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The reputation system on the forum has been turned on.

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The reputation system on the forum has been turned on.

What is it?

The reputation system - is a system that allows evaluation of a members actions on this forum. On top of every post there is a green cross. By clicking on it, you will see a new window pop-up in which you can evaluate every post and write a small comment, which the author of the post will be able to read in his “control panel”.

When and how can you use the reputation system?

For example, the system of reputation can be used on the "Island of Arts" to evaluate poems, stories, fan fiction and other kinds of art. If you enjoyed a poem of a member, then you can go ahead and click the green cross and choose the option that expresses your approval. Or, if a person posted some interesting information on the “Forum of group Tatu”, made a translation or something else, then you can readily increase the good reputation of this member. I.e. system of reputation is first of all to evaluate a member’s actions on the forum. We should approach it with understanding.

You can use it in every forum, evaluate every member and every post. Although there are a few special cases, which I will point out below.

Can you decrease a reputation?

You can. But again, not just because you want to, but because the person earned it. There is no need to “kill” the members on purpose.

What about those special cases?

1. Reputation
Reputation – is your overall number of points. The more points you receive, the better your reputation.

2. Power
Power – is the number of points you can give and take away from a member.
Every member has his own power, which is based on your number of posts, time on this forum and your own rputation.

3. Restrictions
There are also a few restrictions:
You have to have at least 30 posts and 10 rep. points before you can increase/decrease another member’s reputation.
You can only increase/decrease another member’s reputation 10 times a day.
You can’t increase/decrease the same member’s reputation 2 times in a row. To increase/decrease another member’s reputation again, you have to evaluate the posts of ten other members.

Final note

The system of reputation is a powerful tool on this forum, and will interact with other features of the forum.

I hope that you will approach this new feature with good intentions.

You can discuss this system here.

Kind regards,

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