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Rose-Thorn 29-11-2003 22:09

Serial Girl Warning: Blood, Violence, and Strong Language
This fic is VERY simalar to the movie "Serial Mom" which is a true one. Hope you enjoy this fic.

Chapter 1: Mrs. Johansen

Julia sighed. She was just going to be going through another boring day at school. She unbended a paper-clip and started poking holes in her eraser. "Miss Volkova" The teacher said. "Why, yes Mrs. Johansen?" Julia answered. "What is the square route of 144?" Her teacher asked. "2" Julia answered. "i'm sorry, Julia, but the answer is 12." Mrs. J. said. Then she turned around and on the board write "POP QUIZ" Then she underlined it. She walked over to her desk to a pile of packets, and handed them out to everyone. Julia, as always, struggled with math. She handed in her packet once she finished. The next day, her teacher came up to her. "Julia, Julia, Julia. I'm VERY dissapointed in you. I know you could to better." Then she shwowed her the D- written in bright red letters on the top of her paper. Julia gave her teacher the evil eye. Whenever someone was nasty to her, gave her bad grades, or even took the last tapioca pudding at lunchtime... she got revenge on them. This wasn't any tapioca incident either... After school, she snuck into the classroom. She gazed at the teachers water bottle. She got an idea.

Julia always sounded innocent. Everyone thought she was an angel, but she wasn't. Julia took the teachers water-bottle, and filled it with dissolvable anti-depressants. A whole bottle of em'. Julia gave herself an evil laugh, and continued off to home. That whole night, all Julia could think about was Mrs. J. and how she was gonna pay for what she did. Now, Julia went to her daily routine. First, Ashley Swiss. Ashley Swiss lived on Julia's street, and they were acquaintences. Both of them were thinking they were nice individuals. Until that one day... Julia was on line, and she had her eye on that tapioca pudding. Ashley was in front of her, and there was only one tapioca pudding left. Ashley took it. Julia had hated her since. Ashley didn't even know it. Julia plopped on her bed, and picked up her own personal phone. She dialed Ashleys number. Julia disguied her voice.

"Hello is Ashley there?" She asked. It was Ashley. "Speaking." Ashley said. "So we talk again..." Julia said. Ashley, recognizing it was the annoying prank phone-caller. "What do you want from me???" She shrieked. "The police are tracing this call, right now!" Ashley said. "Thats what they all say, you no good whore! You bitching pussy sucking asshole! Don't fucking tell me that the damn police are tracing this fucking call. I can tell when these police are tracing this call. You got a problem with me, bitch? Huh??" There was no answer. "Thought so." Julia said. She ehard Ashley crying in the backround. Julia hung up the phone. "Gotcha" she said to herself.

Off to the rest of her routine, she went next door. Sylvia Lockhart lived there. Julia hung out over her house, and Sylvia thought they were friends. Well, they were. Untill Sylvia took Julia's necklace. Julia was ready to pounce on her when she did it, but Julia needed to think of a sinister plan. Well, Julia went over to Sylvia's house. "Hey Sylv" Julia said. "Hey Jules" she replied. "Nice necklace." Julia said. "Thanks, I uh, found it in a parking lot." Sylvia lied. "You know, I USED to have a necklace just like that." Julia said. "Cool, uh, when you find it, bring it over." Sylvia said. Julia got up close to Sylvia. She yanked the necklace off of her neck. "Ouch, you bitch!" she cried. "What did you call me?" Julia asked. "A no-good necklace breaking bitch." Sylvia repeated. SInce they were in the back yard, Julia charged at Sylvia causing her to fall over some garbage cans. Julia picked her up, and slapped her across the face. "SLUT" Julia screamed. Sylvia got up, and pushed Julia down. Julia kciked Sylvia out of the way. She spinned her atound, threw her across the yard. Then Julia slammed on top of Sylvia. Blood splattered everywhere. Julia got up. Sylvia layed there on her back. Julia kicked her face. Then Julia walked away, leaving Sylvia there. Dead.

Julia, with blood all over, walked into Sylvia's house, knowing noone was there, washed up, and when she got home, she changed her clothes. She put her bloody clothes in the wash. Once she was sure all the blood was off, she sat in her room, blasting her music. "JULIA, HONEY?" her mom called over the loud music. Her mom banged on her door. "Dinners ready" her mom said. Julia went down to dinner. Her dad was down there watching the news. Her mom set the table, and her dad came in, still leaving the news on. "Henry, can't you eat dinner one night without the news?" Julia's mom complained. "Come on!" He said, still leaving the news on. As they ate, a special bulleton came on the news. "Today, Wednsday, a girl that goes by the name Sylvia Lockhart was murdered." The news reporter went on. A large ear-to-ear grin went upon Julia's face. "Oh, Julia, honey, thats terrible, your best friend getting murdered?" her mom said. Julia played innocent. Not once has she gotten caught for one of her crimes.

The next day, Julia was especially eager for school, knowing that Mrs. J. was probably gonna die. Mrs. J gave an EXTREMELY boring lecture on electricity. Finally, she needed some refreshing water. Mrs. J. opened the cap, and took a big swig of water. Firsr Mrs. J's eyes widened. Then she looked like she was choking. A bunch of students ran up to help her. Then she keeled over and died. Julia was happier than ever. Plus, there was no evidence to prove she was guilty.


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