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Originally Posted by Tatutaty
I don't think we should have 2 subcategories so let's just leave it at that. Do you guys agree with this idea as well?
Could you develop and explain why you're opposed to this idea Tatutaty ?

I was thinking about those 2 different categories for 1 reason:
*for example, on a personal level, I think there is a member who makes very good comments about tatu BUT I won't never vote for this person as a Best Statement Maker just because I deeply disagree with some of its comments about general subjects.

So I think it's a little a pity...and a little unfair because I think that this person deserves really a mention about its great knowledge and good vision about tatu.

*At the opposite, there are some members who never make "deep" analysis about tatu but who have great statements about society, about politics, about ....
If I vote for these persons, I would seem really ridiculous in voting for the Best Statement of Tatysite...

Tatysite is a special forum: it isn't a forum JUST about the group has a very LARGE part about Society threads too.

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