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Interview: TELEprogramma (August, 2020)

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Interview: TELEprogramma (August, 2020)


Lena Katina: "I won't let my son into show business!"
The first photo session of the singer with five-year-old Sasha for the TV program magazine

Ten years ago, the star of the tATu group Lena Katina chose a solo career. A new life began with depression, which the singer managed to cope with. Now Katina is happy with her son, family and her musical team. During the quarantine, the singer participated in the show "Mask", and now she is waiting for the resumption of the tour.

"There was a temptation to go all out"

- Lena, who does Sasha want to become now? And what profession do you dream of for your son?

- Sasha wants to become everything at once! And a policeman, and a fireman, and a driver, and a machinist, and an artist ... Depending on what book we read or what cartoon we watch. It is difficult to say for now what he has more abilities - I think that at school it will become clear. I want my son to receive a good multifaceted education and subsequently decide on a profession that would be to his liking and bring a stable income. I will support my son, no matter what choice he makes, but I sincerely hope that this will not be show business.

- So you won't give your son to Fidgets?

- I really love Fidgets and am happy that I was a member of this group, but I don't plan to give Sasha there. Now I focus on sports and general education, my son really likes it. Sasha goes to kindergarten, is engaged in gymnastics, taekwondo. I always ask the child: what is it interesting for him to do? If he wants, I'll send him to a music school.

- You started your career in show business with Fidget. Was there hazing, like ballet hazing?

- Oh yeah! Hazing in "Fidgets" was! Now it's funny to remember. The newcomers were not noticed, they were not greeted, and without any explanation. But there was no cruelty, and when someone else came, you immediately became "old", and everyone switched to the next one. Nastya Zadorozhnaya replaced me. But our leaders were Serezha Lazarev and Yulia Malinovskaya. With Nastya Zadorozhnaya, we correspond, communicate at parties. With Seryozha Lazarev and Vlad Topalov, we also often intersect at work and always chat with pleasure.

- What is the most dangerous and difficult thing for a child in show business?

- In show business, as well as in art in general, there are no guarantees and stability. Perhaps that is why this is called a vocation - another thing is that very few people are confused by this. There are many talented people, but only a few achieve success. Plus show business is a world of temptations, which often have a bad effect on health, both mental and physical. I came to this world by the will of fate. It so happened that I was chosen, and then a completely different life began. The most difficult was the test of fame. It's easy to go crazy when the whole world is worshiping you, especially at such a young age. And I was lucky again: I have family and friends who, at the stage of the inception of star fever, explained very clearly

that fame quickly passes, but respect for a person of any profession is completely different. Of course, I was tempted to go all out (like drugs and alcohol) - and more than once, but in the end I was not attracted to it. There was some kind of internal taboo - perhaps it's about upbringing, the right guidelines. In addition, I constantly observed what happens to people because of these heavy addictions. Therefore, after the concert I went to the room with a book, they even called me "reading room".

- Returning to your motherhood - did you manage to maintain friendly relations after the divorce from Sasha's dad? Does the son communicate with the father?

- Sasho and I are constantly in touch, Sasha communicates with him regularly, I send photos and videos (Sasho lives in Slovenia, he comes from there. - Ed.). We were together for 9 years, and Sasho became my family forever, so it was not so difficult to maintain a good relationship. Moreover, we have a son, we perfectly understand the priorities - the emotions of the child are most important. I think it should be so when mom and dad after a divorce communicate in a friendly way.

- Recently you participated in the TV project "Mask", which had a decent rating. Your Spider was great. They say that TV broadcasts stimulate a wave of interest in the artist. Have you noticed?

- Of course, interest in my person has increased, but I took part in The Mask, because as an artist it was very interesting for me to test myself in something new. In principle, I do not like contests, but here I could not refuse, as I was hooked on the concept of the project. I really wanted to sing the favorite songs of other artists. And it was also interesting to check how recognizable my voice is.

- Do you have the right to perform Yugoslavia and other hits recorded with tATu producer Ivan Shapovalov?

- Of course, both I and Julia perform these songs at our concerts.

- Do you communicate with Yulia Volkova and Ivan now?

- We do not communicate with Yulia for a long time, and our circle of friends is different. But we keep in touch with Vanya, we have mutual acquaintances, and I always know how he is.

- Why did you stop communicating with Yulia?

- We are completely different, we just ended up in the same project and spent a lot of time together. Of course, we had a good relationship, but we were never close friends. We have different interests. Of course, we also had conflicts in our work, like everyone else, both minor and serious. The first time tATu disbanded in 2009, then we teamed up in 2014 to perform at the Sochi Olympics and decided to try to work again. But this attempt did not lead to anything other than the end of the joint activity. I think this is the problem of many public people and the expectations of their fans. For example, when two actors act in films, then fans continue to believe that in life they should also be inseparable. But it's just a job well done, and outside of it everyone has their own life,therefore, to explain about "communicate - do not communicate" is even somehow silly, in my opinion.

- Shapovalov became a person with whom you spent more time than with your parents. And what happened behind the scenes? Did he show harshness towards you, or was he always a "family father"?

- Ivan always communicated with us very well and explained what and why we were doing, he really spent time on this so that we would understand the process itself and understand it. He had enough time and patience for us, for which many thanks to him. I know a lot of stories about producers who just said "go there, sing there." Vanya never did that, he was always attentive. I can't even compare him with any of the producers, he's just different! Vanya always had his own vision, his own path and talent to inspire people with ideas, he is like a modern Zarathustra. Most of all I loved the studio work, with Vanya it was always magic - he somehow knew how to get out of me the very emotions that I did not even suspect. He knew how to tune in to work and set the right mood. But on tour he practically did not fly with us, so I can't saythat we spent all our time with him ... Rather, we almost never parted with the concert director, because then we had a schedule of 30 concerts a month.

- At the age of 16 you already earned money as successful artists. I read that even then you were investing in real estate. Provided a comfortable life?

- I have an airbag, and I can afford to feel comfortable, for example, during quarantine. But there is a saying: "Money starts to run out when it stops starting." Quite true, by the way. So I hope that work will resume in the near future - not only for financial stability, but also for the soul. I really miss the stage, the energy of the hall, travel ...

- tATu were popular in many countries. Are you remembered abroad now?

- I have a huge number of fans in different countries, and I regularly perform abroad. Most of the fans are those who love tATu. They also loved my solo work. There are also new fans who have joined me on the background of a solo project and through it they learned about tATu. The love of our fans goes to "plus infinity", I always feel their support in any endeavors for many, many years. For example, at the beginning of the year, tATu's single, All The Things She Said, reached 100 million streams on Spotify (an online music listening service - Ed.). It seems to me that this once again shows that tATu is a timeless project and relevant for different generations of people.

- Did your psychology diploma help you when the tATu story ended?

- Did you know that every psychologist has his own psychologist? Of course, certain knowledge helps me in life all the time. For example, analyze the situation and see it from the outside. When tATu broke up, of course, it was very hard for me. I had depression, I turned to a psychologist for help, he helped me at the initial stage. And then my family and friends supported me: Boris Rensky, who invited me to continue working as a solo artist, Olga is my personal assistant and friend, musicians who taught me not to be afraid to compose music. In general, I believe that in a difficult period it is imperative to seek help from loved ones. Now I have a wonderful team of people who believe in me, understand and support me in everything.

- What makes up your feeling of happiness?

- Happiness is an inner feeling that should not depend on anything. After all, the quality of life does not depend on the number of apartments, a new smartphone or a super-fast car. The quality of life is determined by how joyful you are, how open you are. This is the main thing, and it helps to catch the buzz from life. I am happy because I have a wonderful son, a wonderful family, with whom I have a close relationship, a job I love, and great friends. Of course, there are all sorts of wishes, goals and ways to achieve them, which in my case is never easy. There is a bad mood, like all normal people, there are moments of despair. But nevertheless, I consider myself a happy person. Until I am completely happy at the moment, I miss the release of an English-language EP (music album. - Ed.) And the renovation in the apartment, which I plan for next year. Yet,of course, I would like to meet a life partner and give birth to another child, but this is already as God willing. I can do the rest myself.
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Thank you very much for the interview!! Quite interesting!

On VK and Instagram, fans discussed about Lena's words "we were never close friends". I think this statement's quite interesting taking into account she almost "blames" us for believing they were very close I mean, you can do a perfect act, but it was during 10 years!!! Interviews, photo shoots, performances, concerts, reality shows... I think she did count on Yulia, but she doesn't remember anymore
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Originally Posted by Qirek View Post
Thank you very much for the interview!! Quite interesting!

On VK and Instagram, fans discussed about Lena's words "we were never close friends". I think this statement's quite interesting taking into account she almost "blames" us for believing they were very close I mean, you can do a perfect act, but it was during 10 years!!! Interviews, photo shoots, performances, concerts, reality shows... I think she did count on Yulia, but she doesn't remember anymore
Well, I'm afraid they're still in very deep conflict. I don't know why Lena said that tbh.
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