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Originally Posted by QueenBee View Post
I think we had a thread like this before, but I believe it is now gone after the latest downtime (or the one before that possibly).

Anyway, I thought we should have a thread where us foreigners (or young/dumb [] Native speakers) could ask questions about the English language. For example, if we're confused about grammar/pronunciation, we can ask for help here.

Okay soooo... this is gonna sound super dumb. You all know how amazingly intelligent I am And fluent in English. But I sometimes have problems with pronunciation, possibly 'cause most of my knowledge comes from the Internet, where things aren't pronounced. I was watching the movie "The Machinist" (awesome movie by the way) but I have noooo idea how to pronounce the title. Is it like "machine-ist"? Or is the "ee" sound shorter (almost like "Machynyst")? Any help?

(This is like the time where I pronounced "Requiem for a Dream" like "require", haha)

Btw, I added the tag "language" to all the "Learning..." threads I could find (and a few others) so we can find them easily.
I also think so.
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