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1- Best Female Member of the Year
Queenbee, i dunno, i just think she made a big impact this year
2- Best Male Member of the Year
Haku, hands down, for the translations
3- Hottest Female Member
Ah, Crampaholic, who can deny your pure hotness?
4- Hottest Male Member
ummm, i don't really have any opinion on this
5- Most Providing Member
I'm voting for me, just so i'm represented, i worked hard this summer finding lots of mp3s and videos in the Russian Music thread, which did eventually lead to it's own section. Although, i think Miss D and i we're a team more than separate entities. (i'd probably still be doing stuff, if school hadn't made me so busy and the connection here sucks, so i apologize for that, cause i have some COOL stuff to share, so just wait til i get home for christmas break)
6- Most Supportive Member
I'd like to say Teeny, i dunno why, but i will
7- Most Creative Member
Mossopp, i think she's creative for her topics more than anything
8- Most Entertaining Member
Crampoholic --- i'm just throwing things out now, but she makes me laugh
9- Most Controversial Member
10- Best Statement Maker
Staringelf, he pissed me off, made me feel better... those are good things
11- Best Low Profile Member
Jeez, i'd say Sunny Poison, cause i know she still checks on us even if it is every other month
12- Special Mention
Denial, for being one of my best friends on the forum and very supportive gal and generous and making me laugh every now and then
13- Horniest Member
Hrmmm, Ice_Cream (Though i don't think she needs another nod)
14- Weirdest Member
A weirdo? Do we have those here? If so i haven't see one... hahaha, i can't think of anyone to point out really, i think we all take the cake in this department
15- Biggest Post Whore
This is hard too... ummm, Denial ... yeah!
16- Most Addicted to this Forum
Harder.... but i'll say Katbeidar, cause she must be
17- Most Missed Member
xxjockdstylezxx, i just remembered her, she was my partner in crime for awhile and she was awesome, i really do miss her
18- Best Moderator
Forre, because she hasn't been nominated yet
19- Best Avatar
QueenBee -- i don't need one an explanation
20- Best Nickname
Crampaholic, cause when she changed it i was SO confused!

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