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W00t! I'm so happy we're doing this again. And thanks for the people who nominated me... *Vote for Queenie campaign* If you vote for me, I'll give you all kisses and... freedom! *Teams up with George W. Bush* Well, anyway, here are my nominations

It was HARD and I might change my mind, but so far...

1- Best Female Member of the Year
Hmm... well it's hard to choose one, we have some great ladies here But I think I'll choose Denial because we share the same mind it seems.
2- Best Male Member of the Year
Duuuude... Well, umm, what a tough choice! I'll say Haku though, you've always been special and one of the smartest. I never knew such generous men existed, hehe.
3- Hottest Female Member
Oooo... Everyone is beautiful in the own way, blah blah blah, but I'll go for Katbeidar. I love her style and her cute little face and those sexy legs.
4- Hottest Male Member
EeZeeReal, 'cause he's the hottest and I can nominate him now that he's back.
5- Most Providing Member
ALOT of members have been bringing us lots of things, but I think I'll say Ice_Cream. She just returned but is already posting exclusives and remixes and what not!
6- Most Supportive Member
Sunwalk, I really think she deserves this. And I think she knows why For all the times she has helped me and others with her kind words. Bisou to you!
7- Most Creative Member
This was a tough one... But I think it shall go to Kishkash for her underwear and stuff topics.
8- Most Entertaining Member
Haku, I don't know what it is (*sings* that makes me feel like thiiiis I don't know who you aaare, but you must be some kind of superstaaar) *cough*, just this line made me giggle:
The member who has been the most entertaining (duh, lol).
9- Most Controversial Member
Katbeidar.. I think she will always deserve this. She's not afraid to say what she thinks, even if she thinks Tatu suck.
10- Best Statement Maker
Spyretto, that monk wanking story and what not.
11- Best Low Profile Member
Crni, because he is so kind and funny, and it was so sad to hear what had happened to him, but he still lives on and that shows how brave and special he is.
12- Special Mention
Mossopp, because well, she is just.. different in a good way. I love her negativity and view on things, I'd say she's one of a kind.
13- Horniest Member
I though of giving this to Ice_Cream, but on second thoughts I still remember how horny Lena made Haku, so this award goes to.. Haku!
14- Weirdest Member
Denial, because she is just like me, weird (in a good way I hope we are? ). We share the same views often and her posts sound really psychological to me...
15- Biggest Post Whore
*Acts innocent* Well, I don't want to vote for myself so I pick someone I think posts alot.. Teeny.
16- Most Addicted to this Forum
Hmmm.. well I think Staringelf, because even though he doesn't seem to love Tatu as much as he used to (he even said so himself, lol) he stays for us.
17- Most Missed Member
My husband Cirrus, the one and only king of Poland.
18- Best Moderator
Haku, he does his job perfectly and is just.. well, perfect.
19- Best Avatar
Staringelf's and I think we all know why, LOL!
20- Best Nickname
Staringelf, it's so cute.

Oh btw, thanks for letting me join the commitee thing.

3- Hottest Female Member
Echoed... is SOMETIMES active
You and your Echoed fetish! Dude, when does she post? I thought we agreed on nominating the active members... I haven't seen her post this latest month, although I could be wrong. Isn't it more fun to nominate people who actually hang around here?
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