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Well, i don't really see what's funny here...
Originally posted by QueenBee
[b]Yeah.. To Yulia: I agree with Haku, Yulia is acting like a total diva and it looks like she doesn't even care about Lena's feelings. She even makes fun of the fact that Lena will be crying on the plane.. What kind of a friend is she? She doesn't seem to give a sh*t about us because she doesn't want to "waste" time on an airplane, see her fans who have been waiting, and go back quickly.
huh? LoL ..well I'm sorry .. but ..diva? LoL .. okay.. sorry .. well .. but .. they are TATU .. they suppose to be like that.. what you expect them to be like ? Roxette? Lol

Remember, Mi TATU! Mi TATU! ... and Yulia is very much real and modest than I've ever thought. I guess they always meant what they said. I won't comment on Lena .. it wont be pleasant .. beside I love her too...
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