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The album's out! I've uploaded to rapidspread, archive care of

Artist: МакSим
Title: Одиночка
Label: Gala Records
Year: 2009
Genre: Pop
Quality: 320 kbps / 44100 Hz
Tracks: 13
File size: 95 mb (rar)

01. На радиоволнах
02. Портрет
03. Весна
04. Любовь - это яд
05. Дорога
06. Я люблю тебя
07. Странница
08. Птицы
09. Мама-кошка
10. Блюз
11. Одиночка
12. На радиоволнах (Kirbas GASpromo remix)
13. На радиоволнах (DJ Fisun remix)

I've listened to it a few times and it's quite good. We've heard alot of the songs already over the past year, but there are others I haven't heard, and all in all, I think it will grow on me, so well worth the download.

I'm not liking the cover photo that much though.. she looks a bit trannylicious! Oh well...
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