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In my opinion Gabrielle did not change her personality.

When she met Xena, she was 17 years old, an innocent kid still. She had ideals and a philosphy of life that had not been tested. During the years, she changed, that's true. But she didn't change her personality. She just grew up. And she grew in ways that far exceeded Xena's development.

In my opinion, Gabrielle took much more risks than Xena, she was always open to new ideas and new people. With such an open-mindedness comes the danger to fall prey to unscrupulous people like Najara, Aidan, or Kraftstar. Gabrielle learned her lessons the hard way. But she never gave up being interested in other opinion and life philosophies. Dangerous? Of course. But Gabrielle was as courageous as she was open-minded.

It was interesting that she went beserk in The Ides of March - she gave up the pacifist way which meant a lot to her for no one else but Xena. She compromised for Xena. She sacrificed her ideal for love, for Xena. After that she knew that she couldn't go back to that ideal if she wanted to stay with Xena, and eventually she found a way to reconcile both philosophies and become the woman she was in season six.

The gist: Gabrielle was always in search of answers, an open-minded, courageous girl who took risks and had to pay dearly for those sometimes. But she learned a lot, too. Should she have remained the naive kid from season one? Should she have adopted Xena's lifestyle without question? No. That would have been boring and unbelievable.

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