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^She definitely is at her best currently. And her performance at the Novaya Volna was great. The only highlight of the whole deadly boring festival apart from Payuschie trusy. ( 1 2 )
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I completely agree . I was watching Ukrainian TV (I know that Russian TV moved Zemfira somewhere to the end) online and after Zemfira came Boris Moiseyev. Pure cheese, and just hilarious (and not in a good way).

Can't wait to hear some info about her upcoming tour (I believe she performs in St. Petersburg on the 3rd of Semptember). I'm planning to go to Russia to see her live when she releases her new album in 2011 (I hope).

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Old 17-02-2013, 01:25   #103
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Zemfira just released her new dark masterpiece: "Жить в твоей голове" on the 14th (and reached one million listens in the first 12 hours) and started her new tour in Siberia. The album premiered on Yandex and is available for streaming: . It is also available on iTunes as of yesterday. Highly recommended!

A few good bootleg videos from her first show in Tomsk: (Река from her new album; a tragic song about the death of her brother) (Самолет in a new arrangement) (A surprising cover of Дельфины by Мумий Тролль)

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