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Hi, from a business stand point it could work. They might even attract new fans but the music has to be stellar!! I'd miss Yulia and Lena but to be honest, right now I'm kinda sick of them! They always looks so bored. It would be nice to see a new tatu, to bring the energy back. If they had not done the reality show or the documentary, I would probably not have this opinion. I would think that tatu is Lena and Yulia but now that I've seen a bit of their real lives, I'm kinda bored with them. I liked the mystery. I don't know if a new tatu could work but it would be really interesting to see!
I've never heard of any manager recasting a group! That's hilarious!!! I'd really like to see it.

BTW, you probably connect more and emphasize more with Lena and Yulia. At this point, I don't really care about them. They seem a little bit boring to me. I cared about them more before but I don't really now. I still luv the music of tatu! but Lena and Yulia acted like total divas in both the documentary and the reality tv show. They were almost completely lifeless! I've only seen a few clips but if the other clips are anything like the ones that I saw, I don't really feel sorry for them. I can't feel sorry for someone that bores me to death, unless I know them or something tragic happens to them. And as a listener of music, I want something energetic, fresh, emotional and lively.

I used to listen to songs by tatu like 'Klowny' and feel emotion but now when I listen to a song like that, I don't feel as much emotion because I imagine the Yulia (the diva from the documentaries) and Lena (the boring girl from the documentaries) singing it.

Ivan seems more fun which is why I'm stil interested in the project of tatu. The documentary and the reality show was a completely bad move!!! The reality show was promising but when neither Yulia or Lena were present in Podnesbaya (can't spell) for that long, it really started to piss me off!!!!

Can't Yulia or Lena ever smile or ever have fun? They seem like they have no fun!!!! which is why I'm thinking that maybe a new tatu will have more fun. I don't like to watch two girls who are bored out of their minds all the time. I want to watch two girls who are having fun!! and who want to work and want to have a career!

But I don't really blame the girls. It's not their fault. It's the ill-conceived ideas of Ivan which have made me think this way.

But Yulia and Lena can still sing in an another project so it's not so sad. They can call themselves taty and the new group can call themselves tatu. Now, that wold be confusing!!!!

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