those few seconds were perfect.

Lena stared at herself in the mirror and for once, she saw herself the way others did. Her red lustrous hair had been curled and then pinned elaborately to her head, the curls escaping around her face and neck, small gems with Velcro had been attached to her hair. She wore a full taffeta silver shirt that reached to the top of her feet and a white corset style top that had silver piping for the laces and decoration. Around her neck, she wore a slinky silver chain that held a single diamond pendant and long dangly silver earrings hung from her ears. She took an even breath. The only one who knew she was even going to the dance was Yana. Her parents would eventually not care if she went with Yulia. But since Sergi had gotten arrested, they were treating her like a china doll - something she hated.
“You look amazing.” She turned around to where Yana was standing in the doorway, a tentative smile came to her lips.
“You look nervous.” Yana came forward as Lena turned back to the mirror, fixing a few stray curls with sprits of hair spray.
“I am.”
“Don't be. Lena, people are going to think or assume what they want, no matter what. Don't let people’s ignorance and fear dictate who you are going to be, or who you’re going to love.”
Lena didn't say anything. She merely turned and hugged her sister tight. Besides Yulia, Yana was one of the only people that helped her put things in perspective. There was a soft knock at the door.
“You better go.”
Lena nodded and went to answer the door, and her destiny.
Yulia stood on the other side of the door and waited less than ten seconds before the door opened. The light filtered around Yulia and Lena felt light headed. Yulia was dressed in a straight black skirt and blood red sheath top. Several inches of bare stomach showed between the gap of the top and skirt. Her black hair was in a low side part and sprayed with glitter hair spray. Her only jewelry was a thick black and red beaded choker, the black ribbon ties falling down her bareback. Yulia smiled and stepped into the doorway as Lena invited her in. Yulia slid a reassuring hand around her waist and Lena flushed slightly, a soft blush staining her cheeks at the newness of Yulia's attention as she kissed Yulia's cheek.
Yana smiled as she came in from the kitchen with a camera.
Yulia and Lena turned their heads and smiled softly, both unsure if they really wanted pictures.
“We better get going. We’re already an hour late.”
Yulia nodded and slid her hand through Lena's as they headed out the door. It was silent in the elevator. Yulia sensed Lena's nervousness. She brought her hand up to her mouth and kissed the back of the smooth hand. Lena smiled; Yulia watched as the tension visibly drained from her body. The ride to the banquet hall where the dance was being held was swift and uneventful and they were soon standing in the doorway of the huge room filled with all of their peers.
Yulia gave Lena a look and almost cracked up. This was so stupid. Who gave a damn about them going together? People over the last three weeks had begun to speculate anyway and people were going to think what they wanted.
“Do you want to get something to eat first or do you want to dance?”
Lena shrugged and looked around the room. Some people were openly staring while others just watched out of the corner of their eye, but one thing was for sure - everyone was watching.
“We might as well go dance since that seems to be what everyone is waiting for.”
Yulia laughed as she saw two couples flush, that were closest to them to hear the remark, who instantly turned inward and started talking among themselves. Yulia let go of Lena's hand, slid an arm lightly around her waist, and gave it a gentle squeeze. Lena tilted her head back and smiled at Yulia, who was taller than her at the moment in tall heels. She smiled unconcerned and brushed a stray lock of hair from the girl's forehead. They walked around the outside of the room, away from the tables and crowds of people onto the corner of the dance floor.
“I can't believe this.” Lena muttered under her breath as she wrapped her arms around Yulia and sunk into her embrace. Yulia laughed.
“Why can't you believe it?”
“Because, it’s stupid just to stare at us like that.” Yulia's smile flashed wider.
“It’s not us they are staring at. It's you.” Lena pulled back slightly in Yulia's arms, searching her face.
“Why are they staring at me?”
“Because you’re beautiful.” Yulia replied, her dark blue eyes holding the green orbs seriously. Lena didn't give a damn about what other’s thought, but at that moment she did feel beautiful - only because Yulia had said it.
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The song ended and a high-strung dance song pounded through the speakers.
“Do you want to leave?” Lena asked hopefully, talking above the drone of voices. Yulia felt her hand slip, as she looked Lena in the eyes. She merely nodded and walked from the room together. They had done what they wanted to do. They came. They danced. They went. In the parking lot, Lena paused and drew Yulia against her. Yulia felt dizzy by the contact. She had never been this close to her before. Lena let a delicate hand trail across Yulia's bare shoulders. Merely caressing her body. Her hand ran across the beaded choker and across her cheek to her lips. As if she were memorizing her face. She placed her other hand palm to palm with Yulia, stroking her fingers from the wrist to the delicate red fingertips. Yulia’s body trembled.
“I want to thank you.”
Yulia looked at Lena as she bowed her head, several red curls dropping into her face. She touched them, softly pushing them behind her ear.
“For what?” she questioned softly.
Lena took a breath and raised her eyes, looking directly at Yulia, her heart pounding.
“For saving me. And for giving me the chance for a new life.” Yulia felt her heart sink. She was going to leave her. She felt the tears gather in her throat, making her voice husky again.
“I, was nothing...” Yulia stopped when a hand pressed to her velvety lips.
“And I want to thank you for loving me. From the beginning, and now, always.”
Yulia gasped as comprehension seeped into her eyes. She knew about them. She couldn't think. She didn't want to as Lena slid her arms around her and pressed her lips to Yulia's who parted them under the soft subtle pressure. The kiss was everything. Their past. Their Present. Their future.
~Love saved me... time and again~
The lights in Yulia's room were low as she ran her fingers through Lena's long bright tresses, removing the pins and welcoming the heavy weight of the masses as they tumbled into her hands. Lena slowly tilted her head back, feeling the curls brush down her back. Yulia was breathless at what stood before her. For once, they had defied fate. Lena was hers. She brought her head up, her fingers massaging slowly into her scalp as Lena opened her limpid green eyes that had darkened and changed to a soft quicksilver color. Everything about her was soft, her gentle soul and beautiful body that matched so well with Yulia's. But underneath it all laid a resolution for goodness that was hard as steel. Their time together in this life so far had been short. But Yulia knew everything about Lena - from her dislike of early mornings, to what thoughts mirrored in her eyes. For Lena, it was the same. Yulia was her soul mate. There was nothing that they didn't share, the connections and the love flowing between the tangible things. Lena's hand skimmed down her front and then around her back. She turned, her fingers tangling in the laces of the white corset top. Yulia's hands stopped her. She took a step closer and squeezed the curve of her waist before she started to unlace the binding fabric from her body, which soon sagged and began to drop over her hips. Lena didn't hesitate to push it down, letting it pool around her feet. Her back remained to Yulia as she let the skirt follow suit. She stepped from the middle of the puddle of silk, the long line of her back making Yulia's breathing increase. When she turned, the long fall of her hair covered her body as she stepped carefully next to Yulia and ran her fingers from Yulia's taut clenching stomach to the fabric of the bright red top and began to pull it upwards. Eyes never left the other’s as they disposed of Yulia's clothes, Lena's soft strokes across her body maddening to her senses. Their eyes devoured each other, the light touches and heated glances never enough as they tumbled into the bed breathlessly. Lena's hands clenched into Yulia's hair, her body stiffening with excitement as their bare skin touched against each other. It was almost too much...and not enough at the same time. Yulia felt a cry rent from her body as Lena touched her, moving in smooth lethargic strokes almost. Yulia's back pushed off from the bed as her head arched back, the agonizing pleasure tensing her muscles. She couldn't take it. Her hands touched Lena's body knowingly and slowly rubbing across her heated skin. Lena's reaction was instant as she buried her head against Yulia's neck, her screams muffled against her own flushed body. Every emotion from the past ran though their body. From the beginning, to the instant they lived in now. Neither one wanted to end it, but it came, the wave and the blinding of the sense that went with it. As they shattered in each other’s arms, they knew the completeness only the other could bring in an emotion that was beyond love.
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I really like how you had them both connected throughout time. Very well done!

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i just love your writing!
i must say you always do an excellent job.

great work setsuna22!
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