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1- Best Female Member of the Year
I'd have very big moral problems to vote for her as "The Best Female Member of the Year"... ....but i can vote for her as " Best General Female Performance Award": KatBeidar, cause she's created a lot of threads to make this forum active.
2- Best Male Member of the Year
3- Hottest Female Member
4- Hottest Male Member
.....I mean , his boxers..
5- Most Providing Member
6- Most Supportive Member
7- Most Creative Member
Cool...for her videos and her draws and the ways she takes the pics.
8- Most Entertaining Member
9- Most Controversial Member
10- Best Statement Maker
Here i've a i'll definitively choose later..: I would say about t.A.T.u:forre and about general threads:Ruskayatatu. [offtopic]...may be one nomination is missing here?...some people just write about tatu and other people just about general it's difficult to give a "Global award" for both..[/offtopic]
11- Best Low Profile Member
crni....absolutely love this guy and his kindness.
12- Special Mention
Miss Denial....cause, with the help of Sunny Poison and Greg, she made so much to help us to discover Russian Songs and Videos...and she's provided a lot of links to us on the subject..and she has truly a kind, tender heart
13- Horniest Member
14- Weirdest Member
15- Biggest Post Whore
16- Most Addicted to this Forum
17- Most Missed Member
18- Best Moderator
forre, without hesitation...not because I know her but I saw it in the facts.
19- Best Avatar
20- Best Nickname