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Jony is the pseudonym of an Azerbaijani author and performer of such popular compositions on the Internet as “Empty Glass”, “Friendzone”, “Star”. Over five million views and collaboration with the company “Raava music company” brought Jony his new song “Alley”, after which the young man became famous not only in the vastness of the network. The boy, whose real name is Jahid Huseynli, was born in an Azerbaijani family in 1996. Soon, his parents moved with him and his brother to a permanent residence in Moscow. In Russia, a guy with such an unusual name for the ears of local residents had a hard time. The pseudonym Jony was born thanks to Jahid's mother - he loved to watch the cartoon "Johnny Bravo", and she jokingly started calling her son Johnny. In the capital, Jahid graduated from high school and became interested in music and writing. However, at first the father opposed his son’s musical career, although his mother was on the side of Jahid, so the young man began to study the specialty “International Business” at the State University of Management, albeit without much hunting. But he never gave up music lessons, even when after graduating from the magistracy he worked at once in three works (however, two of them involved performing with songs once a week, the third from his father, who owns his own company). The hereditary “melodiousness” and good vocal characteristics of the young man were not immediately appreciated. Jony posted his compositions on instagram, but only after the publication of the composition “Star” a large Internet audience drew attention to his work. And, inspired by the first success, Jony continued to compose music.Soon the singer was noticed not only by subscribers on social networks. Jony invited the Raava Music Company to promote young artists for an interview and audition. Negotiations ended successfully, after which Jony began touring in Russian cities. Jony is not married and is not going to start a family yet, although he is dating girls. The romantic nature of the singer is looking for the one that will not only become his beloved wife, but will also accept the foundations of his family, which the young man values. Isn't his track “Alley” talking about this?It is also important that the chosen one was liked by his mother, who does not mind the soul in her sons. It seems that with the increasing popularity of the singer, his personal life will become known in more detail, which the female audience of fans of an enviable bachelor is looking forward to.
His new mini album "Небесные розы" is out tonight:


His first album:

(we need dancing emoji)
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