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Originally Posted by Caine View Post
A Question: What does the word spleen mean?
Сплин, in russian, is just a translit of the Spleen... an organ in our abdomens that does some filtering of red blood cells (i think), i actually think i read you don't really need a spleen and can have it removed without many difficulties.

I got out my copy of Nochnoi and in the front page it says, roughly, "this book contains lyrics from songs of these bands: Piknik (Пикник) , Sunday (Воскресенье), Spleen (Спин) and Blackmore's Night"
the only other book i have from the series is Sumerechniy and it says "Brutal Winter Cabin (Зимовье зверей), Belomors (Беломорс), White Gaurd (Белая гвардия), Piknik (Пикник), Alexandra Ulyachova (Александра Ульячова), Zoe Yaschenko(Зои Ященко), Cyrill Komarova (Кирилла Комарова)"

i hope that helps a little
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