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Gay marriage/Interracial marriage

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I really don't see why people are so bent out of shape about gay marriage. It's not YOUR marriage, it's not YOUR life, stay out of it. It all comes down to religion being the basis of a lot of decisions made by the government and I think it is very very wrong and misguided.

A lot of people believe gays should be allowed "civil unions" instead of marriage. We ALL are aware how the whole "separate but equal" concept worked in the did not. Marriage has changed throughout centuries. Interracial marriage was not allowed, women were married off like property, and divorce was illegal. If the U.S. is so focused on keeping with the past and doing things how our forefathers did it...well why not just reverse a lil bit and adopt all of our previous policies....god forbid two gay people love each other enough to get married and make that commitment.
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