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Well said katbeidar and dare2dream28

Originally posted by QueenBee
If she would just have said "I want to be with my boyfriend, it's Valentine's" then I understand... but she didn't.
Exactly. I remember last week when people reported that Yulia was not in Singapore, some people got woried and said "I hope the poor girl is not seriously ill again, she wouldn't miss such an event without a good reason".

When we had that article saying that Yulia stayed in Moscow to spend Valentine's day with Pasha, some people were like "That's bullshit! Yulia cares too much about her fans to do that!" Yeah right!

And like QueenBee said, it would have been ok in that case, but it's not even that! She just couldn't be bothered, the flight was too long and she preferred staying in Moscow doing basically nothing.

And about them being stressed by the recording! Hello? They haven't set foot in Podnebesnaya for 3 weeks!

During that time, Lena found the time to look for an apartment and buy one, and she also went to Singapore (even though she wanted to spend time with her boyfriend too)!

What did Yulia do? She cut Pasha's nails.
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