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Re: Hi

Originally posted by dollparts3000
I don't think that tatu necessarily needs Lena and Yulia. I think it is all about the music. If Ivan finds some talented girls who are able to be tatu, then I think it could still exist. They probably won't be as big as the original tatu and the mystery is gone (which is a huge component!!) but it might work. It won't be as successful but it is sure to sell a lot of records if the material is good!!!

Anyway, Yulia is really annoying!!! She's totally unprofessional. I could understand her not wanting to go all the way to Singapore but to not show up for the music video shoot when there are a whole bunch of people counting on her! That's pathetic. On a film or music video set, time is money!!!! Even though she's a star, that is totally disrespectful. Maybe she has her reasons for wanting to screw Ivan over that we don't know about but if he isn't being an asshole and it wasn't because of him that she didn't show up, than that is totally unprofessional and she deserves to be fired.

is this really your opinion? that tatu could still exist without the girls? it's not just about the music anymore, is it? it's about the girls' personas and what they have contributed to the image of the group. t.A.T.u. without them would just be a name. switching singers but keeping the name is too black and white this late in the game. it's not easy to just focus on the music and ignore the singers NOT being yulia and lena. Not to mention, their voices wouldn't be there. and neither would they.
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