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I don't have time to do them all, but here is my contribution, you cheater I'm not a Native speaker though so I'm not sure if everything is correct... maybe someone who is, can look over this and see if it's okay?

The ones that are red, are the ones I was unsure of/didn't know.

1. Look at ...! You look terrible!
a) me
b) you
c) yourself
d) your

2. I have never seen a city with so many modern ...
a) churchs
b) toweres
c) towers
c) churchies

3. I must go to the dentist. My ... are aching.
a) tooth
b) tooths
c) teeths
d) teeth

4. His ... do not allow for ...
a) wage, saving
b) wages, save
c) wage, savings
d) wages, saving

5. I saw ... yesterday. He told me about your mother.
a) Robert friend
b) a friend of Peter
c) Charles' friend
d) friend

6. I like this dress but the one I tried on yesterday was ...
a) much beautiful
b) more beautifuller
c) beautifuler
d) more beautiful

7. The prices of houses are getting ... . I am afraid we cannot buy a house of our own now.
a) high and high
b) high and low
c) highest and highest
d) higher and higher

8. ... my money. Please, do not take ... .
a) This are, them
b) These are, them
c) This is, them
d) This is, it

9. When I was walking in the park I did not see .... .
a) nobody
b) anybody
c) somebody
d) no one

10. I ... go to the shop because we will have some tea in the cupboard.
a) must
b) need
c) mustn't
d) needn't
This sentence doesn't make sense to me

11. Last year I had ... chances of employment than I have now.
a) less
b) much
c) fewer
d) least

12. I must stay at home and do my homework. I wish I ... go to the party with you.
a) can
b) am able
c) could
d) was able

13. I asked Peter about the book and he told me he ... it to the library.
a) has already returned
b) had already returned
c) already returned
d) already returns

14. I would have broken my leg if I ... on the banana skin.
a) stepped
b) have stepped
c) step
d) had stepped

15. When I entered the house she ... to the radio.
a) listened
b) has listened
c) has been listening
d) was listening

16. Before ... we wrote a message for him on a piece of paper.
a) we leave
b) we have left
c) leaving
d) we will leave

17. We had an accident yesterday and father took the car to the mechanic. Now our (car? ) is ...
a) being repaired
b) repair
c) repairing
d) being repair

18. Do you mind ... it home?
a) to take
b) takeing
c) taking
d) to be taken

19. I am sorry, but there is ... we can do to help them in their difficult situation.
a) something
b) anything
c) nothing
d) that

20. Look! James' car is ... big ... Tom's.
a) so, as
b) as, as
c) as, so
d) so, so

21. Do not buy this dish-washer. It is cheaper than that one, but is also ... .
a) less economical
b) more economical
c) less saving
d) more saving

22. He spent a fortnight there. I mean ...
a) twice four nights
b) four weeks
c) two weeks
d) forty nights

23. At which stop should I get ... ?
a) out
b) down
c) off
d) of

24. The poor cat did not manage to escape and the car ...
a) ran over them
b) run it over
c) ran over it
d) broke down

25. The plane to London is going to ... . We must hurry up.
a) start
b) begin to fly
c) fly
d) take off
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