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Latest on the Tatu/Shapovalov dispute in Podnebesnaya

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Old 19-02-2004, 09:37   #21
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Originally posted by febrika
imo, y&l w/ ivan is a teamwork. work based on agreement.
I agree, but if this is all to be believed, Lena and Yulia are very disappointed in their producer Ivan. Of course he's done a lot, and he is a genius in a way, but it looks like Lena and Yulia don't see a creative future for themselves with him, if things continue like this (not to mention the money issue). That's my interpretation anyway.

I don't really care what goes on behind the scenes, with the lawyers and so on - I guess the TV footage of that is mostly Manski's doing (and to be honest, what else could he film nowadays for The Podnebesnaya Reality Show) - but I do care about the fact that Lena and Yulia obviously don't feel that the project tATu is going the way they would want it to go.

The fact that the executive director of Neformat accompanied Lena to Singapore seems to indicate that Neformat wants to be affiliated with Lena and Yulia in the future as well - and why shouldn't they? To the world those two girls ARE tATu, they lend their voices, their personalities, their charisma, their professionalism to this project, and Universal/Neformat would be crazy to let them go (if you ask me).

If a solution can be found in this matter, I think tAtu, or rather Lena and Yulia, will be around for a long time as singers and performers. I haven't given up on tATu yet. Not by a long shot.

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I've made a poll about the issue of Yulia and Lena versus t.A.T.u.

Please vote:
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thanks for the news
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Thanks Xenna & Elf.

I KNEW it! The Neformat contracts are pretty tough to break! They have lawyers too I bet, and I bet they predicted this situation when they were singning a new contract. It's not like you can break a legaly binding contract just like that, without any consequences. That's the whole point of contracts.

I can't IMAGINE Yulia's greedy mom would stand for the losing of profit out of those contracts... and it does seem like she's the driving force behind the negotiations when it comes to contracts. Judging from her eagerness to have affect on the contract terms (in the anathomy vid) I do belive she'd send her daughter to slave traders if it meant some money in her pocket.
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