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denial, huh? In that case.. I don't think I wanna be a Tatu fan if they are supposed to ignore their fans because they don't want to "waste their time". It was fun before, the girls seemed to be loving their fans, but they never gave a crap about the interviewers.. but they seemed to really enjoy being with their fans and signing t-shirts and giving out autographs. Now.. Yulia wants to stay with Pasha cutting his nails instead of visiting her fans and the Mtv Asia Awards. Lena really wanted to stay too, but she went because she knew the fans really wanted to see them. We got the report on the awards, and people were sad that Yulia didn't attend. Some were even worried that she was sick again, but no, she was at home cutting Pasha's nails because she didn't want to waste time in the airplane.

I got the song now, and I honestly thought it would really suck but I like it quite alot. I'm really worried there won't be no album though. Lena sings great but what I've heard from Yulia before she didn't seem okay. The girls don't even want to do this it seems, and Ivan comes up with the strangest ideas. Exchange the girls for other girls who are supposed to play Tatu? I donno. I don't think this seems fake anymore. Before when there were scandals and such, I would think that Tatu camp were sitting somewhere laughing their asses off at us for believing such stupid things but now the situation seems serious.
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