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Originally posted by cirrus
I think the article is right, Ivan is Tatu. He has so much input and so many ideas.
I don't know if Ivan is Tatu or not. I've only known Tatu for half as long as some of you guys (since June 03), and I don't live in Russia (far from it! ). So I really don't know a whole lot about him.

But I do know that Tatu is Lena and Yulia. Tatu with anyone else is not Tatu. It's just any old pop band. Giving some other faces the name "t.A.T.u." is just a BS facade. I don't care if they are really lesbians and are the hottest girls on Earth. I don't care! If they are going to use the same name with different girls, they can stuff it, cause I'm not buying it. I'd give money to Y&L's solo career 10 times over before I gave money to some copycat Tatu. Give it some new name, and I'd give it a look - but otherwise, look for donations elsewhere. I mean think about it in other terms: would the same situation work anywhere else? What if Amy Lee got tired of singing (I dread the day!), and they found some other chick to sing, and still called it "Evanescence"? That's not Evanescence. It's just any old band. You can't get rid of the core personality of the band and act like it's the same. Can you even imagine that?! I don't think so. So why should it be any different here? Sure you can get rid of instrumental players in the background, but you can't get rid of the part of the band that everyone sees and carry on like nothing happened. Calling anyone other than Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova "t.A.T.u." is a flat-out lie, and anyone who tries to do so (Shapovalov) should be looked at as someone who's lost their marbles.

P.S. - I wouldn't cross-post anything without permission and/or credit.
Originally posted by forre
Thanks, Kate.

Ivan said himself that t.A.T.u. are Yulia and Lena. He's not going to make another t.A.T.u. No worries.
*pumps fist in the air*

So....he hasn't lost ALL his marbles!
Originally posted by TLFdk
If so then skip the part completely, please. We know your view in the matter, and there is no point to pointing it out again and again.

Thank you for the translation though. I might read it one day even.
Lets not be mean, now!

Kate: I sincerely apologize for anything I might have said in the past that was, shall we say, antagonistic. You're constant (unappreciated by some?) translations are worth their weight in gold. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't get most of the Tatunews I do get.
Originally posted by staringelf
But if they keep singing together, and THE SAME STYLE of music they did before, I don't see why not having success - even if under a different name.
I dont think that needs capitals. I wouldn't mind some experimenting with, some hard rock, lets say. Like HSIN, but a step or two further. They can have variety. I don't know why you see keeping the same track as being so important. What really matters is that they keep togther, even with a different name.

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