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~Simple Motions~ (content warning)

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~Simple Motions~ (content warning)

Alot of my fanfics are based on total fictions while some of it comes from ideas that are based on the girls real life things that happend- that were never really explained- just stuff I personally notice and just write about..... i guess this story fits into this catagory.
~August, 12, 2003~ Denmark 6:14 AM
Lena felt the first consciousness filter through into her mind as she saw light from under her eyelids. The shower was running. Yulia must not have slept very long - as was usual for her when they went on tour she always had a hard time sleeping after a concert. She stretched her legs feeling the muscles contract and rub against the smooth fabric. Her favorite part of waking up was lingering in bed and then taking her time getting ready before the day, which in most cases was hell, unbound. She slowly let her eyes drift open and see the world around her the high vaulted ceilings and the dark wood beams stood out in contrast to the pale golden yellow and white that painted the room walls and finally down to the open bathroom door. She head Yulia singing from the shower and smiled. She couldn't help but love hearing her best friend and lover sing in the shower. Slowly she pushed the blankets away from her legs and from around her waist and padded to the door not wanting to disturb the singing. She leaned against the doorframe wearing a black silk night gown that came to the top of her thighs and nothing else, her dark hair was now dark auburn almost brown and around her shoulders in wild kinks and waves instead of defined curls. She felt her insides melt seeing Yulia in the shower, and also a kick of adreline run through her veins seeing the body under the hot stream of water. White thirsty towels lay on the floor and the shower curtain was pushed back. Yulia hated to feel confined even by something like a piece of plastic. The short black hair was dripping and spiked as soap bubbles ran down her spinal cord and down the line of her back as she rinsed herself off. Her rich hard and edgy voice echoing in the tiled room
"How can you say I go about things the wrong way? I am human and I need to be loved."
"Just like everybody else does" Yulia turned around when she heard the ever faithful and companion voice finish her words- just like the person behind them finished her thoughts. She was struck by how amazing Lena looked. The black night gown- if you could call the slip of silk that clung to her figure and the scooped neckline that went low leaving nothing to Yulias’ dirty imagination- which Lena damn knew well drove her crazy. She wiped the water from her face and smiled.
"Morning back" Yulia watched transfixed as Lena walked into the bathroom and pushed herself up on the counter top pushing away their jewelry which they had removed the night before. Yulia watched feeling heat rush through her body when she saw a small flash between Lena's legs as she crossed them. It was the usual game of inanity Lena put her through.
"Did you sleep at all?"
Yulia lifted up a bottle of dove body wash and poured some of the white liquid onto a sponge.
"A few hours- probably four." she replied.” Which is more than I usually get when I sleep next to you." She added to herself. People and fans often wondered why they didn't live together back in Moscow- well if she did she would die from sleep exhaustion. If she wasn’t physically with Lena she was thinking about her, or dreaming about her- or watching her as she slept like she had done last night. Yulia and Lena might love music and have it their lives and hearts. But Yulia's life, mind and heart were consumed by one thing: Lena. Everything else that came with it was just a bonus.
"What?" Yulia blinked and stared at her lover. Lena looked at her again.
"I said I am glad you got at least a few hours of decent sleep- I was beginning to worry about you." Her tone was velvet soft, the tone that made chills crack Yulia's bones.
"You always worry." Yulia replied with an impish grin trying to lighten her serious girlfriend's mood her dark gray eyes holding much more stress than an eighteen year old should.
"Oww damn it!" Yulia swore as she held a hand to her eye, soap stinging. She had not been paying attention to the sponge, which was now puffed up with enough lather for five people- bits of the fluff getting into her left eye.
Lena was there with a towel half a second later pressing it to her eye. Water from the showerhead drenched her front but she hardly noticed.
"Are you okay?"
Yulia didn't answer as she dropped the towel to the floor staring at the pure black silk that molded to Lenas’ body. She felt dizzy as she saw the nipples through the drenched fabric and the curve of her waist and hips. Her mouth went dry. The contrast of Lena's soft skin against the black silk making her mind go blank. She closed her eyes her breathing rough she felt Lena's hands touch her face and rub her fingers through the short black hair. Her eyes opened and she met the same smokey stare that said it all- love and desire. Lena stepped over the rim of the bathtub not even bothering to remove her night gown as Yulia slowly pushed her into the hot water, letting her mouth crash against hers as she tasted Lena fresh and inviting as drops of hot water got into their mouth making everything more heated. Lena's hands locked around Yulia's hips pulling her to her hard both of their moans penetrating their minds above the pounding beat of their hearts as the wet silk caused friction between their bodies. It was unbelievable the tension of the last week of getting ready for travelling and then the concert itself- it had been to long almost five days. Yulia's hands pulled sharply at Lena's hair a low growl whispered into her ear as Lena's hands slid lower over her naked body.
"Lena I can't wait."
Lena gave a half laugh-half groan
"Can you ever?" She let out a sharp cry when Yulia pinched her taunt nipples
"No." Yulia replied as she pulled Lena from the shower whose legs were trembling. As much as people thought Yulia was easy going, when it came to love making she was intense and insatiable. Steam was almost chocking them but they didn't notice as they started walking from the room their arms still around the other. Yulia walked Lena against the door roughly slamming it shut behind them. It didn't matter where it happened- their body told the other- just as long as it happened.
Yulia pushed harder against Lena, whose body was pushed deep against the bathroom door. Her head bent over Yulia she sucked and bit at her girlfriend's neck teasing her. Taunting her. Yulia closed her eyes and tried to calm her breathing but, it didn't work she had to do this her way.
"Lift your leg Lena."
Lena heard something penetrate through the haze of mad desire and burning fire, and some how she managed to bring her leg up around Yulia's hip. Her body dropped a few inches as she almost lost her balance her gasp of surprise filling the air as she felt Yulia's knee rub against her. The words barely made it out of her mouth - pants between each word- a struggle to even get them out.
Yulia's taunting laugh made Lena's hips clench as she returned the torture to her lover.
"God works miracles, not orgasms." Lena didn't even trying to think of a reply as Yulia's hands gripped her waist and pulled her down against her own body. Yulia was rewarded by Lena's nails digging into her back leaving moon shapes in her flesh. Her head dropped against Yulia's shoulder. Lena who was very vocal could barely make a sound as Yulia slowly let a hand slide down her thigh and into her body her fingers barely touching her. She opened her mouth wider her eyes closed as the first wave shook her body.
"Lena I need to hear you." Yulia pulled close against Lena feeling it. The nails digging into her back, the body trembling against her- becoming part of her girlfriend as a gut-wrenching scream broke from Lena's throat. Yulia watched as the one person she infinitely loved rolled her head back on her delicate neck her. As a second orgasm gripped Lena's body she repeatedly called out Yulia's name over and over again. Yulia pulled her closer- wanting to melt into Lena forever. She closed her eyes as she felt the pressure build in the pit of her stomach... she was so close.
"No Yulia. You get your turn I get mine." Lena's voice was low holding a sexual quiver to it as she felt the last lingering sharp jolts of excitement make her hips clench. Her hands were already moving over Yulia beautiful flushed body. The steam was so thick in the room that sweat rolled off their bodies like they were in a sauna. She couldn't help herself as she licked Yulia's collarbone tasting the salty skin. Her tongue was one of the many things that drove Yulia to distraction. She moved her hands lower pushing Yulia and herself away from the wall and pressing Yulia against the counter top until she was sitting on it, Lena standing between her parted thighs. Yulia's panting told Lena she didn't have much time when Yulia was this far on the edge the end was quick to follow - she didn't want to tease Yulia anyway. Her hands moved purposefully, rubbing against Yulia's clit. Her legs jerked involuntarily and her back went straight, her hands searched for something to grip to, knocking several bottles containing: Hair spray, gel and mouth wash onto the floor. The humidity making both of them hot and uncomfortable. Yulia slid closer to the edge of the counter where Lena's fingers rubbed harder. Her body jolted again. Lena had less than two minutes. With out hesitation she ran her fingers along Yulia's slit and into her body. The reaction was instant, sharp almost painful jolts rocked her body, she felt it in the pit of her stomach and head all the way down to the soles of her feet as everything tightened and exploded. Her legs wrapped around Lena's hips bringing their bodies flush against each other, the silk night gown once again rubbing roughly in places causing friction.
"I love you Yuli." the rough whisper was enough to tip Yulia's world upside down again as she returned the claw marks on her back- screaming the name that was burned into her heart.


Chapter~ 2 Part~ 1

Fourty five minutes later Yulia sat in front of her lap top- randomly searching the sites and forums she sometimes would lurk on. Lena was still in the bathroom blow drying her hair, the drone of the machine telling her she had at least ten more minutes to kill before they ordered breakfast and started to pack for turkey. She scrolled down a page and paused.
Pictures from last nights concert were already posted and several comments had already been made. Although Yulia didn't speak perfect English she knew what most of it was. She started to laugh. Tears were streaming down her face when Lena, still bent over her hair damp and under the blow dryer, poked her head through the bathroom door.
"What is it?" Yulia didn't reply as she was still laughing at pointing at the computer screen.
"How the hell can they think your butch?" Yulia had another fit of laughter.
"Fuck if I know!" Lena eyed her girlfriend in the black capri pants that were low slung on her hips and the black top with a purple and green dragon across the chest. The front was still fully unzipped revealing the black bra beneath. She couldn't help but stare as she ran her fingers through her soft damp locks of hair.
"I love your haircut. What I don't understand is don't people realize its the same haircut you had a while ago?" Yulia got to her feet and wrapped her arms around Lena's middle. Lightly running her fingers across her back and into the waistband of her jeans.
"Who knows what people think. They are all crazy anyway." Yulia kissed Lena on the check as her hands soothingly rubbed lower, stepping closer to the red head. She knew Lena was annoyed with either one of them being called a butch. They were who they were and it was still sometimes hard to understand why the fuck people were always so eager to label them. They loved each other, more than most people could even realize.
Lena felt Yulia's steady and sure heart beat against her own chest and she took a breath feeling everything drain from her body as Yulia teased her body relentlessly. The hot air against Yulia's neck made the hair on the back of her arms rise on end and goosebumps made her shiver. Without fail Lena always had that effect on her
Denmark- 12:30 PM
"We have less than two hours before we have to be at the airport are you both ready?"
Ivan, Yulia and Lena sat around a table the surface covered with dishes, bottles of water and about ten little cartons of Lena's orange juice. The morning had been long with final preparations and a quick drive around the city to see some of the sites. It really was a pity that they couldn't stay longer than what they were. Denmark really was beautiful, if not a little sedate. Lena swelled the bit of bread with caviar on it and adjusted her pink sunglasses pushing them back on her forehead.
"We are both already packed we thought we were leaving before then." Yulia didn't say anything as she took another huge swallow of her tea in between eating a pastrami sandwich.
"What is it Yulia?" Ivan didn't bother to pretend he knew something was bothering her.
"I just wish we could have been in Moscow for the award that we were getting. But instead we are going to a country that some if not alot of people feel resentment toward us because of Eurovision. "She put down the sandwich feeling the lump of bread and meat turn into dust in her mouth. Lena took her hand and rubbed her fingers over Yulia's knuckles. She also wished that they could have been in Russia right now, but that was one of the problems with having set commitments. She sighed internally why didn't people get that not everything was their fault. The schedules were not up to them. They just showed up, hoping that things would go as planned and be set as they should and sing.
"I know you both wanted to be there but we do have to be “professional” about this. He pulled a face as he said this. Knowing damn well both girls had worked their asses off over the years to be where they were today.
"You two had better go make sure everything is packed and taken care of before we leave, the plane is going to be packed, and it is a long flight."
He gave both of them a knowing look and all Yulia could do was grin as she needed no more encouragement she pushed Lena out of the booth and began to drag her upstairs.

Lena dragged the small plastic card from her pocket and pushed it into the lock, her other hand still interlocked with Yulia's.
"You know we really do have to pack." Yulia grinned. They had made plans to pack early this morning but when Lena had started to kiss Yulia those plans had become the last thing on their mind as Lena's hand slid into Yulia’s unzipped shirt and played with the back of her bra strap. So much for good intentions.
"It was your idea to walk around partially naked." Lena retorted turning the knob and entering the hotel room, which was a disaster. Luggage lay open across the floor and clothes for performances and street clothes were everywhere. Neither one even wanted to look into the swamp of a bathroom. It held all of their toiletry items along with their stage and regular make up and then more hair supplies than either of them really used. Yulia lugged her biggest bag onto the bed and half heartedly started to fold a few of her white tank tops. She put the shirts into the suit case and rummaged around the things on the nightstand, mini-Snickers wrappers laid everywhere along with Lena's books and some pictures they had taken with a Polaroid camera.
"Have you seen my watch?" Yulia opened the door to the nightstand and startled to rifle through it. She paused. Lena who had been gathering some of the dirty clothes off the floor dumped them onto the bed.
"Did you find it?" Yulia shook her head looking as she closed the door holding a small little box in her hand with a wide grin that was less than innocent.
"What did you find now? Lena asked with slight trepidation. Now was really not the time to be finding something even more to distract them when the had to pack. Yulia held up the purple and white box. Every thought of packing slipped from her mind.

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Oh my God! I forgot that we had those!" She dived across the bed and snatched the box from Yulia. Her favorite toy. No matter how much money they acquired or how many gadgets and gizmos promoters gave them Lena had a strange love for playing with condoms. Yulia watched grinning as Lena ripped the box open and dumped the foil packets into her hand, 24 in all. More than enough to keep them both occupied for several hours.
"We really need to pack though." Lena bit her lip as she looked at the tedious hours of work with packing.
"Fuck it!" She tore open one of the packages and headed toward the bathroom faucet.
Yulia held back a fit of laughter as another bright blue condom water balloon plummeted to the ground below, right in front of a man wearing a toupee. Neither one remembered the time until there was a sharp knock at the door. Startled Lena gave a little scream dropping the last seven remaining water balloons out the window. The screams of people were heard below as Yulia slammed the window shut.
“Girls! Are you ready?”
Lena looked around the room and then at Yulia both thinking the same exact thought,
“SHIT!” Yulia pulled a face and shrugged.
“Ivan can you give us… 10 … I mean 15 minutes?” She pinched Yulia who screamed softly. It was close enough to the desired effect. They heard a slight chuckle and then a cough from the other side of the door.
“You have twenty minutes but make it a quickie girls.”
They held their breaths for several seconds and then Yulia rubbing her arm pinched Lena back.
“That hurt damn it!”
Lena smiled and gave her girlfriend a soft kiss on the check.
“You never complained before.” Yulia gave a soft growl and captured Lena around the waist and pushed her on the bed. Lena was breathless. Yulia even after all these years surprised her on occasion with her wild almost animal side. Her body was pinned under the younger girls. Her hands tangled in Lena’s wild long hair as she lowered her head and kissed her deeply. Lena sighed against the hard pressure of Yulia’s mouth that softened instantly when Lena stroked the long line of Yulia’s back, and her knees came around Yulia’s slender hips. Yulia responded kissing her deeper her tongue licking across the seal of her mouth which parted instantly. Returning the French kiss. It was a mistake to get involved like this when time was working against them but neither could help themselves as Lena’s hands pushed under Yulia’s black top not bothering to undo it. There was not enough time. There was never enough time when it came to this. Yulia let the flesh of her mouth touch Lena’s one last time before drawing back.
“We have to get ready.”
Lena let all the pent up air out of her lungs.
“So much for burning off all that extra energy huh?”
Yulia grinned and climbed off Lena helping her to their feet they looked around the room and got to work.
30 minutes later~
It had been a mad dash but they had done it in twenty-five and not twenty. Thank god Ivan was in a good mood today. The intense kiss had not left any doubt in Ivan’s mind both were slightly disheveled and their lips swollen and their skin had a dewy glow that couldn’t be faked. Hand in hand they walked through the airport Lena wearing her usual baseball hat and glasses. Looking over Yulia smiled and pulled the brim of Lena’s hat over her eyes playfully. Lena resounded by patently fixing her cap and placing a gentle nip and Yulia’s neck. Standing side-by-side waiting to board Ivan walked over to both of the girls.
“I have something to tell you both.” Neither replied as they saw Ivan smile, well this was new.
“I am going back to Moscow. That idiot Katya has gotten herself arrested for drug charges.” Lena covered her mouth trying to look shocked, but she wasn’t, instead she was on the verge of laughing. Katya was a pain in the ass. She had very limited talent and then when she had suggested that she sing back up for Yulia at Eurovision it had pissed Yulia off to no end.
“Ivan, she’s a total fucking idiot.” Yulia didn’t bother to hide her feelings as she pulled a package of cigarettes from her purse. Ivan didn’t respond.
“I am going back to Moscow and both of you are going to have to go on to Turkey with just the rest of the entourage.”
Well this was SURE as hell new.
He put a hand on each girls shoulder and gave them a kiss.
“Have fun, but for the love of god please don’t do anything I would do.”
Both were to stunned as they gave Ivan one last hug and then were hustled on to the plane. Walking down the ramp Lena glanced at Yulia.
“I think I am really going to like Turkey."

Lena sat edgy in the chair as cameras flashed in her face. Yulia sat to the left of her clicking a pen cap in annoyance. It was 5:00 PM that same day and they had gone straight from the airport to the interview only having time to change their clothes in a public bathroom and re-apply their make up. Yulia sighed and looked around the crowded room. This was the last place she wanted to be. She glanced out the window and saw the bright warm sun and the crystal clear water of the swimming pool. God, she hoped the photo shoot would be over fast. The blonde woman leading the interview sat in the front row eyeing the girl's like specimens under the microscope. Lena watched as Yulia's hands fidgeted more. There were only two reasons that she did that. She was either bored and in real need of a smoke or... a slight flush came to her cheeks as she reached across the table and covered Yulia's hands with her own. She leaned closer and whispered breathlessly.
"We will keep it quick. Don't worry." A burning gaze darkened Yulia's bright blue eyes. Knowing fully well what Lena meet.
"How the hell does she know me so well?" Yulia wondered to herself. She knew she was holding tension in her body but it didn't occur to her what kind.... Until Lena touched her hands. But she didn't know she could keep still that long. She felt as if ants were crawling all over her body and her skin was alive with so many nerve endings she was ready to jump. The blonde woman stood up with a microphone and stood in front of Lena and Yulia.
"We would like to welcome Elena Katina and Yulia Volkova this afternoon, and we will be taking questions."
Yulia was distracted as she slid her tennis shoe off under the table and slid closer to Lena. A man in the back of the room asked a question and it was relayed to their translator David who asked Lena and Yulia.

"Why Ivan is not here? "
Yulia wasn't paying attention as she rubbed the back of her foot against Lena's ankle her hand under the table as well slowly rubbing at her thigh.
"Why should he be here? He got a lot of things to do in Moscow."Lena answered her tone bored as she felt herself sinking into the usual stupor of stupid ass questions. The only thing keeping her from ending the interview now was Yulia... and her hand. The man asked another question in Turkish as Yulia gazed at Lena from under lowered lashes her hand gripped her leg and rubbed harder against the denim moving further up her thigh.
"Isn't he your creator?" Lena nearly jumped from her chair when Yulia's hand moved deeper to the inside of her thigh moving closer to the core of her body... Lena felt something clench inside her, making her legs spread wider.
"Yes he is but he also does some different things. "
Lena tried grabbing for Yulia's hand under the table trying to stop the hand from moving. Yulia ignored her, as there was a hitch in the translation from Turkish to Russian. Yulia pressed the palm of her hand against Lena who gasped in response her hips rising off the chair slightly as if she had been shocked. Watching, Yulia saw as emotion began to cloud Lena's mind her eyes drifted closed for several seconds, her head dropping forward as they translators finished and asked the next question.

"You're in this business since you were children. Don’t you feel abused?’’ David asked the question his tone weary as he gave a sheepish grin. Under the table Lena felt everything but Yulia's hand stop. "Fuck the word" She thought as she pressed back against Yulia's hand. There was a long expectant pause as they waited for Lena to answer.
"No "
"Do you mind if i want you to open this subject a little more? That creating time?"
Yulia didn't pause her actions as Lena slid to the edge of the chair her breathing almost a pant as she tried to control herself. Yulia dug her fingers deeper against the fabric of the denim pushing the rough fabric against Lena's body.
"Everyone who look at us can understand what we are. " Lena gave a strangled gasp but no one was paying attention as they focused on David who relayed the response. Yulia leaned forward and brushed Lena's hair behind her ear.
"Everyone can see, we have sex three times day" Lena didn't respond as her hips trust against Yulia's hand who felt the moisture begin to dampen the fabric. Yulia kissed Lena's ear and laughed to herself remembering that certain interview with a smug little German man.

"I made a search in the archive. I couldn't find a lot of things about it... " The man almost sounded apologetic but not quite, as Yulia heard him
"So you should be a bad journalist... " Yulia replied coldly David grimaced at her response but translated. He turned bright red and moved on.

"What do you think about Eurovision? " Yulia's hand began to undo the button on Lena's pants. Lena sucked in another breath of air, her hands gripping the sides of the chair
"We don't think a cit. don't care. " Lena ground out just as Yulia's hand slid under the fabric of the denim.

"You weren't like that when you were joining? " By now David had realized what was going on and was trying in desperation to end the interview. Yulia's attention was slipping further as she watched Lena's reaction gauging the response to Lena's body.
"It's all about the country. They wanted us to go there and we went. We won our own competition. It doesn't matter if we can't win Eurovision."
Several of the reporters by now had begun to leave from the back of the room. Seeing that TATU was in less than a co-operative mood.

"And what is important for you in this life? "
Yulia smiled at Lena. It was a simple answer but she wasn’t about to reveal her entire life to the rest of these morons.
"Our life. " Yulia replied as she stroked along the elastic of Lena's thong.
Her tone was a purr and Lena's body visibly trembled. She gave another deep shuttering breath. People noticed this time and were trying to be gracious and leave but the one man persisted even by now David was feeling hostile. It wasn’t going to end... if anything he would slide under the table.
"What is the importance of life for you? Is there something like that? "
"The things we do and we want to do. Yulia replied not even bothering to elaborate as a finger slid beneath the fabric against Lena's damp heat. Lena's eyes rolled back in her head her eyes closed there was a pause as her vocal cords tightened reframing from releasing her scream

"And what are they? " the man pushed his eyes jumping to Lena and then to Yulia's. David reluctantly translated.
"Being on stage. Yulia wants to be a creator like Ivan in the future. We want to work and conquer the world. " Lena spat. She was gritting her teeth as she tilted back in the chair, and stretched her legs wider. Yulia watched with burning eyes as she slid another finger under fabric of her underwear.

"Conquer the world? It is nice, like a joke...Last question: What if this project gets old and there is a new project, is it possible to turn in to something else for you? "
"How do you think about a new project? We're t.A.T.u now and we don't think about what's going to happen in the future." Yulia ending the interview she ignored the last few reporters and slid closer to Lena.
"I only think about you and me." Yulia replied as she withdrew her fingers and kissed Lena's flushed face who was still weak with the built tension as thoughts turned to the hotel room upstairs...
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The door slammed open and banged against the wall both Lena and Yulia fell through the doorway. Yulia's head was reeling with Lena's reaction to her. Normally Lena was the "good one" and would wait until they got to their room but her hands had never left Yulia's body and the minute the elevator doors had closed on them Lena and pushed Yulia against the wall and had started to kiss and lick Yulia's neck. Her hands rubbed suggestively over her body the fabric seeming almost course against her skin as Lena rubbed and teased the fabric to her advantage....
Yulia walked backwards making Lena follow her, consumed with Yulia she began to push her fingers into the thin straps of her white shirt over her toned arms. Her longer nails scraping deliciously. Yulia closed her eyes and gasped. That was the reason Lena had grown out her nails. It drove Yulia insane as her nails skimmed down her back and over her buttocks or legs. It was the ultimate torture and Lena knew it as Yulia pulled her arms free of the straps and shoved the shirt down over her slim hips to the floor. Yulia pushed her fingers through Lena's long lustrous hair and tangled her fingers in it slowly, agonizingly, pulling her head down for a mind-blowing kiss. Yulia led Lena closer to the bed, compelled by desire Lena followed, using the back of her hands she ran them over the long sleek line of Yulia's curves. Over the swell of her breasts and rib cage and to her waist stopping at the waistband of her jeans. Yulia's breath caught but she didn't pull back from the kiss, and didn't want to as she opened her eyes and meet Lena's gaze. The burning look relaying one emotion: Love. Yulia's legs bumped against the end of the bed, Lena didn't pause as she balanced a hand on Yulia's hips and pushed her onto the bed. Lena moaned against Yulia's mouth as their bodies matched up, breast-to-breast, stomach against stomach, hips against hips. Lena broke the kiss and buried her head against Yulia's neck licking the shell of her ear and whispering softly into her ear. Another aspect to Lena that Yulia couldn't live without. No matter how hurried or rushed they felt Lena always whispered softly in Yulia's ear, erotic things, in coherent things and love. Often so occupied with her actions she didn’t notice the language barrier slipping back and forth between English and Russian. Unable to stay still any longer Yulia kicked off her shoes and wrapped her legs around the back of Lena's waist bringing her even closer against her pelvic bone. She thrust her hips against Lena who released a small cry into her ear. Yulia looped her hands around Lena's neck, waiting patiently as Lena panted against her neck the hot breath stimulating her further. She was almost afraid to move because of the pleasure that would push her over the edge. But before she could think anything through, Lenas, body made the decision and thrust back hard grinding against Yulia. Her hips arched off the bed, there were no words to describe the feeling. Yulia's eyes flew open as she gasped in pain, her eyes wide as something burned in her stomach. Lena froze and pushed her weight off Yulia. She looked at Yulia's pale face, a cold sweat breaking out on her forehead.
"Oh my god what is it?"
Yulia could only shake her head as pain stole her ability to talk. The agony continued another ten seconds, Lena almost to the panic point as Yulia rolled onto her side. She didn't know what to do, she was afraid to touch Yulia, afraid she might hurt her again.
Yulia blinked.
The pain was gone.
"Yulia do you want me to call a doctor?" Her voice was edged in fear as Yulia glanced at Lena who looked about ready to cry. It made her heart cold to see her that upset because of her.
"No. I'm fine. I just got a Charlie horse."
"Don't lie to me Yuli." Her tone was serious now as she sat down on the bed next to Yulia who sat up and caught Lena's hand and gave it a squeeze.
"I'm fine. I promise."
Some of the tension eased from Lena's eyes. In the back of her mind Yulia felt ashamed it was the first time she had ever lied to Lena. But the pain was gone now,almost anyway and she felt fine. But seeing Lena so upset was the worst thing that Yulia could witness. She lay back on the bed and tugged Lena's hand.
"No Yulia."
"Lena." Her voice was soft and compelling. "I want you. And I want you on top." There was no arguing with Yulia. There was nothing Lena would deny Yulia ever.

Silence filled the room as Lena panting rested her forehead against Yulia’s lightly rubbing her nose with hers in an Eskimo kiss she felt the last tremors of pleasure run through her body. Her hands were slowly working their way across Lena's bare back. The final bits of tension drained from her spine and out of her body.
"Do you want to go swimming?"
Yulia’s pulled her head back and kissed Lena's mouth
"Do you have to ask?"
After a quick shower both girls put on their suits. Lena wore a light blue and Yulia’s a pink (the same she wore in Germany btw) slipping the tops over their head they each took turns tying the strings on the back of the swim suit.
"You know I am tempted just to tie them in a bow instead of a knot." Yulia said with a grin as she knotted the bow.
"It will be easier to take off in the pool." Lena laughed and simply shook her head as she took Yulia's hand and kissed the back of it as they headed to the pool.

That next morning Lena bent over the mirror applying her eyeliner as Yulia talked on the phone to Ivan.
“No we didn’t have any problems.” Lena grinned. Yulia was bored. There was another long pause.
“No, we haven’t discussed that yet.” Yulia’s head poked into the bathroom her hand over the pink plastic receiver of her phone.
“What do you want to wear today?”
Lena shrugged.
“Jeans and a t-shirt are fine with me.” Yulia bent further into the bathroom and placed a kiss onto her mouth softly.
“Are the denim skirts okay? My jeans are dirty.” She gave Lena another persuasive kiss.
“Sure. I don’t care either way.”
Yulia nodded and went back to talking to Ivan. Lena smiled feeling love overwhelm her as she went back to finishing her make-up. Both of them were so excited to perform once again it had been too long since they last did it. The MTV movie awards had been amazing but they had missed the crowds that had come just for them in a concert arena.
Lost in thought she jumped when Yulia still in her un-belted bathrobe slipped her hands around Lena’s waist and pulled her close against her.
“Are you ready?”
Lena felt her breath catch at Yulia’s suggestive tone.
“I am always ready to do anything where you are concerned.”
Lena smiled over he shoulder as Yulia placed a soft kiss against her lips.
“I love you.”

Forty minutes later both girls were at home on stage before a huge crowd wearing short demon skirts and white tops. The electricity was explosive with sexual tension as the last bits of All The Things She said filtered through the speakers. There was a long pause as Yulia slid to her knees in the center of the stage Lena standing behind her as Prostie Dvizheniya started to play. Emotions ran high as several people openly gasped as Yulia arched back slightly holding the mic to her mouth and released several short orgasmic breaths. Her eyes were half closed as her free hand began to wonder over her body, which moved errotically to the heart-pounding beat. Not once did she break eye contact with Lena who watched intensely her eyes burning with green fire. Her normal voice became softer as she lifted the microphone to sing. The sound of her voice erotic almost as if it was something physically driving Yulia on.

Ya prodolzhayu prostie dvizheniya,
Ty prodolzhaesh moi prodolzhen'ya
Ya eto ti, a ti eto ya
I ya povtoryayu, ya provtoryayu

Hochesh' molchi, zhdi chto proidyot
A hochesh' klyuchi, dva oborata.
Hochesh' svoya, hochesh' chuzhaya,
Hochesh' kak ya' I ya prodolzhayu'

Through out the entire song the audience seemed incapable of breathing, their eyes locked on the girl kneeling on the floor and the compelling voice that almost controlled her.

Prostye dvizheniya

Yulia seemed to come out of her trance, her hands still rubbing wildly over her body as she echoed Lena.

, ya prodolzhayu!
Prostye dvizheniya,
ya prodolzhayu!
Prostye dvizheniya,
ya prodolzhayu!
Prostye dvizheniya,
ya prodolzhayu!

Prostye dvizheniya

Lena moved across the stage closer to Yulia, whos hips now thrust and bucked against the floor, her skirt hiking up on her thighs with her movements as the uncontrollable panting returned. Her eyes wide as she looked at Lena who sung repeating the words that drove her body, Lena’s face contoured with desire as she watched the overtly sexual movements- her body moving with a simple motion that Lena knew everyday.

Prostye dvizheniya
Prostye dvizheniya
Prostye dvizheniya

My prodolzhaem prostye dvizheniya,
Unichtozhaem, kak porazhenie
Gde-to nahodish', gde-to teryaesh'
Ya povtoryayu, ty povtoryaesh'

Yulia climbed from the floor. And roughly grabbed Lena around the waist pulling her against her hips. The crowd went insane with it as they grinded their hips almost loosing track of where they were, as Yulia’s hands pressed and rubbed over Lena’s hypersensitive skin.

Prostye dvizheniya…

Yulia began to push Lena backwards who fell to the floor onto her back singing, Yulia followed the movement and straddled Lena high on the waist. The constant grinding motion was non-stop as the words played back and forth between them

ya prodolzhayu!
Prostye dvizheniya,
ya prodolzhayu!
Prostye dvizheniya,
ya prodolzhayu!
Prostye dvizheniya
ya prodolzhayu!

Yulia thrust her hips harder, Lena lifted her hips against her moving with the rhythm of the music, both now consumed by the music.

Prostye dvizheniya
Prostye dvizheniya
Prostye dvizheniya
Prostye dvizheniya

Lena’s voice echoing became softer as Yulia’s gasps and pants took over her body. She pressed closer to Lena looking her in the eyes as a last shuttering breath heaved from her chest, placing a kiss against Lena’s mouth softly, who cradled the back of her head and watched as the orgasm racked her small body.

My prodolzhaem prostye dvizheniya,
Unichtozhaem, kak porazhenie
Gde-to nahodish', gde-to teryaesh'
Ya povtoryayu, ty povtoryaesh'

Eto lyubov' skachut pruzhinki,
Zavtra lyuboi men'she snezhinki,
Nado uspet' nevozrazhaya,
Nado umet' zhit prodolzhaya,

Prostye dvizheniya,
ya prodolzhayu!
Prostye dvizheniya,
ya prodolzhayu!
Prostye dvizheniya,
ya prodolzhayu!
Prostye dvizheniya,
ya prodolzhayu!

Prostye dvizheniya
Prostye dvizheniya
Prostye dvizheniya
Prostye dvizheniya
Ya prodolzhayu...

The rest of the song played out both singing the words but, not paying attention as they gained control of their bodies, always keeping a connection with a kiss or a hug uncompromising when it came to the other.

Yulia forked through her noodles as she watched Lena peal her second orange. It was six - thirty that same night both girls were resting before the flight to Moscow where they would pick up Ivan before going on to Germany for the Comet awards. Lena had changed her skirt for her favorite pair of worn jeans, her pink sunglasses where pushed up on her forehead. Yulia still wore her out fit from the performance but she had kicked off the knee-high boots and was stretched across the huge hotel bed on her side facing Lena. There was just something about Lena that could make a person just want to sit and stare for hours. The way her hands moved over the flesh of the orange fruit, the tilt of her head or even the rhythm of her breathing. She enthralled Yulia. Lena looked up sensing she was being watched and smiled. She set all but one section of the orange on her plate.
"You know." she replied her voice soft " I still can't belive that you like to eat that garbage." her tone was teasing as she shot an evil eye at the chicken ramen noodles. Yulia grinned and leaned over and kissed Lena on the nose. When she pulled back and laid down Lena bent over her dark garnet hair falling around her like a veil, brushing her bare neck and arms. Even in the dimmed light Yulia could see into Lena's eyes.
"I love you." Lena whispered softly, brushing her lips over Yulia's.
How could anything in life be so wonderful?
Istanbul Airport-Turkey, 9:13 PM
Lena sat on the terminal airport chairs reading through one of her physiology books while Yulia rested her head against her shoulder. In the few hours between the hotel and the Airport Yulia had developed a slight fever, and was looking pale despite her olive complexion. Lena paused in her reading and turned her attention to the woman who rested against her, she wasn’t quiet asleep but, in a fitful rest. She was always like that when she was feeling sick. She ran her fingers lightly over Yulia's cheeks feeling the extra warmth from her body generated by the fever. Slowly Yulia's eyes opened. For a few seconds she stared blankly, her brow furrowing as she tried to remember where she was. Her eyes focused. The first thing she saw was Lena. Always her Lena.

"How are you feeling baby?" Yulia almost drifted off to sleep from the touch of her fingers on her face. It was so calming.
"I have a stomach ache." Yulia looked even paler as she switched positions in the chair utterly uncomfortable in the plastic chairs, which felt like she was being stabbed with pins in her lower stomach.
"We are boarding soon. Do you want to see if I can get you something for your stomach."
Yulia shook her head not wanting to tell Lena she had tried everything already the past four days. But the stomachache was persistent.
"No. I just want you to stay with me." She closed her eyes and leaned more heavily on Lena who ran her fingers through Yulia's tousled sweaty hair. She was growing more concerted. Minutes dragged passed and Lena held Yulia. It had seemed like hours when they were finally allowed to board the plane. Yulia staggered to her feet clenching a hand over her left hip. God it hurt so badly. Lena helped her as Yulia finally limped onto the plane followed by their body guards who had taken over the handling of their possessions. Lena and Yulias’ back packs and a huge shopping bag filled with souvenirs for Lena's little sister. Lena let Yulia take the seat nearest the window. She almost crumpled in the wide spacious chair. When Lena sat and she had fastened her seat belt, she bent over in her chair laying across Lena's lap. She wanted to cry, she gripped to the fabric of Lena's jeans. Her eyes welled shut as she blocked out the light. Everything was too much. She heard everything. People shifting in their seats, the man three rows behind them talking to another passenger. The lights were blinding her. She felt as if someone had turned the volume up on her senses, leaving her mind muddled, and her body painful to the touch. She didn't know how long she lay there. Her body never really relaxing as the aching in her stomach got stronger making her body clench stiffly in pain. Her stomach was tied in knots. But she didn't feel like she was going to be sick. It wasn’t some normal sickness. Something more was wrong....
"Lena." Yulia's dry lips parted saying the words.... at least she thought she said them. She forced herself to open her eyes and look at Lena who touched her face.
"What is it?"
Yulia closed her eyes not able to take the blinding light anymore.
"I can't take it anymore... It hurts... It hurts so God damn bad." Something froze inside of Lena that made her heart pound as she tried to comfort Yulia the best she could as she reached into her pocket for the credit card she kept in case of emergencies. Being careful not to move Yulia she pushed the square of plastic into the international phone attached to the back of the chair and pushed the numbers that would connect her to Ivan. All the while trying not to panic inside.

The five-hour flight turned into what seemed days of hell as Yulia's stomachache grew worse. She was now curled in the fetal position in the chair her head in Lena's lap. Yulia didn't say a word the rest of the plane trip. And as the plane began to descend over Moscow Lena wanted to sob in relief.
"Yulia we have to get you off the plane." softly she was stroking Yulia's forehead. Afraid that touching her anywhere else would shatter the girl's fragile body. Never had she been worried about touching Yulia before. Now she felt like Yulia was glass.
"Do we need to call an ambulance Yuli?"
Yulia shook her head, her olive complexion now gone, her face was white with strain as she pulled herself into the sitting position almost screaming at the agony that pressed at her stomach and back. Her body shook with tremors as she rose to her feet and gripped Lena's hand that she offered. Squeezing it painfully. Lena didn't mind She didn't even blink at the crushing pain of Yulia's grip as they slowly got off the plane, through the airport security and into the into the car where Yulia collapsed. Both girls were close to tears. Yulia could no longer contain her pain as she leaned over in the seat her hot tears spilling onto Lena's legs and hands that tried to comfort her. Lena felt helpless as what to do, as the car pulled away from the curb
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Lena sat with her head tilted back against the wall, the cold cup of coffee in the Styrofoam cup still untouched in her hands. She had been waiting for four hours and still she still hadn't been allowed to see Yulia. Family only. Didn't they realize that Yulia was everything to her? Damn doctors. They only understood blood relation and what they could see under a microscope. A single tear trickled down her pale cheek. She felt so utterly lost. Ivan had come up to her an hour ago and had told her she needed to go to Germany alone to perform and accept the award for best international newcomer. Damn him! How did he expect her to leave Yulia? She didn't even know what was wrong with her, she hadn't even seen Yulia and he wanted her to skip off to some foreign country to perform at an award show she didn't give a fuck about.
But Ivan was still making her go.
More confusion and pain pushed down on Lena's small shoulders.

Trepidation filled Lena as she put her hand on the wide hospital door and pushed the handle down and slowly cracked the door open. A blue sterile curtain blocked her way and she heard the bleep of several machines and the low murmuring of voices. More fear gripped Lena as she clenched her hands around the door afraid to go in any further. Below the curtain she saw a pair of black shoes and black slacks. She froze as the curtain was jerked back to reveal a middle-aged man with silver hair who jumped almost as much as Lena. Her eyes found Yulia's in a second as she laid back in the hospital bed. An IV needle was in her arm dripping fluid into her body as a heart monitor attached to her chest beat steadily. She gave Lena a loving smile
"Who are you?" The doctor asked coldly blocking Yulia from site.
"She is my partner." Lena said slightly shocked that the doctor would treat her this way.
"Yes I know she is your singing partner, but you are not allowed in here unless you are family."
"Let her the fuck in!" Yulia screamed, "She is my Partner!"
The doctor bristled at being told what to do. He was about to push Lena out when Ivan came up behind Lena accompanied with Yulia's Mother
Ivan raised an eyebrow
"Is there a problem?"
He only shook his head and walked slowly from the room.
"Well give you a few minutes, " Ivan said softly as he closed the door behind Lena.
Yulia smiled again and held her hand out for Lena who rushed forward and gently took it sliding her fingers through Yulia's slightly smaller ones. Linking them together. Before bending and placing a gentle kiss against Yulia's lips
"Are you alright?” Lena asked softly stroking the back of Yulia's hand with her thumb. Yulia looked over her girlfriend. She looked done in. Her eyes were smudged with dark circles and her translucent plain skin was now pasty white with shock.
"I should be asking you that Lenaka." Yulia replied squeezing Lena's hand
"But I am okay. They put me on a morphine drip so I don't feel the pain."
Lena swallowed back her tears as she glanced at the floor. Pain welling over her.
"What is it?" Yulia pleaded. She had never seen Lena so upset before.
"I just wish it was me." She sobbed "And now Ivan wants me to go to Germany and I don't even know what's wrong with you!" All of the emotions Lena had suffered the last eight hours was paying its toll on her. She was slowly shattering from the inside out.
"Lena look at me." Yulia said softly, her voice so achingly gentle and compelling Lena had to obey as she meet the oceanic blue depths.
"You have to go to Germany. We cannot miss this show. And since I can't go you have to be there for both of us." Lena let out another shuddering sob and Yulia felt her lungs choke with emotion. She didn't want her to leave anymore than Lena did. But she couldn't let Lena just sit around a hospital waiting to hear what was wrong with her. Lena would drive herself mad analyzing everything in her head.
"Please go? For me?"
Those two words clinched it as Lena nodded and still crying bent and hugged Yulia who still groggy and ill pulled Lena onto the bed with her. Willing herself to not take back what she said. Swallowing her own fears she bent and laid all of her trust in Lena, in a soft and gentle kiss tasting her lovers' tears.

The familiar sounds of everyone backstage and the rushed pace that everything moved in. Lena looked around her feeling uneasy. This didn't feel right. Everything about this was wrong. She swallowed the bite of apple that felt like nothing more than a huge lump in her throat. Tears welled at the back of her eyes and she had to take several breaths to gain control of herself.
Damn it!
She needed to be in Moscow with Yulia. Not here. Not with out her.
She looked at the green apple in her hand and threw the rest of the fruit in the trash. She was going to be sick. She only had an hour to get changed, do hair and make up and warm up. But God, how she dreaded it.
Her phone began to vibrate and in desperation she dug it out of her jean pocket. Hitting the receive button she saw it was Yulia.
There was a long pause of static on the other end then the phone lines cleared.
"Lena? Are you there?" Lena closed her eyes, and clenched them tight. If she imagined hard enough it was like Yulia was with her.
"I'm here."
"Lena I love you."
She nearly choked over whelmed with emotions.
"Look I cant talk long but don’t worry about tonight okay? Just do what you love to do best, and then come home to me okay?"
Some of the tension that was knotted in Lena's stomach was released.
"I will. I love you "
Lena gripped the phone tighter "feeling" Yulia smile on the other end
"I got to go. They want to run more tests on me. I'll have Ivan call you later. "
"Bye.." Lena replied wanting nothing more than to crawl through the telephone back into Yulia's arms.
"Leanoka, have fun for me too." Yulia said as an after thought before the phone line went dead. Lena took another breath as she sat down in the make up chair lost in thought. She maybe without Yulia but no matter what - Yulia was right. She had a job to do.

Yulia lightly wrapped her fingers through Lena's and gave it a soft squeeze. It was three days following the Comet awards and, only one more day until Yulia was to be released from the hospital.
"Are you feeling okay?" Lena asked as she leaned against her girlfriend's bed her head resting on Yulia's leg looking up at her.
Yulia couldn't help but repress a smile as she ran her fingers though Lena's locks, playing with them as she stroked her cheek.
"Yeah, I'm better now."
Yulia relaxed against the pillow and closed her eyes remembering the past few days. She had refused the doctors to take her into surgery until Lena had performed. She had been amazing. Yulia had never seen them perform live before and watching Lena, made her realize just how much more amazing Lena was. Her eyes stung as she remembered the pain that had overwhelmed her. That she hadn't been there with her. It had hurt her almost worse then her physical pain.
Yulia shifted on the mattress pulling a face as her stitches pulled. Damn it hurt!
Yulia opened her eyes and looked into the dark green pools that were Lena's eyes.
"I missed you. I have never felt so alone in my life."
Something in Yulia's heart clenched. Lena's vulnerability a tangible thing.
She clung to Lena's hand harder.
"Well I promise. I won't be letting you perform anymore without me. Or let you do anything alone."
Lena lifted her head from her pillow and gently lowered her mouth to Yulia's. Brushing her lips teasingly over the soft lips. Yulia swallowed a soft moan and pulled Lena closer.
A promise was a promise............
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[gasp] going to take a cold shower now....

*awesome* work here setsuna - simply breathtaking

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Fantastic work Setsuna!

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okay, its official folks; guesshoo aka "gh" is now a fan of setsuna.

congratulations on having such an extraordinary talent and putting it to use. you are very talented and i'm sure i speak for everyone here when i say, we look forward to your future creations.

once again, thank you.
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