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Make your own 2003 compilation album!

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Old 15-12-2003, 20:54   #1
Mossopp Mossopp is offline
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Talking Make your own 2003 compilation album!

Let's assume we're all making up our own compilation album of songs that have had some kind of significance to us in 2003. What songs would you pick?
There are 2 stipulations:

You can't have more than 20 tracks
You can't have more than 2 songs by the same artist

The songs don't necessarily have to have been released or written in 2003, they just have to have held some relevance or memory for you this year.
Here's my 20. It killed me having to choose only 2 tATu tracks but that's the way the biscuit breaks. Some of you may be surprised by a couple of my inclusions.

‘All The Things She Said’ – tATu
‘Cry Me A River’ – Justin Timberlake
‘Bring Me To Life’ – Evanescence
‘Boys Of Summer’ – The Ataris
‘Show Me Love’ – tATu
‘Faint’ – Linkin Park
‘Move Your Feet’ – Junior Senior
‘Crash’ – 12 Stones
‘Road Signs And Rock Songs’ – The Ataris
‘I Loved The Way She Said L.A.’ – Spitalfield
‘The Science Of Selling Yourself Short’ – Less Than Jake
‘Attached At The Hip’ – CKY
‘In The Mood’ – To My Surprise
‘Signals Over The Air’ – Thursday
‘Try Honesty’ – Billy Talent
‘Diane’ – Therapy?
‘Creamer (Radio Is Dead)’ – Limp Bizkit
‘Sink Into The Underground’ – CKY
‘I Hate Everything About You’ – Three Days Grace
‘The Taste Of Ink’ – The Used

Let's hear your lists!
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Dent Dent is offline
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2 - Mбscara - Pitty
3 - Going Under - Evanescence
4 - Damage, Inc - Mettalica
5 - Behind Blue Eyes - Limp Bizkit
7 - Feuer Frei - Rammstein
8 - My Immortal - Evanescence
9 - Somewhere I Belong - Linkin Park
10 - Wont Back Down - Fuel
11 - Boiler - Limp Bizkit
12 - Who Wants to live Forever - Queen
13 - Numb - Linkin Park
14 - Princes of the Universe - Queen
15 - Save me - Remy Zero
16 - Teto de Vidro - Pitty
17 - Ironia - Carajo
18 - Segredos - Frejat
19 - Too Bad - Nickelback
20 - How Soon is Now - The Smtihs


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cirrus cirrus is offline
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Good thread idea

tATu - All The Things She Said
Nichya - Nichya
tATu - Ya Tvoya Ne Pervaya
Avril Lavinge - Sk8er Boi
White Town - Your Woman
Susie van der Meer - Somebody Has To Pay
BT - Shame
Sneaker Pimps - Low Five
Siobhan Donaghy - Overrated
Baxter - Didn't Have A Choice
Christina Aguilera - Dirrty
A*Teens - Upside Down (don't ask )
The Cars - Just What I Needed
Thomas D & Nina Hagen - Solo
The Cardigans - For What It's Worth
Abandoned Pools - The Remedy

thanks spyretto.
Alizee - Je'n ai marre!
I don't know what it is about that French girl, but mmmm mmmm mmm!

yes, what a ridiculous assortment indeed! I love it.

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spyretto spyretto is offline
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"Diane" is old , Mossopp ok, here's my top 20

1. t.A.T.u - All the Things She Said
2. t.a.T.u - Nas Ne Dogoniat
3. Lacuna Coil - Daylight Dancer
4. Paradise Lost - Isolate
5. Rammstein - Ich Will
6. Granddaddy - Stray Dog And the Chocolate Shake
7. Sigur Ros - Njosnavelin
8. The Hives - Hate To Say I Told You So
9. Evanescence - Bring Me To Life
10. White Stripes - Seven Nation Army
11. Vanessa Carlton - A Thousand Miles
12. Placebo - The Bitter End
13. Metallica - Frantic
14. Foo Fighters - All My Life
15. The Gathering - Monsters
16. Feeder - Come Back Around
17. Famellos - Kite ( tht one's Greek )
18. Alizee - J'en Ai Marre
19. Coldplay - God Put a Smile Upon Your Face
20. The Brilliant Green - Rainy Days Never Stays ( that's j-pop )

what a rediculous assortment of songs

edit: I have 11 different nationalities there!
or 13, even ( forgot Luxenburg and Wales )
What is it about Alizee? Her first album was so cool and she's hmm

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Tom Violence Tom Violence is offline
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In times gone by, it used to be great fun between Christmas and New Year to make a tape of my favourite songs from that year. I don't have a tape player with me. But I can pretend.

I always favoured the one song per artist rule. I've tried only to use songs from this year, but have bent my own rule backwards in some places.

Side one:

Venetian Snares: Einstein-Rosen Bridge
t.A.T.u.: All the Things She Said
Ladytron: Oops! Oh My
Cat Power: He War
DJ Shadow: Six Days (Mos Def Remix)
Johnny Cash: Hurt
Kraftwerk: La Forme
The Crimea: Lottery Winners on Acid
Kelly Osbourne: Come Dig Me Out
British Sea Power: Remember Me

Side Two:

Bearsuit: The Weight of it All
Sludgefest: SOS
Neptunes feat. Jay-Z: Frontin'
Panjabi MC: Jogi
Snow Patrol: Crazy in Love
Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Pin
Zombina and the Skeletones: Nobody Likes You (When You're Dead)
McLusky: There Ain't No Fool in Ferguson
Radiohead: There There
Juniper Moon: Me Seinto Mejor
Stay in the underworld with me.
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Old 16-12-2003, 01:11   #6
zebu zebu is offline
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1.Tatu-Ne ver,ne bojsja
3.Placebo-Bitter End
4.Placebo-I'll be Yours
6.The White Stripes-Seven Nation Army
7.No Doubt-It's My Life
8.The Rasmus-In the Shadows
9.Manic Street Preachers-Ocean Spray
10.Noir Desir-Le vent nous portera
11.The Muse-The time is running out
12.Zemfira-Prosti menja moja ljubov
13.The Smiths-How soon is now?
14.The Smiths-Bigmouth srikes again
15.Kate Bush-Running up that hill
16.David Bowie-Life on Mars
17.Noir Desire-Des Armes
18.Blanka-I smell of you
19.Rammstein-Mein Herz brennt
20.Queens of the Stone Age-Noone knows
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Old 16-12-2003, 03:35   #7
EeZeReal EeZeReal is offline
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Atmosphere - Always Coming Back Home To You
Tatu - ATTSS
Mac Lethal - Pass The Ammo
Dos Noun - Beauty
Brother Ali - Picket Fence
Tatu - YTNP
Themselves - Good People Check
Soul Position - One Love
Prefuse 73/Diverse - Plastic
Cunninlynguists - Doin' Alright
Non-Prophets - The Cure
Greenhouse Effect - Life Sentences
MF Doom - Let Me Watch
Sole - Selling Live Water
Non-Prophets - Any Port
iCON The Mic King - Wildfire
3 Melancholy Gypsies - Done Deal
Vakill - The Flyer
Sole - Plutonium
Elite - Feel It

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Old 16-12-2003, 14:50   #8
spyretto spyretto is offline
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Damage, Inc - Mettalica
that is an absolute killer song, circa 1986. But I thought we were doing songs that made an impact this year, one and a half tops. I also wanted to put "Infecto Groovalistic" but didn't

Noir Desir!! But the only song that rocked on that album was "Lost".
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Old 16-12-2003, 23:34   #9
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Quite hard.. only 2 songs per artist But, I try...

1. Tatu - Ya Soshla S Uma (S. Galoyan Remix)
2. The Knife - Pass This On
3. Akula - Ya Ubegayu (Equinox Club Remix)
4. Tatu - All The Things She Said (Extension 119 Club Vocal Mix)
5. Maxi M - Trudnii Vozrast
6. Kent - Dom Andra
7. Linkin' Park - Crawling
8. Outkast - Hey Ya
9. Alice Deejay - Better off alone
10. Sade - No Ordinary Love

I come back to edit list when I get more ideas.
Monika | t.E.A.m. [ <3 ] [ 11 ]
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Old 19-12-2003, 14:03   #10
taty994945 taty994945 is offline
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Tatu - All The Things She Said
Coldplay - The Scientist
Dido - White Flag
Evanescence - Bring Me To Life
Punjabi MC Feat. Jay-Z - Beware Of The Boys
Hilary Duff - Where Did I Go Right?
Portishead - Roads (Sultan & Tonedepth Remix)
Black Eyes Peas - Shut Up
Underworld - Born Slippy (Paul Oakenfold Remix)

I must develop a better taste in music, come 2004
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Old 22-12-2003, 00:02   #11
DAZ DAZ is offline
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1.I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself-White Stripes
2.How Soon Is Now-Tatu
3.Theme From Cheers-The Wildhearts
4.Wake The World-Levellers
5.Givin Up-The Darkness
7.American Made-George Thorogood
8.If I was Orson Welles-Antiproduct
9.Kiss Me I'm Shitfaced-Dropkick Murphys
10.Born Innocent-Proclaimers
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Old 27-12-2003, 04:53   #12
XSpex XSpex is offline
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Here is my list

Korn - Did My Time
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Pin
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Art Star
Melanie C - Reason
Christina Aguilera - Fighter
Tatu - Ya Tvoya Ne Pervaya
Missy Elliot - Gossip Folks
The Sounds - Living In America
Melanie C - Here It Comes Again
Nich'ya - Nich'ya
Christina Aguilera - The Voice Within
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Devilish Yulia Devilish Yulia is offline
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tatu - ATTSS &russian version
linkin park - somewhere i belong
pink - get the party started
tatu - NVNB
Missy Elliot - Gossip Folks
Christina Aguilera - Fighter
Evanescence - Bring Me To Life
justin timberlake - rock ur body
tatu - prostye dvizheyina
linkin park - numb
tatu - robot
Nich'ya - Nich'ya
nsync - this i promise u
good charlotte - girls and boys
smash! - i should of loved u more
tatu - malchik gay...(russian version)

there u go ... if i have more songs then ill have to make a second disc
When the visions around you,
Bring tears to your eyes, And all that surround you,
Are secrets and lies, I'll be your strength, I'll give you hope,
Keeping your faith when it's gone The one you should call, Was standing here all along...

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febrika febrika is offline
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1. tATu - Ya Tvoya Ne Pervaya
2. LP - Papercut
3. Mandy Moore - Only Hope
4. Sarah McLachlan - Adia
5. LP - Crawling
6. Radiohead - Karma Police
7. The Corrs - Hardest Day
8. U2 - With or Without You
9. Heart - Alone
10. Josh Groban - Cinema Paradiso
11. U2 - Stay
12. Michael Jackson - Trip On Me
13. Nelly - Hot In Here
14. Radiohead - Fake Plastic Trees
15. Vanessa Carlton - Thousand Miles
16. tATu - Ya Soshla S Uma
17. Jeniffer Love-Hewitt - Ordinary Love
18. LP - Somewhere I Belong
19. Radiohead - My Iron Lung
20. Robbie Williams - No Regrets
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teeny teeny is offline
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I'll give it a try:

t.A.T.u. - Show Me Love
Good Charlotte - Hold On
Maria Lucia - Taking Back My Heart
Hoobastank - The Reason
Linkin Park - Numb
Julie - Completely Fallen
Kashmir - Rocket Brothers
Gareth Gates - Anyone Of Us
Dido - White Flag
Evanescence - My Immortal
Smash - Talk To Me
Tim Christensen - Right Next To The Right One
David Sneddon - Don't Let Go
Bryan Adams - Nothing I've Ever Known
Westlife - Obvious
Hidden bonus track: t.A.T.u. - Stars
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tATu - all the things she said
tATu - zachem ya
busta rhymes feat. mariah carey - i know what you want
eminem - lose yourself
evanescence - bring me to life
evanescence - going under
metallica - st. anger
panjabi mc - mundian to bach ke
anexis - gde mi
nichya - nichya
katya nechaeva - suicide (?)
maxi-m - zavedi
pink - family portrait
linkin park - numb
030904 - worst day of my life
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Unplugged Unplugged is offline
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1. t.A.T.u. - "Ne Ver', Ne Boisya, Ne Prosi"
2. Mew - "Comforting Sounds"
3. Coldplay - "Amsterdam"
4. t.A.T.u. - "Zachem Ya"
5. Coldplay - "Everything's Not Lost"
6. Sigur Ros - "Untitled 8"
7. Sigur Ros - "Untitled 4"
8. David Bowie - "Heroes"
9. Nina Simone - "For All We Know"
10. Bob Marley - "I Can See Clearly Now"
11. Jorge Palma - "Essa Miuda"
12. Mъm - "Green Grass of Tunnel"
13. Olive - "Smile"
15. Reamonn - "Star"
16. Madonna - "X-static Process"
17. Evanescence - "My Immortal"
18. Martina Topley-Bird - "Anything"
19. Paul van Dyk feat. Vega 4 - "Time of Our Lives"
20. Myslovitz - "Sound of Solitude"

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