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Somebody please help me with the grammar test. I think it's easier for you.

1. Look at ...! You look terrible!
a) me
b) you
c) yourself
d) your

2. I have never seen a city with so many modern ...
a) churchs
b) toweres
c) towers
c) churchies

3. I must go to the dentist. My ... are aching.
a) tooth
b) tooths
c) teeths
d) teeth

4. His ... do not allow for ...
a) wage, saving
b) wages, save
c) wage, savings
d) wages, saving

5. I saw ... yesterday. He told me about your mother.
a) Robert friend
b) a friend of Peter
c) Charles' friend
d) friend

6. I like this dress but the one I tried on yesterday was ...
a) much beautiful
b) more beautifuller
c) beautifuler
d) more beautiful

7. The prices of houses are getting ... . I am afraid we cannot buy a house of our own now.
a) high and high
b) high and low
c) highest and highest
d) higher and higher

8. ... my money. Please, do not take ... .
a) This are, them
b) These are, them
c) This is, them
d) This is, it

9. When I was walking in the park I did not see .... .
a) nobody
b) anybody
c) somebody
d) no one

10. I ... go to the shop because we will have some tea in the cupboard.
a) must
b) need
c) mustn't
d) needn't

11. Last year I had ... chances of employment than I have now.
a) less
b) much
c) fewer
d) least

12. I must stay at home and do my homework. I wish I ... go to the party with you.
a) can
b) am able
c) could
d) was able

13. I asked Peter about the book and he told me he ... it to the library.
a) has already returned
b) had already returned
c) already returned
d) already returns

14. I would have broken my leg if I ... on the banana skin.
a) stepped
b) have stepped
c) step
d) had stepped

15. When I entered the house she ... to the radio.
a) listened
b) has listened
c) has been listening
d) was listening

16. Before ... we wrote a message for him on a piece of paper.
a) we leave
b) we have left
c) leaving
d) we will leave

17. We had an accident yesterday and father took the car to the mechanic. Now our is ...
a) being repaired
b) repair
c) repairing
d) being repair

18. Do you mind ... it home?
a) to take
b) takeing
c) taking
d) to be taken

19. I am sorry, but there is ... we can do to help them in their difficult situation.
a) something
b) anything
c) nothing
d) that

20. Look! James' car is ... big ... Tom's.
a) so, as
b) as, as
c) as, so
d) so, so

21. Do not buy this dish-washer. It is cheaper than that one, but is also ... .
a) less economical
b) more economical
c) less saving
d) more saving

22. He spent a fortnight there. I mean ...
a) twice four nights
b) four weeks
c) two weeks
d) forty nights

23. At which stop should I get ... ?
a) out
b) down
c) off
d) of

24. The poor cat did not manage to escape and the car ...
a) ran over them
b) run it over
c) ran over it
d) broke down

25. The plane to London is going to ... . We must hurry up.
a) start
b) begin to fly
c) fly
d) take off

26. Who said that they ... the Palace the following day?
a) would have visited
b) would visit
c) will visit
d) are going to visit

27. We agreed that all the plans ... the following year.
a) will realize
b) would realize
c) would be realized
d) will be realized

28. When I last saw him he was dressed ... . Did either of his parent die?
a) black
b) in black
c) black suit
d) in black

29. She is so afraid of ... that when she saw one in her kitchen she climbed onto the table.
a) mouse
b) mouses
c) mices
d) mice

30. His ... him a lot of ...
a) business brings, revenues
b) business bring, revenue
c) business brings, revenue
d) business bring, renevus

31. The dinner Mary prepared smelt ... but tasted ...
a) good, terrible
b) well, terrible
c) good, terribly
d) well, terribly

32. He couldn't agree to ... as a robber.
a) be looked
b) be looked at
c) have been looked
d) looked

33. When I asked him for advice he told me ... that man.
a) not to marry
b) that I didn't marry
c) that I marry
d) to marry with

34. I asked him to look after my children and he ... .
a) did for me
b) did so
c) looked
c) did as

35. I invited her to the party but she said that she ...
a) cannot come
b) couldn't come
c) stays at home
d) didn't like come

36. I wanted to discuss the trip with her but when I came she ... already.
a) has left
b) left
c) had left
d) have left

37. Mary ... flowers by her husband yet.
a) has been given
b) had been given
c) has given
d) hasn't been given

38. He thinks very ... but reacts extremely ...
a) slowly, fast
b) slowly, quick
c) slowly, fastly
d) slow, fast

39. If my mother ... go to the park with you I will be suprprised.
a) lets me do
b) will let me
c) lets me
d) will let me to

40. What ... this evening?
a) do you do
b) are you doing
c) have you do
d) can you to do

41. The boy has been ... for three months but so far he has not been ... .
a) looking, found
b) looked, found
c) looked, found out
d) looked for, found

42. I'm so angry with her because she ... me to stop smoking.
a) always tell
b) always tells
c) always is telling
d) always telling

43. I asked him about his employees and he said he had a lot of ... but few women.
a) man-workers
b) men-worker
c) men-workers
d) man-worker

44. It is a general truth that ... are not going to help ... .
a) the rich, the poor
b) the rich, poor
c) rich, the poor
d) rich, poor

45. I don't know which programme to choose because ... of them are interesting.
a) either
b) one
c) both
d) no

46. The merchandise we ordered last month will be sent ... .
a) by cheque
b) us
c) by rail
d) yesterday

47. Her husband ... on her so much that he doesn't even look at the other women.
a) loves
b) likes
c) dotes
d) looks

48. Which of you ... to stay longer?
a) do want
b) does want
c) want
d) wants

49. They ... stay till we have finished.
a) will must
b) will have
c) will have to
d) must do

50. Tomorrow she ... leave half an hour earlier.
a) will may to
b) will be allowed
c) will be allowed to
d) will may

51. If I ... about it earlier I would have done it for you.
a) knew
b) had known
c) could know
d) were able to know

52. Neither he ... his brother ... a car.
a) nor, haven't
b) or, has
c) nor, has
d) or, have

53. I ... visit him today because we are all going to see him tomorrow.
a) must
b) need not
c) must not
d) cannot

54. They ... if they had had your phone number.
a) called
b) would call
c) would have called
d) would called

55. Did you remember ... him before you left?
a) to phone
b) phoning
c) phone
d) phoening

56. The grass needs ... .
a) cut
b) to cut
c) to be cutted
d) cutting

57. He is in hospital now but it is nothing serious and he will soon ... .
a) put through
b) be pulled through
c) pull through
d) be pulling through

58. How long has she ... rheumatism?
a) suffered from
b) suffered on
c) suffered of
d) suffered for

59. The guests were ... .
a) taken of good care
b) taken good care of
c) taken good care
d) taking good care of

60. I don't want to wear this coat any more. It is ...
a) out of fashion
b) off fashion
c) out off fashionable
d) out of fashionable

61. You ... this letter. I have already sent him a telegram.
a) didn't need write
b) needn't have to write
c) needn't have written
d) needn't to have written

62. There ... farms where there are office buildings now.
a) used to be
b) use to be
c) used be
d) used to being

63. All the worker's demands have been ... by their employer.
a) turned down
b) turned off
c) turned on
d) turned up

64. A plumber is:
a) someone who repairs shoes
b) someone who repairs water pipes
c) someone who sells medicines
d) someone who makes and repairs wooden objects

65. ... attended the meeting.
a) A few hundred people
b) A few hundreds people
c) Few hundreds people
d) A few hundred of people

66. Have you heard the ... news?
a) latest
b) latter
c) last
d) later

67. A cockpit is:
a) the part of plane where the pilot sits
b) a large building where aircraft are kept
c) an area on which aircraft land and take off
d) the part of a plane where passengers sit

68. Do you happen to have a book about ... ?
a) life of Mark Twain
b) Mark Twain life
c) the life of Mark Twain
d) a life of Mark Twain

69. They were not injured in the accident ... .
a) Either was I
b) So wasn't I
c) Neither was I
d) Neither wasn't I

70. His behavior was ... .
a) paid little attention
b) paying little attention
c) paying little attention to
d) paid little attention to

71. He arrived early .. I could talk to him before the meeting.
a) lest
b) such that
c) so that
d) in order so

72. Last week she ... a horse and broke her arm.
a) fell of
b) felled of
c) fell off
d) falled of

73. She heard him ... across the room.
a) to walk
b) walk
c) does walk
d) walks

74. The made be ... sorry.
a) did feel
b) felt
c) to feel
d) feel

75. Have him ... it at six.
a) bring
b) to bring
c) brings
d) bringing

76. I look ... a letter from you.
a) forward to receiving
b) toward receiving
c) forward to receive
d) forward receiving

77. We asked him ... .
a) not smoke
b) not smoking
c) do not smoke
d) not so smoke.

78. We would like you ... with us.
a) staying
b) to stay
c) stay
d) do stay

79. ... his behavior would be the last thing to expect.
a) For his changing
b) For him change
c) For him to change
d) To change for him

80. I always travel with as ... as possible.
a) little luggages
b) few luggages
c) few luggage
d) little luggage

81. I know him ... a good man.
a) to be
b) be
c) being
d) is

82. John really ... his father; he has the same eyes, hair and smile.
a) takes in
b) takes of
c) takes after
d) takes for

83. The year in which February has 29 days is called:
a) leaped-year
b) leep-year
c) leaping-year
d) leap-year

84. He ... that he would never steal again.
a) swore
b) swored
c) sweared
d) sweart

85. The criminal will be ... from prison next week.
a) reliesed
b) relised
c) released
d) releast

86. You have to avoid ... a cold.
a) catch
b) to catch
c) to catching
d) catching

87. Have you ... the barley yet?
a) sewn
b) sow
c) sown
d) sowed

88. There were hardly any ... in that battle.
a) casultyies
b) causelties
c) casualties
d) casually

89. All the targets have been ... by our bombers.
a) hitting
b) hit
c) hitten
d) hitted

90. How good ... to visit me!
a) of you
b) of yourself
c) for you
d) off you

91. Please fill ... the form and sign it.
a) up
b) in
c) into
d) down

92. It is worth ... this book. It is very interesting.
a) to read
b) read
c) reading
d) you read

93. He has made ... since last year.
a) little progress
b) little progresses
c) few progresses
d) many progresses

94. Nobody knows where he has ... the money.
a) hid
b) hided
c) hidden
d) hidded

95. It is very cold today. I think it must be 10 degrees ... zero.
a) under
b) over
c) down
d) below

96. Look! That nice house is ... .
a) on fale
b) for selling
c) for sale
d) to sell

97. Are you sure I can rely ... him?
a) -
b) in
c) on
d) for

98. Who has the ... at the crossroads?
a) right to go
b) right of going
c) right of way
d) right way

99. We ... your new girl friend.
a) are liking
b) like
c) liking
d) are likeing

100. What are you going to do with your cat when you go abroad? My sister will ... it.
a) look after
b) care
c) take care
d) look for.
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