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The Gematriculator (evil vs good text analysis)

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Old 29-01-2004, 23:56   #21
EeZeReal EeZeReal is offline
Quality Control
Join Date: Jan 2003
Age: 38
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^Tis ok Mossy..I know you're really evil

Haha..Phil is 99% evil

and my full name is 97% evil
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Old 30-01-2004, 00:03   #22
DAZ DAZ is offline
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Join Date: Mar 2003
Location: Ayr,Scotland
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Darren- 50% Evil 50% Good
Daz- 74% Evil 26% Good
Thats so untrue.I'm gonna go and burn that f*ckers house down!!!
Only joking.....Or am i?
Full Name(including middle))- 42% Evil ,58% good.
Thats more like it.Only his windows are gettin it now!!!!
Everybodys born to do a certain thing,If you're dead jammy you find it.
If you're good at it keep doing it.If you're fed up go and do something else.
We're really only here to look after the place
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Old 30-01-2004, 17:06   #23
teeny teeny is offline
you'll need love
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Location: Taastrup, Denmark
Age: 44
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The long post I did a few days ago: The text you sent is 7% evil, 93% good
(Post at: I left out the quotes)
My website: 43% evil, 57% good

Full name: 83% evil, 17% good
Firstname and lastname seperately: 99% evil, 1% good - oi..
TLFdk: 99% evil, 1% good

Wonder if what I say matters more than my name. If not.. someone should stop calling me a goodie-goodie

Test above: 19% evil, 81% good
Don't waste your time on me you're already
the voice inside my head
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Old 30-01-2004, 19:51   #24
QueenBee QueenBee is offline
pie crust
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Age: 34
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God: 50% evil, 50% good
Jesus: 50% evil, 50% good
Devil: 1% evil, 99% good

Lol, after you take the test you can click "Kill everyone"-thing.. and it says "Everyone" and "Russia".. Btw, I have 42 kills so far
Monika | t.E.A.m. [ <3 ] [ 11 ]
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