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The US Court dismissed the complaint of Lena's former manager

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The US Court dismissed the complaint of Lena's former manager

The US court confirmed the refusal to recover $ 8 million from the ex-soloist of Tatu Lena Katina.

MOSCOW, September 4 - RAPSI.
The California Court of Appeal dismissed the complaint of Tristram Buckley, the former manager of the ex-lead singer of the Tatu Lena Katina, who has been trying to recover $ 8 million from her since 2013 for allegedly illegal dismissal, violation of contractual obligations and dissemination of defamatory information.

It follows from court materials that Buckley collaborated with Katina in 2012-2013.

According to his own statements, for "a year of full-time work on the Project" he managed to "put her [Katina] on a path that could lead her to the greatest possible commercial success in the next stage of her career." Moreover, according to Buckley, he "achieved what everyone thought was impossible - the reunion [of Tatu]" and at the time of the termination of cooperation with him Katina was "the most famous recording artist in the history of the Russian music industry."

Her former manager explains her claims to Katina by the fact that she stopped working with him only in order “to avoid paying him 20% of the income already received at the time when he was a manager” and 20% of her potential earnings in the future. Along with this, Buckley said that the Tatu soloist and her entourage allegedly "made false and derogatory statements" about him.

The trial court sided with Buckley, awarding $ 8 million in damages. At the same time, the decision was made in absentia due to the fact that neither Katina nor her legal representative responded to the filed suit, despite the fact that the Tatu soloist was allegedly notified accordingly back in June 2013 through designer Yekaterina Kharbuzova.

Subsequently, Katina denied this statement. As follows from the case materials, she told the court that she became aware of the absentee decision only at the beginning of February 2016 from the lawyer Mikhail Kuznetskiy, in connection with which she filed a corresponding petition.

It was upheld in September 2016, despite Buckley's objections. The ruling stated, among other things, that Buckley, in negotiating a settlement with Katina's lawyer, chose not to notify him of the initiation of legal proceedings, thereby violating the principles of courtesy and professionalism observed in the state of California. Katina, in turn, “presented facts indicating a sufficiently valid reason, giving her the right to a fair trial,” the court of first instance noted.

In this regard, Buckley appealed, insisting that Katina did not provide “an adequate excuse for not doing anything” in connection with the lawsuit against her, referring to the period since mid-2013.

Judge Timothy Dillon of the California Court of Appeals disagreed with former manager Katina's reasoning, confirming the findings of the September 9, 2016 ruling.
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Wow I had wondered what ever happened to this, thanks!
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Wow!! What one can do for money...
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