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sunny poison, Not arguing. Of course not. Debating here, as usual.

The problem is - t.A.T.u. is a brand that sells and not Shapovalov. Oh! Both he and Kiper want to stand in the spotlight and receive the awards! Ooooops! It's the artist's job. The producer will always remain in the shadow. Greed and ignorance ruined him. Oh! Maybe he doesn't care. Here we speak about t.A.T.u. and not Shapovalov's future projects. He'll be as successful as Nichya.

Yes, t.A.T.u. showed that Russia "is able" too. Unfortunatelly, it's a one-hit wonder in the West. Nothing more. Next time a Russian artist makes its way to the charts, Western promotors will think twice whether to work with this artist or not. Many companies not only earned money on t.A.T.u. but lost them too. So, it's not about the group at the end, it's about the nation.

Enough politics. We'll follow the girls for a while now and see where we end up. There are a few recorded songs, those will be released for sure. That's good.
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