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Repent (new fic)

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Repent (new fic)

I should post this at my website but I'm lazy. So sue me.

So, read and tell me what you guys think of it. Here goes three first chapters.


Repent ~ Chapter 1

As Yulia Volkova was taken into her cell for the first time ever, she wondered if her husband would have suffered this same luck, had he killed her and not the other way. A second of blind rage had taken her into what'd be her home for a lifetime. She didn't know if to feel happy that she had taken the abusive life of her husband, or miserable that she had been caught. Sitting over her new bed, with the few belongings that she had been told she could take into the prison, she looked around her.

She felt rather small next to the two huge female guards that guided her into it. Her jet-black hair was picked up with a small pinzer, that made her hair have the appearance of being slicked back.

Her bed was the lower bunker of one of two bunkers, each on the side of the cell, which wasn't exactly huge. A small desk with pencils in a pencil well and a few sheets of stained papers rested in the free corner, while in the other corner a mountain of clothes waiting to be taken to the laundry was bunched up. It was not what Yulia had lived in the past four years; but somehow she knew she wouldn't be as miserable as she had been while being a civilian and not a prisoner.


"Hey. Hey you."

Yulia felt she was being prodded. She opened her eyes, only to close them again because the light flooding the cell was blinding to them. She noticed six eyes staring at her. Four from the other lower bunker, two from her own.

The small brunette felt immediately invaded by this redhead who had climbed into her bed without her even noticing. The stranger had taken the liberty of placing her naked feet under Yulia's duvet, to keep them warm. Her fiery red, curly hair, was picked up in what Yulia suspected was at least fifty small braids, all hanging around her pale, freckle infested face.

"You must be the new inmate." The redhead said, staring back at Yulia's surprised factions.

"Yes, ah, I am…"

"Volkova." A blonde lazily resting against the last unknown woman, over the other bed, said without staring at her. "We know, Malina filled us in. Beshenyioangel here was only stating the obvious." She added, nodding in Beshenyioangel's direction.

"Sorry." Yulia answered.

"Don't be. A husbandkiller should never be ashamed." The last inmate, a slightly smaller than herself auburn-haired woman, said, leaving the blonde to crash down on the bed while climbing, monkey-like, to her own bunker.

Yulia's face instantly drained of all colour. "You know why I am here?"

"Why wouldn't we?" The auburn haired woman said. "Nothing to fear out of us, dear. I'm Mara." She stuck a hand out for Yulia to shake. When the brunette did, she shook her head violently. "No, no, not like a dead fish! Hold my hand like you mean it!" Yulia's face contorted into an embarrased gesture and she held Mara's hand with more strenght. "Good. And the dumb blonde in here…"

"I'm not dumb!"

"I doubt you're blonde, anyway," Mara said, laughing, "she's Alena." Alena flashed Yulia a peace sign before crashing down to bed and putting on some shades. Later on, Mara told Yulia that Alena couldn't sleep any other way.

Yulia stared at the redhead, who hadn't stopped staring at her even when she had been talking to her new cellmates, Yulia noticed. "And you're…?"

"You'll have to do with calling me Beshenyioangel. No one calls me by my name unless you've earned your right to do it." Said the redhead, her sober factions not changing one bit. Yulia felt a bit creeped out by the tone in which Beshenyioangel talked. The redhead, noticing Yulia hadn't moved one bit, said "goodnight" and climbed up to her bunker, leaving Yulia alone in her own bed.

There was something about that somber expression that both scared and thrilled Yulia. She could swear those gray eyes that had stared at her for god knows how much time before she woke up, had lightened up for a brief second before Beshenyioangel climbed over to bed.

She realized she had spent her nap with her hair picked up. She took the pinzer off, and after placing it carefully over the desk which was right behind her bed, she got inside the covers and waited for the lights-off call which she had been warned about.
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Repent ~ Chapter 2

Yulia had spent two months silently exploring the prison. Life wasn't bad here. It had been bad until her first beating. Now it was only mediocre. She needed something to do that wasn't stare at the other inmates while the shower hour dured, althought she did had fun getting off on the ones that were cute.

Mara and Alena had taken her under their wing and showed her most of the secrets to survive both the guards and the boring life in prison, as they also taught her to liven up. Yulia had discovered shower hour was the best time of the day, since she always took a quick bath and just spent the rest of the time comparing this girl to the other and laughing at Alena's lewd comments. She soon learned that no one would beat her here for desiring someone her same sex, since unless she wanted to bang a janitor, there wasn't anyone male in here. Yulia felt repulsion against men, anyway. Her marriage to her husband had been an arrangement. Her parents idea.

Beshenyioangel, Yulia soon learned, kept to herself even when she was the very much respected boss of the assasin block: she had somehow managed to convince the prison's directress to give her an own hour to shower, and no one from the assasin block had seen her au naturale

Rumour ran along the women in the block, until it reached Yulia's ears. Beshenyoangel had not only killed her husband but her only daughter too. Yulia didn't know how this was possible. The redhead seemed inofensive. Never talked unless it was to ask for more food, or to throw a smart assed remark at Yulia. Maybe a jerk, maybe an idiot, or maybe, just shy, but never a psycho.

"Bishal'chik has been in apelation from apelation ever since she came in here, and that's been 4 years." Mara commented, calling Beshenyoangel by the only other name she would let herself be called, and only by her closest friends. "This is the third apelation, asked by her husband's family."

Yulia raised an eyebrow at Mara while cleaning her sweat-stained shirt on the washer next to the shower rooms. "What's her sentence?"

"Which one should I tell you?" Mara shrugged, jumping over another washing stall, and sitting. "The first sentence sent her here with life sentence. The apelation that her lawyer made took her back to fifty years. Then he tried again and got her down to thirty, and that was two years ago. But now, her husband's family have presented evidence and they're doing another sentence, yet again. They always use different juries, so no fucking idea of what she's getting this time."

"Wait, evidence? Four years after murder?"

"Yeah. We all know they planted it, Yules. They want Bishal'chik locked up in here forever."

"Damn." Yulia hung her shoulders, shaking her wet shirt over the floor, trying to dry it up. "Why is Beshenyoangel so quiet?"

"Bishal'chik has always been quiet." Mara answered. "When I came to prison, Bishal'chik had been here for a year and a half, and she wasn't boss of the block yet. It was some psycho woman whose name was Milenko. She was on death row, because she had commited deliberate murder, in a park. Killed two boys and a coupla mothers, I heard. She seemingly wanted us all to die too: the former 'tradition' for the newbies was to be raped by Milenko and them monkeys of hers." She raised her shirt up to her ribs, where Yulia could appreciate a scar between her lower ribs. "Sadistical bitch."

"I never thought I'd say this, but I'm kind of glad I came into prison while Beshenyoangel is boss…"

"Believe me, you are LUCKY to come while she's on charge. She's harsh on the language when she wants to, but respects every inmate that deserves respect." Mara shrugged, smiling. "She can also be a sadistical bitch: she has beaten all the way into submission almost every rookie that doesn't respect her position. You should see how did she leave Alena when the poor girl came in and thought Bishal'chik was just another inmate."

Yulia shivered and silently thanked some superior force that she had landed on the same cell Mara was in: had she not known this, she would have been beaten before the first beating came. Her first beating hadn't been by the redhead: it had been given by the head guard, who had caught her stealing a pen from her desk. 'Exagerate reason to bang me naked against a wall and kick the crap out of me, but I guess that's how you learn around here…'

"What happened to Milenko?"

"Stole a guard's gun and blew her brains out. She didn't want to die on the chair."


"Yeah. After they cleaned up the mess, someone chalked 'Milenko's brains were here' on the wall of the mess hall, where she did it." Yulia laughed openly, bringing a grin to Mara's lips. "It's still there: the directress hated Milenko so much she decided to leave it there."

"Talk about public humiliation…"

"Post-mortum, at that…"

Both were silent for a minute.

"Why are you really here?" Mara asked.

"You already know it. I killed Aleksander." Yulia said, sighing and doubling up the shirt over her arm before Mara jumped off the stall.

"You're as innocent as a dead fly, Yules. You didn't do it on your own."

Yulia shook her head, sadly. "I thought Aleksander would be a good husband. He was. For a month." They walked into the cell and Yulia hung her dripping shirt from Beshenyoangel's bunker. "He started beating me some time after my parents arranged our marraige, and later on… it wasn't only physical. He would come home frustrated from work… and… forcefully take me…"

Mara hung her head, climbing up to her bunker. "You see? Men. Worse scum ever placed on earth. In a sense, if we're not in death row, we're better off here…"

Yulia sighed. "I got pregnant not a year ago, from all his abuse. Thought it would protect me from him hitting me." She sat on Mara's bunker, staring at her friend and cell mate. "When he knew, he called me a whore, acussed me from sleeping with other men, and gave me a beating so severe I lost the baby. That was when I lost it. I hated Aleksander with all I had in me." She gave the auburn haired woman a sad smirk. "The next time he tried to beat me up, it was in the kitchen, and he was yelling madly that I wasn't giving him enough of myself. I completely lost control of myself and threatened him with the knife I had in my hand."

Her cell mate stared at her with stern eyes. "But you really didn't want to kill him."

"No. I wanted to scare him as much as he scared me. I wanted him to fear me, only half of what I feared him." Another deep sigh. "He called me a coward, and told me I wouldn't do it. That I'd be his property forever. I couldn't stand it anymore. I am not sure of how many times I hit him with that knife."

"But sure as hell he deserved it."



Yulia looked at a girl not much older than herself, and even a bit shorter, who was beckoning with her finger for her to come. She left her book on the bunker and let herself be guided to the showers room. She did not know why did she was required there, but the girl just quietly pushed her inside the room and closed the door behind her.

She looked around herself. Her bare feet were in contact with the warm tiles, and she realized that not long ago someone had taken a bath, which was awkward because the hour to shower had passed half a day ago. A shower was running but she could see no one.

That until she felt herself being roughly pushed down into the wet tile. She tried to scream but a mouth quickly covered hers, and althought she did not know how, Yulia relaxed, her clenched hands softening their grip on the naked skin of her attacker. She opened her eyes.

Red braids. Lots of them.

She moaned as she felt a thigh sliding between her legs, the two hands that had pushed her down, now sure that she was not going to leave, trailing down to her oversized prison uniform pants and pulling them down before she could even gasp. Naked from the waist down, she felt suddenly self conscious, and closed her legs on the hand that neared her intimacy.


Yulia's lip deformed into a straight line when she realized she had squashed Beshenyoangel's hand. She quickly opened her thighs and the offended hand left quickly. She expected to be screamed at by Beshenyoangel, kicked out of the bathroom and later on beaten by the redhead, but none of that happened. Instead, amused laughter reached her ears.

"What's your problem with hands?"

Yulia felt dumbstruck. Beshenyoangel had never laughed, at least not in her presence. And when she talked to her, at least one obsenity was interjected. And now that Yulia had panicked and forbid the redhead to do anything to her, her reaction was simply to laugh.

"You are clearly left for the psycho block."

"Yeah, you're not the first one to tell me so."

Yulia blushed and looked down to the wet tile. "You desire me."

"Yes I do."

"And why the hell did you not tell me before?!"

"To be honest, and seeing as you do nothing but 'simple motion' yourself at shower time, I decided that it would be hell funny if I did you here while you were completely unaware. But then, you decided to bruise my poor pleasuring hand…" Beshenyoangel grinned, crawling towards Yulia in a manner that made the poor brunette's skin crawl, "… anything that we do now will have to be performed by my tongue."


Beshenyoangel had kicked Mara and Alena out of the cell and had managed to convince a guard to lock them in so they could have some privacy. Yulia was rather wobbly legged after the braided redheaded had put her worldwide infamous tongue to use, so she had to be carried back to the cell on Beshenyoangel's back.

It was a hot afternoon and the inmates from their block had been allowed one hour to be in the patio. They had avoided it by being locked inside the cell. Yulia was staring sleepily at her capturator's and recently-acquired lover's back.

Beshenyoangel had turned her naked back on her as soon as she thought she was asleep. It was covered in freckles, an amazing, astounding, and actually ridiculous amount of them. But it was not that called to Yulia's attention. The redhead had a tattoo, unusual in women. This one could only make Yulia's imagination fly, so unusual it was.


She thought the redhead was asleep, but that was before her bedmate turned on her back to put her hand on Yulia's mouth.

"Elena. Bishal'chik. No longer Beshenyo. Ok?"


"Beshen-- Lena. It's a beautiful tattoo you've got in here."

Elena nodded. "It reminds me of how much humanity sucks." Said this, she placed a rough kiss over Yulia's lips, who by the time had gotten used to Elena's lack of tact, smiled sadly, and went back to her huddled position in bed.

Yulia was restless. She had been told it sometimes took years to crack Elena. In fact, Mara had told her that Alena would be beaten up by the redhead again if she ever called her anything more than Bishal'chik. Only Mara knew her real name.

She had done it in two months. And that tattoo?

She noticed Mara was peeking from the door of the cell.

"You guys sure kicked it off quickly." She joked.

Yulia smiled, partially covering herself with the bed's covers, which was not much because they were quite thin. "Her idea."

"Always her idea." Mara chuckled, shrugging, turning to leave,

Yulia twisted her lips in a strange face. "Mara?"

The smaller woman turned her face at her, ready to leave for the patio.

"Why does her tattoo say Bog budet suditch menya*?" She asked. "What did she do?"

Mara sighed. "You'll get to know why Elena is a furious angel**, when your time comes."

She left.


* Bog budet suditch menya ~ God Will Judge Me
* Beshenyo Angel ~ Furious Angel
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Mara and Alena had been out of the cell for a couple of hours, trying to bribe a guard into buying them the newspaper once in a while, since it had been a lot since they knew anything about the exterior world. They entered the small cement room and found Yulia napping on Elena's bed. Mara climbed into her own bunker and threw the sleeping woman her pillow, provoking a very startled awakening.

"Hey, sleeping beauty, you rarely sleep in your bunker anymore."

Yulia yawned. "Don't complain. I'm giving you both the benefit of chosing in what bed do you want to sleep in."

"Very funny. I'm quite happy with my hole-ridden bunker… gives me the chance to stare out the upper window."

"Dreams of liberty?"

"Maybe." Mara said, staring down at Alena who had proceeded to sit on the desk and open up an envelope. "Where's Bishal'chik?"

"Left this morning for her veredict." The brunette said, leaning back into the wall next to the bed. "I hope she does well."

"The whole prision hopes she does well. Poor redhead has been through more apelations than most of us. One'd think she's sick of them."

"You guys, shut up. I got a letter from my son, I want to at least try and understand it." Alena said.

Yulia raised an eyebrow. "Try and understand it?"

Mara laughed softly. "Mysh*, didn't you know? Dumb blonde dun know how to read." She said. "I don't call her dumb blonde because she's blonde, you know?"

"Cruel of you, you know?" The brunette said, leaning down over the edge of the bunker to stare at Alena's letter. "Want me to read it, Alena?"

Alena sighed, nodding, while Yulia took her letter. She sat up with her legs hanging from the edge of the bed, and cleared up her throat.

'Dear mom:

'How are you? I'm fine! I just got into fourth grade. My grades are not very good but I think they are okay. Grandpapa and grandmama say I should stop sending you letters and start focusing on getting better grades. I don't think they are very hapy that I send you letters. I'm going to stop telling them about this and sending them myself! I'm a big boy now, I can go to the post office by myself!

'I miss you. You've been in that bad ladys house for a year and a half. Grandmama says you are never going out, but I think that she only says crap, like that tooth fairy thing she told me when I lost my tooth. Grandpapa told me the truth, you are going out of that house when I'm 18. I will be so old!

'I love you, don't worry! You will be out of there in no time, I will be here waiting.


Yulia instantly repented having read the letter. By the moment in which she finished reading, Alena had started sobbing over the desk. Mara couldn't but purse her lips in a sour expression. "Alenko, what did you do to be here?" Yulia asked.

Silence except the discouraging cries Alena did was all Yulia got for an answer. Mara gestured for her to come along, while she jumped off the bunker. They walked a couple of meters from the cell and Mara leaned back into the rails that avoided the inmates to commit suicide from their respective floors. "Alena came here because of manslaughter. It was an accident. She doesn't know how to read but she's the darned best mother the world ever saw." Mara sighed, staring at Yulia. "One day, she went to pick up Sergei from school, when she saw a grown man hitting him, just round the corner of the school of the village they lived in. She had no idea who the man was, but she did what everyone would have done in her place: she attacked the man, and yelled for Sergei to get a teacher to help, which the boy did. He never saw how the man took out a cutter, you know, one of those people use to open letters and tried to attack Alena back."

"What did she do?"

"Took the damn thing from him before he hit her with it, and attacked him back until he didn't breathe anymore." The shorter woman said. "Everyone saw it: it was the only thing that saved Alena from getting charged with murder in first grade. She's got 8 years more to go in this place. Alena had no idea the man who attacked Sergei was a teacher at the school." She cleared her throat. "Her whole village wanted her to go free. She's a heroine of sorts at her village, since she killed the man who was hitting and abusing the students. Her case was something HUGE. She suffered it throughly. They sent Sergei with her parents, who do think she's guilty. And they say this is a wonderful world, no, Mysh?"

Yulia sighed. "So they say."

They were deep in thought when they heard rumbling from the inner patio, where some inmates were playing soccer with a ball made of shirts. Beshenyoangel had arrived, and the thing didn't look pretty.


"THE CHAIR?! THE GODDAMNED MURDEROUS CHAIR?!" Yulia was at the end of her nerves. Elena had not changed her expression ever since she handed her blackhaired lover the letter that confirmed the redhead's sentence. "No, Le--" Yulia noticed there were inmates staring at them. "Bishal'chik, this is not right… this can't be right… you were back at 30…"

"I know, Yulia."

Yulia's chest heaved, throwing the letter to a corner of the sunny outer patio, breaking down in tears, kneeling. She felt completely lost. For the first time in four years, Elena's heart skipped a beat, kneeling down next to Yulia and taking her in her arms. She carried the sobbing woman to a corner more or less deserted. Mara, noticing Elena wanted privacy, took the posse of inmates with which she was speaking to in front of them, to cover them from the peeking eye of the curious inmate.

"I'm not scared of dying, Yulia." The redhead said.

Yulia stared at her from behind swollen eyes. "But I'm scared of missing you." She said. "I just found my reason to stand life in the prison…"

"Yulia, remember that God will judge me?"

The brunette cleaned up her nose with the hem of her uniform. "What with that?"

She then sat amazed. Elena's lips had broken into a smile for the first time. Not a sneer. Not even a grin, a mischievous one. It was a smile slight as a line breaking her lips. "Men have no right to judge me. If I am dying in four months it is only because I am willing to finish with my misery. God will judge me and I know I will not suffer if I die." She kissed Yulia once again. The brunette had noticed that within the month they had been lovers, Elena had been making subtle efforts not to be so rough anymore. "And if there is someone with whom I should be judged, I would always choose you. Always. Afront it. We have no life. No future."

Yulia didn't know what to say. She slowly placed her arms around the redhead's neck and embraced her tightly. "I only wish I could have met you in other circumstances…"

She felt Elena's long, slim fingers caressing her back. "I wish so too. Believe me, Yulia, I wish so too."


Elena had started joining the other inmates for the shower time. More than one was either amazed or embarrased of the redhead's presence, since it was chief of the block's tradition to do rather indecorous things to their subordinates.

However, the redhead only did it for a reason that had a slim body, beautiful legs, straight black hair to the shoulders, and a knack for tempting her while they were in public. Yulia had stopped being mischievous about it, thought. Elena had the feeling Yulia did not want her to spend her last months worrying about anything.

It had taken Yulia almost a week to go through denial, hatred, fear and acceptance, a week in which Alena, Mara and Elena had been forced to tie her to the bunker more than once when the things got ugly. She had even been visited by the prison's directress and chief of guards while being tied to it. Yulia had no idea how to describe the hatred she felt towards those two woman as they threatened to put her to solitary confinement if she didn't stop screaming in her nightmares. How could she control what she felt? How could she stop fearing? She had been loved once in life, only once, and now the same hand that threatened to shut her up was the hand that would take away her lover's life.

The brunette had managed to go throught that ugly week only because it took three slaps from the redhead to wake her up. She had been feeling better ever since, but Mara did not know what Elena had told the small woman to calm her down.

Elena had stopped feeling a long time ago. Be it desire. Be it need. Be it love. Hell, sometimes she wasn't even sure she felt hungry. She did not want to suffer more, she wanted to be perceived as the one woman in the block that did not fear anything.

She could not explain how did she feel when the sentence was given. The sneer in her exhusband's expression, the look of pity of the judge, the looks of hatred from the jury. She simply didn't feel any more strenght to be judged by the humanity that in the first place had taken her "normal" life away. She refused to repent. She was not guilty.

Let them judge her. Let them see if she gave a damn.


Mysh: Mouse ( That's Yulia's nickname for obvious reasons.)
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WoW!!! darje, u rock!!
This fic is soo... i can say just wow!!! lol
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Oh, I *like* this one! Very different. You've got me hooked already!

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You know what I think darsh.
I just need to post it over here

guess what??

Ta brutaaaaaaaaaaaaal!!

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Nice, darje! I really like this fic! It's got such an awesome twist! I really like the way Lena is portrayed, too! Kind of like Yulia's protector or something...and Yulia is Lena's prison bitch! Whoo!

Yeah! I know I'd wanna be Lena's prison bitch. OR even Yulia's! Ah, that'd be great! seems you've snagged that title!

Ahhh...I think I'm gonna go stare at the pics of them in their prison uniforms, again, now...
I actually used to come to this forum because it was for t.A.T.u. fans. Now it's a cesspool of mostly smartasses and failure. Quite sad, really.
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phenomenal writing

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Thanks, y'all! I've got a piece of chapter four going... just a bit and I'll finish.
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Parrish, thanks! I was staring at their prison pics @ Eurovision and decided it would be a good theme... :P
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Spanking new chapter! Heeeere you go!

Chapter Four

Month 1

Yulia was deep asleep when two strong hands dragged her from her bunker.

Next thing she knew, she was stroking her bum where she had hit it when she hit the floor as a bag full of potatoes.

Alena and Mara were sniggering at her from their bunkers, while a grinning Elena came next to her and kissed her forehead. "Sorry, Yules, I had to do that or you would not wake up in time."

"It would have been better if you just blew a cannon next to my ear." The brunette complained, still rubbing her sore buxom rear.

"Stop whining, and come see this." Lena said, climbing over Mara's bunker and helping Yulia up.

"Come see what?" The petit brunette asked, peeking out the barred window. Lena pointed at a distant upper corner, where a silver moon was iluminating the dark blue sky. Yulia gaped. It had been almost half a year since she had seen the moonlit sky, and just now she realized how much she missed staring at it.

"Holy mother of…"

"We know, we know." Mara said, grinning and tumbling down on her bunker, making the other two women wobble on the spring infested matress and fall down on their butts. "It has been a while since we got the chance to stare at it from our window. The light woke Bishal'chik up and she woke me up to stare at it."

"And Alena?" Yulia asked.

"Alena hates to see light by night, so there's no use in waking her up." Lena said. "As you see, the poor woman has got complexes."

She was suddenly hit by a pillow coming from under the bunker and a screeching voice. "I's got no complexes, now let me sleep!"

The four of them froze when they heard steps from outside the cell. A minute, two, three passed and the steps walked away. Mara sighed while both Yulia and Lena swept the sweat from their brow. "God be danged, that was close…" Yulia said. Lena nudged her from the side, clearly not liking Yulia swearing over God.

The redhead jumped off Mara's bed and stared out the barred door that led to the corridor. The inner patio was empty, but iluminated by silver light. A couple abandoned shirts and a shoe lay all around the concrete floor. Lena frowned while placing her forehead between the bars. "I'm going to hit whoever lost that shoe." She mumbled, her diminute braids making contact with the hands that held the bars next to her face. Yulia raised a questioning eyebrow, up in Mara's bed. Mara shook her head and put her hand over the brunette's shoulder.

"Shoes are precious here, you ought to know that already." She said. "Whoever gets a pair of shoes from their family is a lucky inmate." She wiggled her bare toes in front of Yulia. "So Bishal'chik basically makes sure everyone takes care of their belongings."

'Because she has almost nothing.' Yulia thought sadly. Her lips contorted into a gesture of discomfort. Lena had only told her that before she came here, she had everything, and lost it all in a gesture of the hand. No friends, little to none family, just a cousin, a lawyer, that fervently defended her case in the court because he believed in her innocence. He was currently working in yet another apelation on her behalf, but everyone knew that he was going to have no time to get more proof of her innocence.

Yulia was pondering on what would they do in this diminute world in the next four months when she heard Lena grunt. Mara and her turned to see Lena struggling to get her arms free from the grip between the bars that a night shift guard had taken her in. The woman grinned, having Lena on her back against the bars and with her arms around the bars, behind her back. "So none of you can sleep?" She snorted. "Well, neither can the rest of the inmates, thanks to your chatter, girlies."

"Liar!" Lena grunted. "We were talking in hushed voices!"

The woman grinned, tugging at Lena's arm with enourmous strenght. The redhead felt her shoulder crack, and her eyes went wide and crystalline. "You should watch your mouth, block chief, or you might lose your job." She took a pair of handcuffs the guards always had in case of needing to inmovilize an inmate, and handcuffed Lena's hands behind the bars. "You lot are getting punished in the morning. See you in four hours."

She left.

Mara was gaping. Yulia was stern until she jumped off the bed and stood in front of Lena, who was making the biggest effort in her life not to cry. "What… what did she do to you?"

"She… my shoulder… it popped out of place…"

Yulia was not conscious of what Lena was saying, so she lightly placed two fingers over the offended shoulder.

The whole corridor heard Lena howl in pain, and it was until ten minutes later when all the women in the corridor stopped complaining about no respect to the little sleep they had a right to, and went back to bed. Yulia had jumped all the way back to the other wall at Lena's cry of pain, and she was even more amazed seeing that Lena had not released a tear after hurting so much. Her eyes were crystalline in the moonlight, but she was not going to let no one see her cry.

Mara sighed. "Four hours until six am…"


In preparation for the punishment that awaited all of them, Mara had gone to bed, thinking that it would not hurt as much if she woke up relaxed. Yulia, on the other hand, had gone fetching for the stool they had in the cell's desk. She had tried to sit the redhead on it but the stool was too low for the redhead to sit and not dislocate her shoulder more than it already was, so it was her that sat on it, in front of Lena. She was not willing to budge to the redhead's orders, barking for her to go to bed.

The sun had started rising but it still was 5 am. Yulia could notice Lena was exhausted: three hours of standing on her feet had been enough. Nonetheless, she had kept her talking (in very hushed tones because the least of her intentions was to get handcuffed to the bunker by the sadist guard) because she did not want Lena to fall asleep.

"Tell me about your childhood." The brunette asked.

"About my childhood?"

"I'm quite sure you weren't a furious angel when you were younger, Bishal'chik." Yulia said.

The redhead smiled tiredly. "I was born Elena Katina." She whispered. "I am the older daughter of five. Mom died when I was 14, and dad started getting drunk every day after she died. One day, after I turned 15, he just dissapeared and never came back to the house, and I was left with one brother and three sisters, the younger only 3 when he dissapeared, and the older just eleven. Our village was small, very small, so all our neighbours helped out with the food they could give us as a gift, and I abandoned junior high since it was either my education or my family."

Yulia nodded, listening.

"I missed my mom so much. Before my brothers were born, I spent four years being her only worry, her only love. She taught me always to be strong, never to give up, and she always told me that no man had the right to judge me for what I was or what I represented." Lena smiled sadly. "My brothers were her adoration, and I tried to give them my best and to keep mom living in them. Some time later, when I turned seventeen, my godmother came back from a long trip in Europe and offered to give them a house while I got my life in order. My boyfriend, Evgeni, had proposed to me."

"You thought you'd have a good life."

Lena nodded tiredly. "I was living in my very own fairy tale, just like the ones mom told me so I'd fall asleep. Just four or five months before marrying Evgeni, I got pregnant, but he didn't seem to care that I was, so--"


Lena bit her lip to supress another howl of pain when the same guard that had dislocated her shoulder barked her name while tugging at the sore limb, uncuffing it. Mara woke up at the sudden interruption, eyeing the psycho of a guard. She could not recognize her, so she supposed she was one of those arrogant little newbies that considered the inmates toys for their sadist desires. As soon as she was free from her bindings, Lena fell to the floor on her knees. Shortly after she weakly stood up on her feet, Yulia stared in horror as the redhead placed her limp wrist between her knees and pushed the shoulder back into place with the other hand. Mara made a gesture of repulsion at the sound the bone made while popping back into its place, while Yulia felt a tear of pain of her own slip down her cheek.

The guard, meanwhile, was staring in pleasure at Lena, mending herself. "You three. Come with me."


The trio had been forced to take off their clothes, in the mess hall, in front of the other five hundred inmates, from all the blocks. Mara had gotten voice that the newbie guard was not only just a newbie guard, she was also the new chief of guards and the niece of a governor. No one would stop her from doing what she pleased, unless they wanted the chair or solitary confinement for the rest of their sentences. The woman stood up in front of everyone, club at hand, while Lena, Mara, and Yulia stood naked behind her, their hands binded behind their backs.

"These three women are about to prove the rest of you what a real punishment is. No more 'no dinner' or 'scrubbing the bathrooms or the mess hall'." She shouted. "They will get five club blows for each hour they were up last night."

Not showing it, but yet, Lena instantly panicked. The monster of a woman did not know that Mara had gone to sleep instantly after she had cuffed her to the barred door, and they all had been awake since one am. That meant 25 blows for each one! "I protest!" She yelled.

Half the mess room gasped at her either bravery or much stupidity. The woman smirked, raising an eyebrow, and looking viperishly at her. "Oh you do?"

"As the chief of inmates of the murderers block, I protest!" Lena repeated, frowning. She nodded her head at Mara. "Slozhaskaya went to bed right after you handcuffed me to the door. Reduce her number to five, she deserves no more than that."

The guard nodded her head. "Very well. You shall take her remaining twenty blows."

Lena nodded too, showing her agreement.

Mara and Yulia gaped at her. Now it was Yulia's moment to panic, because she was very plently conscious that Lena's shoulder wasn't yet healed. She wouldn't stand 45 blows. "I protest!" She belted out. Lena's eyes went wide, as the guard rolled her eyes.

"And who are you to protest?"

"No one you want to mess up with." Yulia answered, growling. "You dislocated Katina's shoulder when you handcuffed her to the door. If you hit her like that, it'll probably break, and you'll have to undergo taking her to the prisoner's hospital, paying for a fee for her maintainment while it heals, and all those things I'm sure you don't want to do." She said. Lena was shaking her head desesperately at her. "I'll take 35 of her blows along with mine."

"You must be stupid." The guard say. "But I'll take your offer."

Mara was given her five blows in the back and rapidly dismissed to get dressed once again. She stood at the side of some guards that she did know, who told her that they didn't agree with these kind of punishments, but they had to abide or would lose their jobs. At the seventh blow, Lena whimpered but didn't mutter one more sound until her ten blows her up.

Yulia braced herself for the worst pain she'd feel in her life, closing her eyes and thinking of better times. Lena, right by Mara's side, didn't know how to feel, but she did know she was swallowing her tears, not of pain, but of shame for having her lover up there, taking her blows for her.

At the sixteenth blow, Yulia's cheeks were damp with tears, even thought she knew the guard who was hitting her was trying to go easy on the psycho's orders and hitting her as soft as she could without her superior noticing it.

At the thirtieth blow, everyone heard something crack in the ample sonority of the mess hall, and almost everyone knew that one of Yulia's ribs had just broken.


At the sixtieth and last blow, the brunette was asked to give a step forward and show the inmates her back to give an example of the newly imposed punishment. Giving one dazed step forward, Yulia's eyes rolled back into her head as her foot failed, and she fainted over the stage, all the inmates from the murderer's block springing from their seats in panic. Lena, half undressed, ran over where her lover lay, placing her over her shoulder and giving the chief guard a loathing stare. The woman just nodded and pointed to the door, as if granting her their freedom.
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love ur fic darje it remiends me of Bad Girls its a british tv show about female inmates and what goes on. keep it up im totally addicted
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wow...that really hurts...
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You always have such creative ideas for stories! I love it! Thanks for sharing! And I am not biased, so don't even... hehe. I am proud of you for finally posting one of your fics here.
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Whoa! *very* powerful.

I'm looking forward to more of this story.

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Yum. :P

Chapter 5

Yulia was never attended by the medics of the prisoner's hospital, on the chief guard's command, so she was knocked out for a day. After the daily activity, Mara, Alena, and Lena came back to the cell and Yulia was still moaning in pain, unconscious. They considered it better not to try and wake her up.

Granted, she didn't have any internal hemorrage because the guard had only hit her on the back of the ribs, but the whole murderers block, as weird as it may sound, was worried about Yulia having a broken rib. Lena had been taking permissions off today's workshop to go see her.

The brunette woke up an hour before the curfew was rang. Alena, Mara, and Lena were sitting in the next bunker, staring intently at her. The three of them gasped as they saw Yulia turning her blue eyes on them, and jumped to their knees in the floor, staring at her. The brunette blinked, and opened her mouth. Mara jumped, placing her arms in front of her cellmates, as if to hold them on their places.

"You guys, I think she's trying to tell us something!"

Yulia blinked once again, closed her eyes tightly and screwed up her face.


Month 2

A generalized clamor was heard around the inner patio. It was August, and every August the directress allowed one person into the prison, the only person ever to go into the prison for the enjoyment of the inmates.

Yulia walked out of the cell and stared down at the patio where at least fifty inmates were around a male guy she had never seen. Lena was smiling at the mass of requesting women around the poor guy, trying to get them to sit in a line in front of him so he could start attending.

"Who is he?" The brunette asked, carefully leaning down into the rail of the corridor so she wouldn't bend her back to quickly and hit one of the bruises that still hadn't faded. To sleep on her back was still an impossible task.

Lena grinned, nodding in her own direction. Yulia stared at her, face tilted, extended her hand and let the redhead take her into hand into her own. As they walked down the stairs, Lena started explaining. "He's Molsha. He's got a tattoo business in the city, but once a year he visits us. He gets a lot of money here."

Yulia raised an eyebrow. Did the inmates, who earned their money working hard in the workshops, spend the fruituition of their work in tattoos? She shrugged.

Lena sniggered. "Mara and I decided to get you tattooed when he came."

Yulia gaped and mock hit Lena's arm. "You did not."

"Hey, it's not like it's extremely expensive, it's fun and makes you unique."

"You are conscious that you're gonna have to keep me from crying if you indeed did that."

The redhead flipped back her braids and rolled her eyes. "For someone who stood sixty club blows in the back and only fainted when they were done, you are *such* a crybaby."


Molsha was Lena's friend. In the past, he had done her tattoo and became a good friend of hers while doing it, because it had been a long, complicated job to finish. He agreed to finish off with his clients and bring his equipment up to their cell.

Lena introduced Molsha to Yulia and sat on the stool to wait while Molsha explained to the quite afraid brunette what would they do. As soon as they finished talking, Yulia gave Molsha her back and took off her shirt. The man must've never seen so many bruises in just one human back but he agreed to still do the tattoo, since Yulia's back now only hurt on the ribs, where Molsha was not working on.

Yulia sat on her own stool, brought by Molsha to the cell. Lena sighed and decided to keep her distracted, because Yulia's face of "preliminar pain" was ridiculous.

"Remember what I told you about Evgeni?"

Yulia nodded softly. "Yes, that you were pregnant but he didn't mind."

Lena sighed, a bit downcast. "I married Evgeni six months into my pregnancy. I told you, I thought I was living my own fairy tail. I was going to have a baby, I was married, my brother and sisters were happy with my godmother. It was all perfect." She waved her hand on enphasis. "It was all perfect for five years. Sasha was growing up alright, she would start school soon. I was the perfect wife, the perfect mother."

Yulia gasped as she felt the first needle going into her skin. "Ow!"

"Sorry, I'll try to make it less painful." Mosha apologized.

Yulia frowned and looked at Lena, who was looking back at her, amused. "Don't sneer at me, lady, keep on telling me your story."

The redhead nodded, clearing her throat. "Sasha was such a beautiful little girl. I wanted to spoil her, to give her everything. Evgeni, on the other hand, had another opinion. He was so distant since Sasha was born." She sighed, her shoulders slumping as if her memories were weighing her down. "One day, I came back from the market, but Sasha was not playing at the entrance like she was always doing when I came back from the market. Evgeni was nowhere to be seen. I decided to go see if Sasha was napping or something."

Lena bit her lip. Yulia sighed. "Bishal'chik, if you really don't want to tell me, don't tell me."

"No, I need you to. You'll understand me so much better when you know this about me." She said, giving the brunette a faint trace of a smile, a rather wore one. "When I arrived to Sasha's room… Evgeni was… he was hitting her. With all of his might. He was yelling at her, screaming about how she stole my love from him, about how I was supposed to be only his. Sasha was not crying anymore, she was just protecting herself from him, or so I thought. I don't know why didn't I react. I just fell to my knees, staring at how he hit her. I suppose I was in too much shock."

Good God. "Bishal'… that's awful…"

The diminute braids swayed back and forth as Lena nodded. "Evgeni saw me. I suppose he wanted no witnesses to his crime, so he just came after me. I was afraid for my life, I started crawling away from him, but he pinned me against the studio's door." She cleared her throat for a second. To Yulia it was clear: Lena was struggling against tears. "He threw himself at me, pinned me against the floor. He tried to strangle me. That was when I reacted. I saw in his eyes that he wanted me dead. My hand stumbled across a door-holder Sasha had done that summer with her friends. It was a rock picked up from the forest behind the village, painted with fingerpaint. I hit Evgeni with it, knocked him off me. But I was still dead scared, thought he would walk up and knock me off my feet, kill me. I hit him with that rock so many times, Yulia. So many times."

Mara peeked from her upper bunker. "As told by the forensic specialist in the newspaper, 'his face looked more like a pizza than like a face', by the time Bishal'chik was done."

For the first time since her tale had started, Lena smirked, and threw Mara Yulia's pillow. The smaller woman caught it and laughed, sitting back to hear.

"I never knew he was dead until I was arrested. I don't know, I think I was maybe blind for some time. I stumbled back into Sasha's room to take her with me, see that she was okay and crying for me. But I shook her once, shook her twice, and I got no reaction from her. Evgeni had killed her."

Very deep inside herself, Yulia was boiling with fury. How could someone subject such a good, generous, loving woman, to such suffering? Evgeni was lucky to be dead because if he wasn't, Yulia would have broken out of prison only to kill him. Lena must've read her thoughts because she was tiredly smiling at her.

"You probably know my trial history. It's a shame my own version was only dismissed as a wild woman's imagination."

"And… and there was never proof?"

"No. The rock with which I killed Evgeni was infested with my fingerprints, and I made the mistake of starting to cry over Sasha when I found out he had killed her. I was given no deterrents, no charge of manslaughter. All they could do was point at me and say 'murder one'."

"What happened to your family?"

Lena shrugged. "The older one doesn't let the other three write me letters. But my godmother thinks I'm innocent. Poor woman, she was in such shock when I was sentenced to the chair. She says she's had to wash my younger's sister mouth with soap more than once because the girl keeps trying to make the rest of my brothers and sisters understand that I am nothing but a murderer."

"With family like that…" Yulia murmured, her back unconsciously tensing up. Molsha sighed.

"Yulia, please calm down. I can't finish it up with you all tense like that."


"Oh, c'mon, girl, show us your stuff!" A woman in the mess hall yelled at Yulia. Lena gave her a half grin and nudged her on the ribs, also stealing a potato off Mara's stew while the woman was not looking.

"Take off your shirt. They want to see your new name." The redhead smiled.

Yulia sighed. People had been nudging her around about her new tattoo for a week now. In a matter of days, her new name had gotten her to be one of the most respected women in the murderer's block. Not only had she not died at 60 blows in the back, but she had also been proclaimed by almost all the inmates as a "corridor chief": one of the woman that responded to Lena's command, and took care of the cell corridors to avoid abuse by the guards.

The prison had been nothing but joy around her ever since she was publicly beaten, thing so very strange because it had always been such a dark, sad place. She had been called by her name, patted on the back by inmates she had never seen or met.

She slowly took off her shirt and gave her back to the rest of the cheering inmates. Being back to them, she nearly tumbled over when she felt several inmates charging at her and taking her from the hip.

"Bravo for krylya krovn*!" They cheered. Lena smiled from her place, stealing another potato, now from Yulia's plate.

Beshenyoangel had also had a similar welcome.

"Bravo for her! The angel of bloody wings!"


*Wings of blood. If someone wants to know why that's her new name, just ask so in a post. I just want everyone's imagination to start ticking.
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so wat her new name??

come on girl.. plsssssssssssssssssss.....
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Awesome fic!

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i mean Y? not wat...hehehe sorry...
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Aaaah, I like this fic! Just got a chance to read it. I saw it on, but it's a lot easier to read it here. ^_^

p.s. It seems, in this story, all males are jerks???

Edit to say: Is "Furious Angel" name from Rob D's new music? Sozz, I'm just so crazy about this piece.
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