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Hi All,

I haven't been here in three years now! I loved this community, it got me through highschool, and now I am at university I am going through another trying stage. My Boyfriend is joining the airforce and he will be away for weeks and months. I don't actually know if he is my boyfriend anymore. We are so uncertain.

Anyway I have been reminiscing and listening more and more to tatu music over the past few days. I have decided to reintroduce myself to this wonderful online community.

I'm from Australia, studying a Bachelor of International Studies with a major in Chinese (would have been Russian if they offered it). please Please befriend me
Another tear fell from her eyes.
Her eyes.
Stained red from her weeping, they looked so intense, so electric, so sad, so beautiful.
They always looked sad, but there was something about them tonight.
He could stare into them all night.
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