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Thank you, Robbie!! Here you have some more answers:

Answers about her personal/professional life:
- She kissed a girl (Yulia I guess )
- She wants one more child
- Her favourite “volk” is Karina Koks
- There will be studio versions of the songs sung at the show Mask
- There will be a concert in St. Petersburg on 6th of March
- She plans to meet fans when it’s safe

Answers related to t.A.T.u. stuff:
- She thinks t.A.T.u. is one of the best bands in the world
- She likes “Craving”
- She doesn’t mind being asked about t.A.T.u.
- Most of her fans don’t want a t.A.T.u. comeback
- She likes Klava Koka’s cover of YSSU
- She doesn’t plan to sing “Sacrifice”
- She enjoys singing t.A.T.u. songs
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