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::Yulka:: Ivan's Holiday Tramp

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::Yulka:: Ivan's Holiday Tramp

Warning: some parts in these lyrics may stimulate your imagination. :P

Ivan's Holiday Tramp

I'm your friendly assistant
And I welcome you to Ivan's
Holiday Tramp.
One day you'll both be happy
And Ivan you will thank.
Why you must be little Lena
Well call me mizz' Kiper.
Welcome you too, Yulia
He're you'll both find a helping hand
The places where you'll both sleep
(hotels, only Marriott)
But when it comes to kissing
You must both work for us!

-Yulia (counterpart to Elena)
Didn't know we had an assistant
We had to meet her, didn't we?
Look there, Lena, Miss Sixty
Clothes and gays clubs and it's
All for free!
All for free, girl!

Here we have the winners, folks
Have you ever seen a more innocent pair?
What a shapely figure
What a perfect attitude.
If you had seen this golden match
You'd know I had to act!
If you had seen this
Golden match you'd know…

You don't know how long it's been
Since I last saw her… and since last we kissed…
Your eyes reveal you want me…
This project must go slowly.
Until we marry, Ivan won't rest,
Will Russia share our happiness?
You don't know how much I've missed
To feel your lips in there…
Of course they will, we'll make them drool
We'll throw big shows and big videos
America and Europe
There'll never be such a pair
We'll be more than good friends
We'll be just like a couple!

I will have my project too
Since this one went in a very wrong way
A project with a difference
Always be good wether
When you come to Nichya
You'll be straight, forever!

I'm glad you love each other
They'll all love you too
Just like they're fans…

It's very nice, I think…
Now where do we start to grope?

When she's got nothing on,
I love her even more…
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