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My fanfic based on Katie, and deticated to Katie

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My fanfic based on Katie, and deticated to Katie

~~~Wrong turns in the right direction~~~

Lena woke up early Monday morning with a jolt. It was her first day at her new school, in her new town, with all those new faces. Nervous shivers ran up her spine.
What if nobody liked her? She had lots of friends at her old school, but then it was a private school. She had noticed that her mother dressed her different from most kids
her age. Her mother beleived that your body is strictly private, if anyone sees it then you should be ashamed. Any skin showing at all, even your belly, then she would turn
her nose up in disgust. Lena never minded the way the other girls dressed, in fact some times she even wished that she would be allowed to dress like them. But she
would never risk it, her mother wouldn't even let her play with Barbies as a kid. When Lena's father had bought her one her mother had thrown a fit going on about how
even childrens toys were based on sexual purposes. Lena's family also went to church three times a week. Lena liked going to church because she got to see her friends
from school, she never invited them home (gee i wonder why???). She wrapped her arms around herself and looked at the outfit her mother had chosen for her to wear.
Her nose wrinkled in disgust. That same sports bra that was about four sizes too small to squish her breasts down so they weren't so obvious was right there on top. She
hated wearing that thing, it left an awful rash across her chest whenever she did. But her mother had been forcing her to wear it since grade four, when she started to
develop breasts. Her mother would complain about how abnormal it was to have breasts that size, so she found a way to squish them down, make them almost invisible.
Her mother had also picked out a moss green knitted button down sweater and a floral dress about three sizes too big. It looked like the dress that Lena's friends grandma
used to wear to church. What would the kids at school say if she showed up wearing that?! She dreaded today. She slid off her bed silently and slipped her slippers on.
She trudged softly into her bathroom and turned on the light. She stood in front of the mirror drinking in the sight before her. Her long crimson hair was scraggly and out
of place. Her soft ivory skin had imprints of her pillow on it. Her grey-green eyes had sleep in the corners. Lena sighed deeply and ruthlessly ran her fingers through her
"useless..." she muttered to herself. She began to take off her flanel nightgown slowly. She had a heat rash as usual, from wearing such a heavy nightgown in this house
because it was always at least thirty degrees celcius. She had tried to tell her mother that it was ridiculus to wear a heavy nightgown in this kind of a town but her mother
never listened. She turned on the water for her shower and climbed in.The cool water felt crisp and refreshing on her skin.It sent tingling waves down her spine and up
the back of her neck. She washed her hair and her body quickly and efficiantly and slid out of the shower. She snatched her towel off of the rack and dabbed herself dry
and towel dried her hair. She combed it out like she was taught and hoped it stayed flatter than usual. She always hoped it would stay flat, her mother never permited her
to use any hair products other than shampoos and conditioners, and if she ever wore cosmetics her mother would probably slap her. She wrapped her towel around her
body and walked into her room.
"Ugghh..." she groaned as she looked at the bra on her bed. She allowed her towel to fall to the ground and she picked up the bra. She lifted it over her head and tugged
it on and allowed it to squish her breasts down flat. Imeadiatly the old familiar pain struck her chest. She slid on some panties with a little bow on the elastic and then
glanced at the hideous grandma dress.
"Fuck, everyone is going to hate me if I wear this piece of shit!" she only dared speak those words in the privacy of her own room. She grabbed the cotton fabric and
tugged it over her head and onto her body.
"I feel like I should just go out to the farm and milk good ol' Bessy!" she exclaimed in disgust. She imagined the other kids at school, and what they would say.
"where the hell did mom get this anyway?" she muttered. Her mom was up and making a racket to wake her up by this time so she grabbed her sweater and rushed out
of her room.
"what took you so long?!" her mother shouted accusingly.
"I was getting ready..." she whispered softly. Her mother eyed her suspiciously and arched an eyebrow.
"you have five minutes to eat your breakfast, then I am driving you to school."
"ok mother."
"dont use that tone with me!"
"i'm not using a tone..."
"DONT TALK BACK!" Lena took a deep breath and stayed silent, unsure of what to say. She ate her eggs and bacon in silence.
"Hurry up!" her mother shouted, "put on your sweater!"
Lena grabbed her sweater and dumped her plate in the sink. She threw the sweater around her shoulders and climed in her mother's car. It wasn't a shabby car, in fact it
was a really new Ford Mustang, but of course if she herself had gotten a car it would probably be something beaten up from the junk yard. She didn't have her license
even though she was almost seventeen. Her mother didn't beleive she deserved to get it. It was a short drive to the school, as it was a small town. When her mother parked
she got out of the car and glanced around as her mother drove away. She saw a girl with short jet black hair and wicked ice blue eyes. Imeadiatly her mothers voice popped
into her head, 'look at that girl, her hair is short, how disgusting, and those pants, look at how low cut they are! And that shirt, its so small it could be used as an undergarment
and look at those shoes, they look like boy's shoes. What is her mother thinking letting her dress like that?!'. The people in the crowd with that girl stared, pointed and laughed
all of them, except that girl. Lena saw the girl hit some guy who was laughing at her. Lena looked down and kept walking into the building. Someone tripped her as she walked
past and all of her books fell out of her hands. Laughter followed her as she got up and collected her books. Snide comments followed her as she hurried down the hall and
into the girls room. Lena had known it would be bad, but not this bad. All through first period class people spat spitballs at her, threw papers at her, hissed comments in her
ears, Lena felt like she was going to go crazy. Second period was worse, P.E., people were shoving her around when she walked in. And then the teacher told them to go
and get changed. As soon as she walked in the change room about six girls came out of no where and advanced on her. One girl grabbed her from behind while the rest began
to hit her. Lena couldn't see very well, she was distracted by the pain in her gut. She couldn't even yell for help, there was a huge lump in her throat, she felt like she was
going to collapse.
"WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!" an unfamiliar voice shouted from somewhere around Lena. She felt the arms that were holding her up and restraining her let go and
she fell, she braced herself for the hard cement floor but she never made it there, two strong arms had grabbed hold of her.
"Gee Yuls, I didn't know you sided with such ugly retards."
"you don't even know her, besides you think she's ugly? look in the mirror bitch."
"wow spaz..."
"yea whatever, i'm not the one who went and made a shit of themselves in the change room."
"yea ok Yuls, whatever..."
"yea thats right whatever!"
Lena felt herself being picked up and held tightly. The whole world seemed to sway and tilt and swirl around her.

Lena felt like she was swimming through murky water, and suddenly she was breaking into the surface. Her eyes opened and she looked around the dim room she was in.
She could see someone sitting on a chair in the corner. She tried to sit up but her head began to pound. She groaned and fell back down.
"you're awake?" a soft voice whispered. Lena heard quiet footsteps from someone walking toward her bed. She saw the black haired girl from outside standing before her.
"you feeling okay?" she asked as she sat on the edge of the bed.
"yea... i think." Lena croaked.
"I umm, had to, er... check out the damage they did to you, I hope you dont feel violated or anything...but I kinda took off your bra to make sure they didn't break any ribs
or anything..."
Lena blushed in shame, someone had seen her nude breasts.
"umm... thats okay I guess."
"ok, I kinda through out your bra though, it was making a nasty looking rash...."
" You- you WHAT?!"
The brunette grimaced.
"sorry, its just-"
"no thats okay..."
Lena felt like she had been put in a terrible night mare.
"where am i?" she whispered. the brunette chuckled.
"in the schools medical room."
"did they call my mom?!" Lena suddenly shouted, trying to sit up again. The brunette grabbed her and lightly held her down. Her hands and touch were soft on the redheads
ivory skin.
"I dont think so, why?" Lena sighed with relief.
"I don't want her to know about this."
"why not?.. I mean wouldn't she want-"
"its better if she doesnt know, i dont expect you to understand."
"okay... i was just asking. And look, Im sorry about that whole thing, my friends are jackasses."
"mmmhmm I can't blame them, after all I am an ugly freak anyhow."
"are not!"
"you dont even know me." Lena defended, after all, who liked a girl with an orange afro.
"well maybe not, but i do know you're definantly NOT ugly.."
"whats that supposed to mean?!" Lena looked at the slim girl beside her.
"that you're hot maybe?" The brunette cocked an eyebrow.
"are you hitting on me?!" Lena said confused.
"I dont know... am i?" the brunette gave Lena a goofy grin.
"whats your name?" Lena asked.
"Stud man, whats yours?" the brunette stated in a deep cowboy voice. Lena laughed.
"no seriously!"
"what makes you think I'm not!" the brunette laughed.
"Youre a girl." Lena said matter of factly.
"how would you know?" the brunette inquired, touching her crotch, "unless you've been doing things to me that i dont know about..." she said looking at Lena with an even
goofier grin.
"you never know!" Lena said in a serious tone. The brunette looked impressed.
"I'ma have to watch out for you!" Both girls laughed at that.
"ok seriously whats your name?"
"Yulia Volkova, but you can call me Yuls when you cum babe." Lena's mouth dropped.
"you pig!" she laughed, "is that your pick up line?"
"haha nope, but do you want to hear my pick up line?" the brunette grinned.
"hmm alright what is it?" Lena was prepared for the worst.
"you have the whitest teeth i have ever wanted to cum across." Lena laughed the hardest she probably did in her whole life.
"you are a perv!"
"only around dead sexy girls.." Yulia stated in a matter of fact tone.
"hmm then you must be like this all the time." Lena said curiously.
"what makes you say that?"
"look at yourself."
"are you hitting on me?" Yulia mimicked.
"hmm i guess so..." Lena thought for a minute, was she flirting with a GIRL? no, they were just joking.. but thinking about what they were saying...
"are we flirting?" Lena asked aloud.
"yup." the other girl stated bluntly. Lena gave her a frightened look.
"why?" the other girl a ride with me?" (in reality i said walk)
"umm, if you drive me home?"
"okay.." Yulia helped Lena out of bed and Lena couldn't help but like how Yulia fussed over her, nobody ever fussed over her.
"I'm gonna carry you."
"what?" Lena asked, but a bit too late because the brunette had already swept her off her feet and was carring her away.
"put me down!" Lena squealed playfully.
"nope!" Yulia grinned. Yulia carried her all the way to a car. The car was a Corvette Sting Ray Z06, midnight blue, metallic. It had baby blue/white racing stripes running
down the body of it.
"Welcome to my baby." Yulia said proudly. Lena laughed.
"a car?"
"not just any car!"
"mmhmm" Lena muttered with a small smile. Yulia carefully set Lena down and opened the passenger door for her.
"why thank you" Lena said softly.,,
"anytime babe." Yulia flirted with a wink. She then closed the door softly. Lena noted how soft and comfortable the seats were, she felt like she could just relax and sleep.
Yulia climed in the driver seat and turned on the car. She grinned when a song came on.
"Girl your stare, those eyes I..." she smiled and looked at Lena.
"Love it when you look at me baby..." Lena finished softly.
"Your lips, your smile I.."
"love when you kiss me baby..." Both girls smiled and laughed. Yulia pulled out of her parking spot and reversed out then drove down the road. Lena examined herself in the
window, she had a black eye and a bruise on her cheek. She must look like a freak to Yulia, she thought dissapointedly, she wondered why that thought made her dissapointed
but it didnt really matter. Yulia was a girl, she liked boys, just like Lena. Tears filled the redheads eyes as she thought of the only boyfriend experiance she had ever had.
She had been used, completely, and disrespected just like she deserved. Remembering that night she imeadiatly felt trashy all over again. Lena involunitarily put her face in
her hands and began to cry softly. She didn't notice the car slow down until she felt two arms wrapped tightly around her. It startled her slightly and she looked up to see
Yulia holding her close. Yulia stroked her hair softly.
"are you gonna be okay? you dont have to go home yet if you want to, like if you think your mom's really gonna freak...." She said wiping away at Lena's tears.
"no... its not that, well i'm ok..but I will be ok..." Lena said without confidence, she really didn't think she would ever be okay again. Yulia seemed to notice the tone and
didn't turn the car on or relese her grip on the redhead.
"what is it thats bothering you? you can tell me I promise on my life I wouldn't tell a soul, seriously."
"no, its okay really, you don't need to know anyway... I mean its not like you would care-"
"yes i would! dont even say that! you act like you know me just because my friends are socially stuck up bitches!" Yulia sounded slightly offended, hadn't she shown that
she did care already?!
"I'm sorry," Lena whispered, ashamed that she didn't seem greatful for Yulia's sympathy, "I'm just too busy feeling sorry for myself to realize that you must be ruining your
rep helping me..."
"fuck that shit!you think i care about my rep? i dont give a fuck! they can go to hell for all i care, what they did today was wrong ok? and i do care ok? got that?!" the brunettes
blue eyes were piercing right through to Lena's soul. Nobody had made it seem so real that they cared, nobody. But this girl did care, for whatever reason.
"sorry i really didnt mean to offend you!" Lena said suddenly, realizing that this was her only shot at having a true friend. Yulia sighed.
"thats okay, just dont do it again." she stuck her tongue out at Lena.
"okay," Lena smiled, "i wont." Yulia returned the smile and leaned back into her seat.
"so umm, if you ever need to talk, im right her ok?"
"yea.." Lena truly had no intentions on talking to her, but it was a nice offer.
"so umm, where do you live anyway?"
"umm, actually just down this street."
"really? im good man." Yulia winked again and started the car, her baby. They drove down the street until Lena said stop. They pulled up in front of a modest, but not
shabby house.
"nice digs..." Yulia muttered. Lena smiled nervously. What was her mother going to say? Just then her mother flew out of the house, baning ther door shut behind her.
"WHAT IN GODS NAME IS GOING ON LENA?!" she screeched. Yulia's eyes widened. She looked at Lena as if to say "whoa man... i pity you." Lena opened the
car door, expecting Yulia to drive off instantly, but instead Yulia followed suit.
"WHO IS THIS?!" Lena's mother shouted. Yulia politely offered her hand.
"My name is Yulia Volkova, I go to your daughters school m'am." Lena's mother gave her a look of deep disgust.
"I dont want my daughter hanging around a prostitute in training thank you very much!" Yulia's jaw dropped.
"no offence lady, but that was uncalled for ok? i just saved your daughters tushy." Lena forced back a giggle at the word tushy.
"i dont like your tone, get off my property before i call the athorities." Yulia put her hands in the air as if surrendering.
"Aight, just let me say goodbye to your daughter." She walked over to Lena and got real close to her, placed one hand on her hip, the other by her mouth. She put her lips
close to Lena's and whispered.
"im really sorry i forgot to ask your name."
"its Lena Katina." she whispered back. Their faces were so close that Lena could taste Yulia's minty breath. Yulia smiled an evil smile and squeezed Lena's ass before
facing Lena's mother.
"see ya 'round Mrs. Katina!" she grinned and winked at Lena before throwing open her car door and blaring her music, which was unfortunatly playing the words "I wanna
lick lick lick you from your head to your toes...." Lena's mother looked outraged. There was quiet silence for awhile then Mrs. Katina suddenly said.
"where's your bra?"
"i tossed it out mom, it gives me an awful rash." Mrs. Katina's nostrils flared out.
"YOU WHAT?! HOW DARE YOU?!" she took a few deep breaths to calm down, "we are going to the store now and getting you a new one, if you dont wear it everyday
and if something happens to it i will skin your fucking hide." she said with calm angered sincerity. Lena trembled.
"yes mother, but what about the rash? it really hurts..."
"quit whining you ungrateful little shit." Lena groaned, maybe this problem wasnt going to be resolved afterall. Mrs. Katina frog marched Lena to the car and then got in her
self and slammed the door shut. Lena climbed in softly, wishing today hadn't happened, especially Yulia going and pissing her mother off like that, although the expression
on her face was quite funny. Mrs. Katina did not drive recklessly even though she was angry. That releived Lena momentarily, until they got to Fields.
"get your filthy little ass out." Mrs. Katina muttered to her daughter. Lena quickly unbuckled her seatbelt and darted out of the car. Her mother firmly grabbed a hold of her
earlobe and forcefully dragged her inside. Tears of embarassment filled her eyes as her mother dragged her to the bras. Her mother grabbed the smallest one and proceeded
to drag Lena to the cashier. Mrs. Katina placed the bra down and looked at the cashier who stared in awe.
"umm...thats ten dollars..." she couldnt take her eyes off of the sight before her. Mrs. Katina handed her the money.
"thank you have a nice day..." the cashier said slowly, mechanically as she stared at Lena's expression. Mrs. Katina dragged her out with the purchase.
"get in the car." she ordered. Lena got in obediantly.
"when we get home you are going straight to your room understood?!" she said sharply to her daughter, nostrils flared out and lips pursed white. The car drove smoothly
to the Katina's driveway.
"get out!" her mother snapped. Lena darted out of the car and up the driveway and into the house.
"whats all the rush for?" Mr. Katin asked softly, his dark eyes full of unseen concern.
"GO UPSTAIRS!" Mrs. Katina roared at her daughter, Lena fled up the stairs to her room. Once in her room she flung herself into her pillow and cried. The salty tears flowed
down her soft ivory cheeks. Lena cried until she had no tears left to cry, her body ached. She was so exahsted but she couldnt sleep, not one bit.
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She looked at her alarm clock,
it was seven oh clock am, only an hour before school anyway. She got up and showered herself as usual, put on her mothers choice of clothes including the wretched bra.
she looked at herself in the mirror, she saw a girl with an ugly face, all bruised up and slightly swollen, and of course an orange afro.she heard someone knock on the door as she hurried down the stairs for breakfast.
"get the door." her mother muttered, doing the dishes. She was evidently not planning on feeding Lena. Lena answered the door and to her suprise it was Yulia.
"h-h-hi." she croaked through her throat, not sure why she was suddenly nervous. Yulia grinned.
"ready to go?"
"umm... yea i guess... mom i'm leaving, bye." she stepped outside with Yulia, looking at the corvette.
"your chariot awaits." Yulia said with a cheesey grin. Lena smiled in return. Why did Yulia try to make such an insignificant ugly girl feel so special? Yulia held the door open
for her again. Lena climbed into the soft, leather interior of the car. Yulia closed the door softly and then climbed in the drivers seat.
"are you ready to go!?" she yelled exubrantly. Lena laughed. Yulia grinned at her and revved the engine then looked at Lena again and did the eyebrow dance (i dont know
what else to call it, its just this odd thing i do with my eyebrows). That made Lena laugh harder than ever. Yulia reversed out of the driveway and out into the street.
"what do you want to listen to?" Yulia asked Lena, tossing her a CD case.
"what do you want to listen to?" Lena asked her in return.
"what ever you want to." Yulia winked at her. Lena concentrated firmly for awhile.
"can we listen to roxette?" Yulia grinned.
"thats one of my faves! stick it in!" Lena returned the smile and did what Yulia had told her. Lena turned it to the song 'the look'. Both girls started to sing, but Lena fell silent
after awhile and leaned back in her seat.
"you okay?" Yulia asked, her voice full of concern.
"yea I'm fine, just tired." she smiled softly at her new friend. Yulia reached out and stroke her cheek. Lena closed her eyes softly.
"hmm..." the brunette murmered thoughtfully. She continued to drive, without taking her eyes of the gorgeous redhead. Lena kept her eyes closed, letting herself relax in the
coolness of Yulias car. She felt Yulia gently brush hair off her cheek.
"we're here..." she whispered. Lena opened her eyes softly, she looked around and realized she wasnt at school.
"where are we?!" she cried out in alarm. Yulia wrapped her arms around the distressed girl.
"shh, its okay, we're at my friends house, he will call the school and get homework for us okay? your mom will never know i swear!" Lena looked unsure, but she trusted Yulia
for some odd reason.
"okay... but if I get in shit, you have to save me." she said threateningly. Yulia smiled.
"i promise i will!" Yulia grinned and hugged Lena warmly, and forcefully. Yulia opened the door to her car and helped Lena out. Lena smiled, she lavished the attention Yulia
was pouring on her. Yulia ran up to the house and dragged Lena with her playfully. The girls entered the house just as a tall, handsome boy hung up the phone.
"i saw your dipshit and decided i knew what you were doing Yuls, so yea go ahead and sleep ok? no worries its all cleared." Yulia grinned. She ran up and hugged Nick.
"you're the best!" she said in a cheerful voice. He smiled.
"Nick, this is Lena, shes a GOOD FRIEND OF MINE so be nice...." Lena didnt get the way that Yulia was looking at Nick, but Nick got it.
"hey," he said in a warm tone, " you look tired." Lena smiled.
"I am..."
"follow me!" Yulia squealed loudly, tugging Lena upstairs. Lena followed happily.Yulia had led her into a large bedroom with a big plush cushie bed. Lena looked at her
suspiciosly (spell?)
"what?" Yulia asked curiously.
"what are you thinking?" Lena muttered boring her emerald eyes into the brunettes. Yulia roared with laughter.
"you said you wanted to sleep! what do you expect?" Her eyes were twinkling, "unless..." she winked at Lena. Lena started to laugh.
"no thats ok..." she said with a small smile. Yulia raised her hands and laughed.
"mmk you don't know what your missing." She grinned and exited the room, but returned a few minutes later holding a little bottle.
"this will help that rash ok? it would make me really happy if you would use it!" Yulia smiled as she held out the small bottle.
"ok... i guess it wouldnt hurt right?" Lena said softly. Yulia grinned.
"yay!!!!" Yulia smiled, "okay take off that ucky dress and bra mmk?" Lena's eyes widened.
"what?" Yulia asked, looking around.
"why do i have to do that?!" Lena asked, confused and scared. Yulia smiled.
"you dont have to do it in front of me silly! but when you're here you don't have to wear that? it just hurts you and that aint cool, man." Lena smiled, releived.
"sorry, you me confused..." Yulia wrapped her left arm around Lena and used her right hand to lift Lena's chin to face her.
"its ok, ok? i dont want you to feel like you have to impress anyone, we just want the real you...thats good enough." her blue eyes were boring into Lena's soul again. Lena's
eyes filled with tears.
"thank you..." she whispered. Yulia tightened her grip on the other girl.
"its not a problem." Lena smiled. Nobody had ever said anything close to that before. Lena had never felt and unconcerned of being perfect. For the first time in her
life she felt like she belonged somewhere. Lena yawned suddenly. Yulia giggled.
"you just put that lotion on ok? I'm gonna go now, and let you sleep...wait," Yulia let go of Lena and ran out into the hall again, then returned with a large t-shirt, "put this
on, it will be more comfortable."
"okay, thanks again." Lena replied softly, accepting the shirt. Yulia grinned and laughed harder.
"like I said, its not a problem!!" Lena smiled, a genuine smile that reached her eyes. Yulia's grin broadened and she hugged the redhead tightly.
"I dont want you to ever feel ignored." Lena never felt that she could feel ignored with all the attention Yulia had been pouring on her the past couple of days.
"I'ma go now mk? you need to get some rest... then we can talk about how mean your mother was to you yesterday, my mom's friend said she saw you guys in Fields yesterday..."
"oh..." Lena muttered softly. Yulia eyed her expression as it filled with sorrow and embarassment.
"well I am really tired...," the redhead whispered, "wake me up in about an hour ok?" she said to the other girl. Yulia nodded and gave her one last hug.
"will do." she left the room quietly and rushed down the stairs. Nick looked up at her and laughed.
"you really like her dont you?" he asked in a "you think we dont know? we all see it" tone. Yulia blushed.
"yeah I do... do you think she-?"
"yeah I do, who doesnt like you?" he said with a laugh. Yulia plunked herself down on the couch.
"I saw that look you gave me earlier...what were you tryin to say with it?" Yulia grinned.
"back the fuck off." Nick laughed.
"you are so typical."
"how so?"
"well... you want this girl and if anyone gets in your way you will throw a fit, everyone knows thats how you do things." Yulia smiled, she knew he was right.
"why dont you go upstairs? you look tired too." Nick said in an encouraging tone. Yulia grinned.
"yeah I am," she wrapped her arms around him, "night asshole." she let him go and rushed up the stairs. When she got to the room she opened the door as quietly as she could,
then she snuck inside on tip-toe. She closed the door behind her and then took off her T-shirt and dorinas, then her socks came off next. She walked over to the sleeping girl
as quietly as she could. She stared at the sleeping angel before her. Those soft crimson curls fallen in her face, her chest rising and falling beneath the oversized T-shirt. Yulia
walked over to the otherside of the bed and crawled into the covers gently. She slid her arms around the redhead careful not to wake her and then she rested her head on
the nape of the redheads neck. She kissed it softly.
"sleep tight...." she whispered as she drifted into a deep sleep.

Lena opened her eyes after the good warm sleep she had. She felt totally refreshed, but she also felt someones arms around her. She blinked, just slightly confused. It kind
of scared her to have someone this close to her. She could feel every curve of the girl next to her. And she could tell it was a girl too, because she could feel the girl's breasts
against her own back. Lena carefully turned around and she felt the girls head fall from her back onto her breasts. Lena looked at the girl and noticed it was Yulia. At first
she was releived that it wasnt a total stranger. But then she was frightened at the fact that Yulia had been so close to her, and the fact that Yulia was only in her panties. Lena
couldnt help but stare at Yulia's exposed flesh, it seemed so perfect. Her skin was like mocha, soft and creamy. Her breasts weren't large, but they were perfectly shaped and
round. For some odd reason Lena wanted to run her fingers over the erect nipples she saw before her eyes. Part of her said it would be a very wrong thing to do, but afterall
Yulia came to the bed like this, so it would be her problem anyway, right? Lena tentavly reached out a finger and stroked the exposed flesh before her eyes. The sleeping girl
groaned and snuggled up closer to Lena as goosebumps formed on her soft skin. Lena blinked, why was she doing this? In her confusion she had moved slightly and it had caused
the other girl to wake up. Lena didnt notice that the other girl was awake and she was still trying to understand what she had been doing. In her abscence from the real world
Lena didn't notice exactly where her hands were on the smaller girl's body, which was a little more south than comfortable. 'I'm not a lesbian', Lena thought to herself, 'why am
I feeling like this? why was I touching her like-'
"umm Lena...could you move your hand?" Lena blinked at the sound of the other girls voice. Her mouth dropped when she realized exactly where her hand was.
"OH God Yuls, I'm so sorry!" Lena said in a panic, removing her hand from Yulia's crotch quickly. Yulia laughed.
"its ok, and I didnt know I would make you cum that fast, man I'm good huh?" Yulia said in a joking tone.
"what?why are you saying that? I'm not-"
"you called me Yuls." Yulia said with a smile, remembering what she had said the previous day. Lena blinked, then she remembered and began to laugh.
"if you dont like it I-"
"no I do like it, everyone calls me that so you might as well."
"okay I will then, umm does this mean we're friends?" Lena asked. Yulia blinked. She looked dissapointed.
"I thought we were already." Lena couldnt help but see the hurt in her eyes.
"oh...well then if you still wanna be...I mean I wasnt sure..."
"no thats okay, I mean I can understand why you wouldn't want to be friends...I mean... I'm...well...I'm gay so..." Yulia's head was downcast.
"THATS AWSOME!" Lena shouted suddenly, "umm I mean...thats cool, it doesnt bug me..." why had she just shouted that?! Yulia was looking at her funny.
"its not always awsome..." she muttered, her eyes were serious (for once) and darkened by stress. Lena crawled over and wrapped her arms around the smaller girl.
"I'm sorry, but dont let it get to you, I will always be here for you whether you still like me or not..." she whispered into the brunette's ear. The brunette smiled and leaned
into the other girl's arms. Suddenly she began to tickle Lena softly. Lena squealed and began to squirm beneath the brunettes supple body. The tickle fight got so vigorus that
both girls were squealing loudly, and Lena's T-shit had been removed. Both girls were laughing really hard, laying on eachother. As they began to wind down they were breathing
hard and gasping for air. Lena's heart was racing.
"Your rash is getting better..." Yulia mumbled, "I can hardly see it now..." Lena blinked, then realized she wasnt wearing a shirt. Lena flushed.
"can I ask you something?" Lena looked at Yulia seriously. Yulia nodded.
"my mother always said I should be ashamed if anyone ever saw me naked, or showing any kind of skin pretty much... and I was wondering if she was right, because you
dont seem to have any problems at all when it comes to showing skin-no offence. And I was wondering if I am as filthy as she says I am..." Lena's eyes filled with tears at her
last statement. Yulia's eyes widened in shock.
"she called you filthy?!" Yulia half shouted hysterically, "shes fucked up! you- you're hot ok? dont let anyone tell you anything else, your body is so fucking perfect ok? shes
the one whos filthy, the one with the problem! if you trust the people you are around then by all means go naked! I mean to tell you the truth, if you're hot and you trust people
its so much more comfortable being naked, beleive me." Yulia wrapped her arms around the girl "dont listen to your mother, shes just jealous of you.." Lena smiled. Yulia laughed
and got up.
"you know what?" she asked in a "gee im so hyper right now, i feel like doing something dumb." kind of tone.
"what?" Lena asked suspiciously.
"Its hot in here, isn't it?" Yulia grinned impishly as she tugged off her boyshorts. She laughed as she tossed them at Lena. Lena was in some kind of trance as she stared at the
nude girl before her. Her slim body was slightly tanned, and her sex area was completely hairless. Lena felt the maddest urge to run up to her and stroke every muscle, every
soft piece of flesh visible to the eye, which was indeed every part of the other girl's body.
"Lena, you okay?!" Yulia said in the other girl's ear as she poked her cheek playfully. Lena realized that she looked like a freak and quickly snapped out of her trance.
"sorry..." Lena mumbled, blushing. Yulia smiled and climbed on top of her.
"thats quite alright." she said softly resting her head on the redhead's shoulder. Lena was finding it difficult to breathe, her heart was pounding and her labia was swollen and
wet. Her body was begging to be touched, everywhere. Lena grabbed Yulia's hand and began to stroke it softly, her head pressed against the brunette's cheek. Yulia was
purring in her ear softly, nuzzling her neck. Lena's eyes filled with tears as she reailized that she was just as abnormal, just as filthy and wrong as her mother had always told her.
What she was doing right now was wrong, but how could it be wrong if it felt so right? She felt the brunette's hand leave her own and wander up to her neck, lightly stroking
every little piece of flesh within reach. Her lips were lightly tugging at the redhead's earlobe, her hands sliding down and softly landed on her breasts. She softly drew circles,
'S' shapes, and anything else that made the redhead sigh with pleasure. There was a loud cough.
"Am I interupting anything?" a loud voice asked. The brunette stopped every movement. She closed her eyes and fought off the mad urge to shout at the boy in the room until
he left, or vanished...yes thats what she wanted, an eraser... to just erase him.
"oh NOTHING at all, Nick, don't worry, I don't mind!" she snapped at him instead.
"I just wanted to say that its about three fifteen now, I think Lena should call her mom and ask to stay this weekend, as its Friday and all..." Yulia grinned, Nick must have a
plan up his naughty little sleeve. Lena thought for a minute, thankful that Yulia was sheilding her 'privates' from veiw.
"I'm not sure my mother would allow it, but I can try." she said, hoping in her mind that her mother would give in, she was already pissed enough at Lena as it was, plus she
was upset at the fact that they had started school on a Thursday. Nick handed her a phone.
"if she wants to talk to me, she can," he said with a smile, "parents like me a lot." Lena smiled weakly and dialed the numbers. She had a feeling it would feel odd to talk to her
mother while a very attractive girl was sitting on her, naked.
"Hello, Katina residence." she heard her mother say gracefully.
"Hi mom..its Lena..."
"I am umm... at a friend's house-"
"NOT THAT UGLY LITTLE SLUT?!" Lena winced, she was sure everyone in the room could hear her mother's voice. Yulia began to snigger softly into Lena's breast to muffle
the sound.
"No mom, its a boy, his name is Nick-"
"I dont beleive you little liar! Let me talk to 'Nick'" she said sarcastically. Lena handed Nick the phone.
"Hello? Mrs. Katina, yes this is Nick... Mmmhmmm, yes I was wondering for the whole weekend?No we don't have any drugs here of any kind," With that Yulia burst into hysterical laughter
and smushed her face into Lena's breasts to stop the noise.
"yes I will assure you she will be fine, oh yes I will make sure she behaves." he laughed a little, "Thank you so much Mrs. Katina, if you need anything, just give me a call my number is...."
He grinned.
"that was easy."
"NO DRUGS?!!!!" Yulia shouted, howling with laughter. "THATS THE FUNNIEST SHIT IVE EVER HEARD COME OUTTA YOUR MOUTH!"
Nick smiled sheepishly.
"little white lies...."
"MORE LIKE HUGE LIES!" the brunette fell clear off the bed. Lena started to laugh, but nervously.
"you...have drugs?"
"umm yea a bit..." Nick said, looking straight at Yulia.
"like what?" Lena asked, she never really liked druggies, and she was usually afraid of them.
"hmm... pot...speed...thats about it...maybe some coke..."
"wow..." Lena whispered. She was scared now...what had she got herself into?
"I dont do all of it!" He said defensively. He pointed at Yulia, who looked at him. "she does most of it."
"DO NOT!" the brunette shouted in defense. "I only do it when kelsey is around!"
"which is most of the time."
"yea but its not like i do everything!"
"yea you just do the hard stuff."
"nu uh! speed isnt as bad as coke!"
"alrighty then."
Lena kept her eyes downcast. Her Yulia doing drugs?..Her Yulia? why had she just thought 'her' Yulia...Yulia wasnt hers... why did she think that she was? doing drugs..why would such a sweet girl do drugs?
Yulia stood up and walked toward her newfound friend.
"are you okay?" she asked, touching her face lightly. Lena tried not to look her in the eye.
"mmmhmm I'm fine.." she lied, she didnt like liking Yulia as much anymore. Yulia's face fell.
"You're mad at me, aren't you?"
"no." she knew that sounded like the emptiest 'no' she'd ever heard. She tried as hard as she could not to look at the brunette.
"now you're lying to me?" the brunette asked softly, lifting Lena's face up so she could see it. Lena wanted more than anything to just look away from the brunette's eyes, from their begging.
"quit it Lena!"
"quit what?!"
"lying!!" Lena sighed, she wasn't going to get out of this one.
"why Yulia?!"
"because I've had enough people lie to me in my life and I don't need you to start!"
"thats not quite what I meant... I meant why do you do drugs?" Yulia paused for a bit.
"a temporary release."
"from what?"
"memories, Kelsey, the usual."
"who is Kelsey?" Yulia sighed. Her eyes went hard again.
"my girlfriend."
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i only read the first half, must go to uni now

but i like it very much so far

yul is so sweet and all flirty-flirty... with a cool car. and dancing eyebrows... gah.

and i like her pick-up line

and that ultra-bitch of lena's mother.. jezze.. maybe yulia could just hit her with her cool car.. only a little (we don't want the car damaged, right?)

soooo pls continue
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$in, there's something about the way you told me to read this fic.. so I just got to eat egg sandwich which I ran down quickly to get so I could read during lunch hour and now..*glances at the clock* .. 2.30PM .. hmmm..

yuliasgirl, .. I laughed that you wrote "(spell?)" .. that is very cute ... and just like $in, I like your fic ( real? ) story line .. and the coversations ( pick-up lines ) very much .. she told me to read this "URGENTLY" .. and she's really a "professional" tatu fan fic reader.. and please .. update soon!!! thank you.

Who is Kelsey? what is she like? are they still together? what will Lena do about that drug things? wooo...

and that ultra-bitch of lena's mother.. jezze.. maybe yulia could just hit her with her cool car.. only a little (we don't want the car damaged, right?)
Right!! ahahaha ...your comment is cute!!
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I heard some rumours that here`s a very good fanfic going on... Well, rumours were right! After reading 1st 11 lines I was sure that Lena is adopted. Her parents cannot be her biological parents. At least they have made IT in the dark. On the other hand, being so religious, Lena`s mother`s language is quite strong sometimes. This is wery interesting and funny fic juliasgirl , please continue this!
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prostrel, .. aha!! you got that urgent message too? LoL LoL .. I want to know who else .... the pick-up line are really funny...

*thinks for a second*
hmm .. was it the msg was urgent..or was it me was rushing the dateline everything seems urgent...? ..hmm... *lost*

Yay! yuliasgirl, please update soon!
I will forget my dreams
Nothing is what it seems
I will effect you
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nobody else got 'urgent' messages...
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[i]Originally posted by denial
prostrel, .. aha!! you got that urgent message too?
Yep, and it sounded kinda desperate. And i can`t resist desperate voices...

So, yuliasgirl , this fanfic is partly a true story of your own life? It makes this fic more interesting then. It makes me strech my brain a little bit more when reading, cos of course i try to guess want part is real and what part is fiction. I need some brainstreching again, so please, update soon....
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hey, it was a SUGGESTION..!

i look like a fanfic-freak here
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Wow.. I wanna read this. Sadly I don't have much time right now.. maybe I later, I hope. It seems great.
Monika | t.E.A.m. [ <3 ] [ 11 ]
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prostrel, there is a thin line between reality and fic...
but they both are very different from each other .. sometimes they actually the opposite .. *lost again*

$in, you looked just find! .. LoL

QueenBee, okay.. we're ( sp? LoL) waiting for your review.
I will forget my dreams
Nothing is what it seems
I will effect you
I will protect you
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Originally posted by $in
hey, it was a SUGGESTION..! i look like a fanfic-freak here
Oh, i am sorry! I didn`t want you to look like a freak, even if you were one... Like Denial said, you are a professional (with " " :s ) fanfic-reader. Thin line tho...
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Originally posted by prostrel
Like Denial said, you are a professional (with " " :s ) fanfic-reader. Thin line tho...
Well .. it just mean that she is a "professional" fanfic reader .. just she doesn't get paid for it .. booo...

Awww.. notice another quote there? LoL ...

but I really like this part: probably the key of the story line.
~~~Wrong turns in the right direction~~~
what she meant by that? .. you did a wrong turn and its actually a right direction? OR .. you did wrong turn (mistake) while you were in the right direction ( on path you want to be ) ?...
I will forget my dreams
Nothing is what it seems
I will effect you
I will protect you
From all the crazy schemes

You traded in your wings
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Originally posted by denial Well .. it just mean that she is a "professional" fanfic reader .. just she doesn't get paid for it .. booo...
Booo yourself. Do you know anyone who gets paid for reading fanfics?

but I really like this part: probably the key of the story line.
~~~Wrong turns in the right direction~~~
what she meant by that? .. you did a wrong turn and its actually a right direction?
I think it could mean this: If/when we ask for Lena`s mother and some other people, they think Lena took/is going to take wrong turn (=being or becoming gay and being with Julia), but to Lena it is the right direction, it`s what she needs.

yuliasgirl , where are you? We need new updates here.
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prostrel, aha!! I can tell that you are a "professional" fanfic reader too!! booo!

~~~Wrong turns in the right direction~~~

uhuh .. okay Pro .. I got it .. and I believe its the title of this fanfic .. and .. hmm .. this fanfic doesn't have chapter too .. looks so ..
I will forget my dreams
Nothing is what it seems
I will effect you
I will protect you
From all the crazy schemes

You traded in your wings
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Originally posted by denial
prostrel, aha!! I can tell that you are a "professional" fanfic reader too!!
That sounds nice... and Pro too, thank you I have also heard another definition of myself, and i am actually proud of it. i was already retired you know. but now i am half-retired...

btw, where is this other "professional"? and juliasgirl...
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i'm here been busy

and still no update
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when a girl flips a flag like that .. it means she's excited .. I guess you improved your sex life .... well you know .. there are a lot of tricks you can learn reading fanfic .. and this fic .. the pick-up line ...well .. .. and you .. you . the pro..

yep still no update .. its the 5th .. she last posted on the 31st .. this wednesday .. tatysite will be down to transfer server.. for how long .. they not sure..

.. I hope we didn't scared the girl writer .. LoL
I will forget my dreams
Nothing is what it seems
I will effect you
I will protect you
From all the crazy schemes

You traded in your wings
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denial, whoa..! i though u r shy

naughty denial! *takes out whip*

anywayz, look what i found:

(replace the stars with *whispers* tatu-dot-us)
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boooo.. we have to update this ourselves!! here you go !

"IM GONNA GO NOW!" Nick said loudly as he rushed out of the room.
"you have a girlfriend?!" Lena hissed, her voice dripping with venom.
"yes but-"
"YOU USED ME?!" Lena said, eyes filling with tears.
"then what was this?! just some fun for you to have while waiting for your girlfriend to show up?! did you enjoy toying with my-"
"SHUT UP!" Yulia screamed, her eyes filling with tears, "you dont know Kelsey, and I would never use you! you wouldn't beleive how much you mean to me-"
"IM NOT LYING TO YOU!" Yulia pulled the crying redhead toward her and wrapped her arms tightly around her soft supple body. "I would neve lie to you, I swear..."
Lena pulled the brunette closer, pressing her face against her shoulder, taking in her scent and the way her skin felt on her face.
"why did you do this to me..." she whispered pathetically. The brunette wound her fingers through the redhead's hair.
"because...the moment I saw you...I were more..."
"what do you mean?" Lena asked, looking up at her with teary eyes. Yulia stroked the angel's face with trembling fingers.
"I knew right away that...I love you.." Lena began to tremble, no one had ever said that to her. Nobody, not even her own mother.
"are you gunna say anything by any chance...cus now would be a great time.." Yulia said in a nervous voice. Lena tried to talk but nothing really came out of her mouth. Yulia
looked really terrified now.
"hey Yuls, c'mere i wanna ask you something!!!" Nick hollered. Yulia looked in the direction of the hall. She grabbed her T-shirt and panties.
"I-I'm gonna go..." she croaked past the lump in her throat. She walked out into the hall before Lena even realized it. Lena jumped off the bed, she couldn't let the only person who ever cared
get away so quickly. She ran into the hall and grabbed Yulia from behind and shoved her against the wall. She was breathing huskily as she pressed herself against the petit girl she had against the
"did you really mean what you said?" Yulia opened her mouth but the redhead didnt wait for a reply. She pulled up Yulia's hands to her breasts and led her back into the bedroom.
She shoved the smaller girl onto the bed and cuddled close to her and kissed her shoulder softly. Yulia wound her legs around Lena's lower body.
"YULS ARE YOU IGNORING ME?!" Nick shouted.
"FOR NOW!" Yuls hollered back. Lena nibbled her earlobe playfully.
"no go see him, I wont go anywhere." Yulia looked at her and kissed the end of her nose softly.
"you better not go!" Yuls crawled outta bed and into the hallway. Lena lulled the last few recent events in her head. She definantly liked a girl, but she wasnt sure if that was a terrible thing or not.
Yulia bounded in the door and threw her arms around the redhead.
"I have a surprise for you!!!"
"like what?" Lena asked suspiciously, she wasnt ready for a sexual relationship right now, and if Yulia tried to rush it she would know that Yulia was lying.
"dont sound so skeptical! Nick and I just want to take you to Kamloops with us... go shopping... get our nails girly things ya know?" Lena laughed. She had never done anything like that before. Yulia wrapped her arms around Lena.
"This will be so much fun!" Lena managed a smile. Yulia ran around the room, putting on her clothes, Lena followed suit.
I will forget my dreams
Nothing is what it seems
I will effect you
I will protect you
From all the crazy schemes

You traded in your wings
For everything freedom brings

You never left me
You never let me
See what this feeling means
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