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Originally posted by sunny poison

As for the effect TATU had on Russian show-biz, well... I don't regret what happened. TATU showed not only western promoters that Russia 'is able', but russian artists too. Now they aren't afraid to try. The situation doesn't look so hopeless anymore. And some producers already said that TATU's success helped them a lot in getting nice contracts. Ivan didn't harm much. It will be enough for other russians to give real garantees and show some will to work to convince western promoters to try one more time. At least now russians can expect some attention.
Some nice effects really, but frankly also some bad ones as well. What will the westerners think about russia's sense for show business, russian arogance, lack of organizing skills, un-professionalism etc. They ceratainly helped in perpetuating a lot of "eastern" stereotypes... all about how people were SUPPOSED to be behind the former iron curtain. And I'm not happy about that at all :|
On the other hand we can't dismiss all the good things of course. But I can't help but wonder what all this could STILL become if it was jsut managed properly. :/
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