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RowerB, I agree with the author's statement. I quote another few lines that the author wrote:

Julia has problems with vocal chords, she is hysterical and unpredictable – it’s doubtful that anyone will want to do anything with her.
Lena, on the other hand, is too soft and too shy, not to mention the fact that she is not a model.
Julia and Lena are only good when they are together. I cannot see them having successful solo careers at all, for the reasons Maksim Kononenko stated in his article.

For me, listening to Julia or Lena on their own will be like listening to some recycled, second-hand artists. It'll be wierd.

But, I'll be happy to see new girls take Julia and Lena's place in Tatu. It'll be fresh, interesting and fun. Like Maksim said, Russia is full of 19 year old girls with awesome voices. Julia and Lena's voices are nice, but not "wow". At least not for me.

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