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About the forum and bans

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Smile About the forum and bans

A lot of you, probably, still don’t understand my actions and politics on this forum. I would like to explain to you how I see this forum, and what guidelines I follow when I make different decisions.

This forum was created 3 years ago not just as an alternative to the official forum, but also as a place where clear-minded people can gather, discuss any issues and view Tatu’s creativity logically.

The priority in the development of the forum always was, is and will be the maintenance of a peaceful and friendly atmosphere on the forum. Not the number of members, popularity of the forum etc.

The main rules of the forum always were, are and will be the rules of good tone and morals. And not the rules that are written out in bullet-points. ХAlthough, forum rules are also important. That’s why hundreds of warning are made, sometimes forum rules don’t apply, and sometimes I have to make some rough decisions. Maybe some people need a sign “Don’t swear in the bus” in order to not swear in a bus. This is not so in here. All the rules were already described and explained to you by your moms and dads.

Let’s imagine our forum as a house, which is built by the members during a period of many years. Every member brings something to the house. Someone brings books with new information, someone provides a shelf for some files, some tell jokes, some reads poems, some write stories and so on. Everyone does something for himself and for others. People interact in the forum, get to know each other, sometimes even falling in love.

Some people don’t understand why I, in their opinion, rudely throw someone out of this house. I’ll explain with real-life examples.

Do you have the idea of this great house in your mind? Now imagine that some people in this house, for a long period of time, go around menacing others with complaints, constantly get into fights and quarrels. Always unhappy with something. Constantly ruining things. Stealing stuff from shelves and books, brought to the house by others. And these members are constantly told “enough”. They are warned. They are tolerated. But why should they be? Let them go somewhere else and cause trouble there.

So, on one wonderful day my patience exceeded its limit, and I threw out three members (Rob, Nike75, xena225), who ruined the atmosphere in our house (now they continue to ruin it in some other place) and everything went back to normal. I’m sorry, but what is so hard to understand and except? It’s like I ban people cuz I’m evil. It’s nothing like that. I do things for a reason. But you, dear members, forgot all those quarrels and problems that were caused by these banned members, too bad. Before you accuse me of doing something, pretending that you don’t understand anything, stop to think about the reasons and that was it like before.

I can give other examples, but this is the most good one and, as far as I know, most misunderstood.

Now imagine that the people in the neighboring house come here at night and throw stones at our windows, breaking glass, getting someone injured. You think this is normal? I think not. And those throwing stones at us are and will be getting resistance.

Thus, there are only 2 things that can get a person banned from this forum:
1) The person ruins the atmosphere of this forum (for example, with constant quarrels and his/her own unbearable stupidity).
2) The person steels things from our house, and gives it to those bastards who throw stones at our windows at night.

In my opinion, everything is very clear and understandable. If a person received numerous warnings, and then got banned, then be sure that this person won’t have access to this forum ever again. If someone was banned by mistake, andit’s unclear why, then the person should contact with the forum staff and the problem will, most likely, be resolved.

Be very sure that I will not tolerate people here who will spoil other people’s time with his/her actions and words. There are plenty of other forums for that.

I think that you understand that this forum is made for you by yourselves. If you have any ideas regarding the development and improvement of this forum, don’t be shy and write to us. This forum was not initially made as a forum for Tatu fans, but as something bigger, a place where different people can communicate. Tatu was just one of the reasons.

This thread is not for discussion, but just a small notice. Maybe someone will understand something for themselves. And thanks to Kate for her help with the translation.

P.S. Excuse me for being so primitive.
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