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Ok, this is the third edition of the Forum Awards so you all know how it works, right?

Below there is a list of Award Categories, you are asked to nominate one member and one member only for each category.

Nominees have to be active members (except for the "Most Missed Member" of course), members who post regularly on the forum. The Award commitee (QueenBee, Staringelf, and myself) will examine the elligibility of nominees and make a joint decision for "borderline" cases (there will be no Puffymoose incident this year, we'll check member names and activity).

When making nominations, give the nominee's nickname, NOT their real name, and please give the reason why you are nominating them (at least for categories where it's not obvious, like "Special Mention", why did you choose that member for that?)

You can nominate yourself, but you can only do it ONCE, for only ONE award.

Finally, post your nominees in only ONE post, if you change your mind later, or want to add someone you hadn't thought about, EDIT your post, don't create a second one.
If a member should post two lists, only the first one will be taken into account.

1- Best Female Member of the Year
The female member you have appreciated the most this year.
2- Best Male Member of the Year
The male member you have appreciated the most this year.
3- Hottest Female Member
The female member you find the most attractive.
4- Hottest Male Member
The male member you find the most attractive.
5- Most Providing Member
The member who has provided the community with the most material.
6- Most Supportive Member
The member who has been the most helpful to other members on a personal level.
7- Most Creative Member
The member who created the best works of art, the most original topics, etc...
8- Most Entertaining Member
The member who has been the most entertaining (duh, lol).
9- Most Controversial Member
The member who has caused the most controversies.
10- Best Statement Maker
The member who has made the best posts.
11- Best Low Profile Member
The member who, even though they don't post much, you appreciate for their good personality.
12- Special Mention
Any member you think deserves to be mentioned but didn't belong in any other category.
13- Horniest Member
The member who shows their lust (probably for Yulia or Lena) the most.
14- Weirdest Member
The member who strikes you the most as really odd.
15- Biggest Post Whore
The member who posts the most.
16- Most Addicted to this Forum
The member who spends the most time here.
17- Most Missed Member
The member you regret the most among all of those who have left.
18- Best Moderator
The moderator you think has done the best job.
19- Best Avatar
The member whose avatar you like the most.
20- Best Nickname
The member whose nickname you like the most.
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