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It's about that time, maybe a bit late but who cares, for the annual Tatysite Awards. Welcome to the 5th year!

Since it's already January and it's a bit late, we'll begin the nomination process in a week, on 15 January to be exact, and begin voting in February. Until then, look over last years categories and see if there are any other categories that you would enjoy seeing, or taken out.

Leave your suggestions after the beep.

Here were last years categories:

1- Best Female Member of the Year
The female member you have appreciated the most this year.
2- Best Male Member of the Year
The male member you have appreciated the most this year.
3- Hottest Female Member
The female member you find the most attractive.
4- Hottest Male Member
The male member you find the most attractive.
5- Best Newcomer
The member who joined this year that is your favourite.
6- Most Supportive Member
The member who has been the most helpful to other members on a personal level.
7- Most Creative Member
The member who created the best works of art, the most original topics, etc...
8- Most Entertaining Member
The member who has been the most entertaining (duh, lol).
9- Most Controversial Member
The member who has caused the most controversies.
10- Best Statement Maker
The member who has made the best posts.
11- Best Low Profile Member
The member who, even though they don't post much, you appreciate for their good personality.
12- Special Mention
Any member you think deserves to be mentioned but didn't belong in any other category.
13- Horniest Member
The member who shows their lust (probably for Yulia or Lena) the most.
14- Weirdest Member
The member who strikes you the most as really odd.
15- Biggest Post Whore
The member who posts the most.
16- Most Addicted to this Forum
The member who spends the most time here.
17- Most Missed Member
The member you regret the most among all of those who have left.
18- Best Moderator
The moderator you think has done the best job.
19- Best Avatars
The member who has had the best avatars
20- Best Signature
The member who has had the best signatures.
21- Best Nickname
The member whose nickname you like the most.
22- Most Annoying Member
The member who you find the most annoying.
23- The best humour
The member you think has the best humour.
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