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Hello I have a question. Do you know for sure that Ivan won't give the song writer's credit? I think he will because there is proof that the song writer wrote the song (i.e. the tv show) He's taking away the rights and owning the rights of the song but as long as the artist get's credit, that's a good thing.

I understand your point of view where you say it is not right for Ivan "exploiting" the artists by forcing them to waive the rights to their songs just to get published and you may be right. However, I think differently. Ivan does not have to give any fan the chance of writing lyrics for t.a.t.u He does not need to get lyrics by means of a contest. If he really wanted to, I'm sure he could find other song writers that would work for peanuts, even with his reputation. Things are different in Russia. People will work for cheap. Ivan is creating this contest in order to get fan participation. Half the songs that are contributed aren't very good. He is spending money and time reviewing them. He is spending money and time fixing them up. If he had a professional writer working on the songs, he would have way less problems. It would make his job easier to hire a professional writer who would work for cheap (and be paid up front).

Also, most songwriters do not make one hit wonders that are sung for many generations or remade. This is a chance to make a hit. Every song writer can write a song but how many get the chance to write a song for one of the most popular and scandalous groups to come out in years? Most people do not have this chance. It's just one song. What else would you be doing? If you don't want them to use your song, don't send it in but there are thousands of people who don't care about "signing over their rights" because they realize that it is a great opportunity (ofcourse some are just obsessed fans who will do anything for tatu).

I agree with you that the fans that are being exploited are the extremely obsessed ones who will do anything for tatu but there are fans that are not exploited who have thought about the whole process rationally and come to the conclusion that it is a promissing opportunity.

BTW, I'm sure when Ivan actually decides to use a song, there will be a contract. Somebody should post the contract online. I also have one question, are many people that naive to think that they will profit from the song? If Ivan is deliberately misleading people into thinking that they will profit, I think that is wrong. But if he clearly states that the writer will only recieve credit, a t-shirt etc. than I don't think that is wrong. Misleading people is always wrong.

If people are willing participants (not obsessed fans who will do anything for tatu) and they realize that they will not profit, then it's not an issue of right or wrong or exploitation. It's like having a volunteer. Many filmmakers volunteer their services for feature films for free. They work 10 hour days for free. I realize this case is different because the volunteer is contributing a creative element. People also invest thousands of dollars into student films and do not profit. They often to this in order to have something to show to investors. (I don't think it's too smart but people do it)

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