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Does Sarah Palin joining Fox News?

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Does Sarah Palin joining Fox News?

Add to their reputation for fair and balanced news? She was quoted "It's wonderful to be part of a place that so values fair and balanced news." Does having a ex-vise presidential non-hopeful moose hunting grandmother deliver the news make it more "fair and balanced news" or just funnier to watch as the nation crumbles?
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Meh, I dunno. She's wacky as hell and I dislike her a lot for being oversensitive about political correctness lately.

But she endorsed Rand Paul. Seriously, that's huge. I love it, and just for that I actually respect her just a little bit. In the end I love support for libertarians more than I dislike super-christian neo-cons that take unreasoned offense for something never directed to them.

As for her joining Fox. Meh. Doesn't surprise me. And Fox isn't much fair and balanced. They're fair and biased, just like any other news channel in USA. They're all flaming biased. Hehe.
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