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Moon, Sun, Hell and Paradise

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Old 16-03-2003, 04:10   #1
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Moon, Sun, Hell and Paradise

[font=arial]Black clouds're descending slowly, slowly,
You think it's the carisma of this night,
Like hell and paradise, united in eternity.
But only a magic left and 'n everlasting fight.

You're so fascinated and captured by this view,
Forgetting what is black and what is white,
The sun comes out giving happiness to you,
Then burns you to the ash and throws to the night.

The moon is taking over this condemned stage.
Inviting you and singing devil's songs again.
And leaves you all alone in its golden cage,
So naked to the rays of sun without any fame.

Courageous ones, they never learn to run away,
If you are one of them, you stay and hit the wall,
You try to catch this magic every night and every day,
And never notice that you are heading for a fall.

Free spirits will be always lonely stars,
Eternally will search for their home,
They find one and travel further all at once,
'Cause they don't care where they will go.

They fly and they reach and break frontiers,
They keep on following the sun and the moon,
Which burn their wings, which bring joy and tears,
The whole way until the day of the Doom.
Olga | t.E.A.m. [ ]

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Old 16-03-2003, 04:17   #2
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I liked this, Forre. Very cool. ^_^

Quietly weaving,
Tiredly leaving,
Another today,
Again tomorrow
Together dismay,
And raining sorrow.

Le noir, la gloire... On se demande bien.
Mais comm' je t'adore, lorsque je m'endors...
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Nice job forre!

I think its awesome
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