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I know this was an old post. Didn't see it before now. But I'll answer anyways...

They do... by gawd they do study politics in University. At least half of the students in political science in my university were girls, but after a while when you come closer to finishing bachelor and master (under grad and grad) the women are "weeded out" ... not by force of course, but it seems like girls won't stick to it, and they fall back on psychology, social anthropology or leave the university entirely and get into other studies within health care or school etc. Also, people (and I'd argue this goes more for girls than guys, but it's certainly not by much) who study social sciences are often not very aware of what they really wanna study, and after a while they drop out. As for in natural sciences and business you'll have geeks that know what they wanna do, and so there may be less women than men here to begin with, but they stick to it and you'll see the same level of women later on.

It's not easy to explain why it is like this. Part of it is that women have a natural tendency to be stronger at the "care-taking professions" and as such you have a huge majority of women in social parts of the health care business being nurses for instance, or being assistants and teachers in schools and kindergarten etc, while men have a tendency to specialize more and do more one-on-one tasks (doctor, mechanic, administrative positions, whatever), or perhaps completely isolated tasks (like research), and as such you'll have more men doing the crazy geeky stuff. Not necessarily a rule, just an overall tendency I think this explains why less women tend to end up finishing these sorts of geeky stuff, because it's in their nature to be a lot better as people persons, while men are "asocial creatures" that prefer to play around with one special field of interest. It's just part of our genes as female caretakers and male hunter-gatherers, I guess.

But I tell you, hold on to your goals and interests and don't mind what people say, and don't care why or why not girls study something. It doesn't matter what your sex is. The only thing that matters are individuals, and you are one.
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