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robbie 03-02-2021 14:44

New single: "Из Темноты"

Не пропусти! 11 июня (пятница) новый трек Лены Катиной «Из темноты» на всех цифровых площадках.


New single from @lenakatina called “Из темноты” is coming June 11!




Один и тот же сон
Тревожит мою память он
Сливается с реальностью в унисон
Над осенью кружится меланхолия
И счастье заблудилось
Между ты и я

А что если мы больны?
И параллельно путаются миры
Стань на день моей тенью ты

Из темноты, из темноты
Летим на свет - горят мосты
Там, где есть я
Там, где есть ты
Этот огонь еще не остыл
Из темноты, из темноты
Летим на свет - горят мосты
Там, где есть я
Там, где есть ты
Этот огонь еще не остыл

Закружит карусель
Но как остановить теперь
Полет этой фантазии о тебе
Над городом упадет звезда
Все стало на своим места
Apple Music

t.A.T.u. Media 09-06-2021 15:03

что если мы больные / what if we are sick
и параллельно путаются миры / and in parallel our worlds are getting mixed up
встань на день мою тенью ты / become my shadow for a day
из темноты / from darkness
из темноты / from darkness

Heard at 1:34:00 below:

Qirek 10-06-2021 08:41

Thank so much to both of you!! Let’s see tomorrow how it sounds :)

robbie 11-06-2021 09:37

Song is out!

Any thoughts?

TaTy_DuDe 12-06-2021 03:27

I don't really like it all that much. I was hoping for something more like Мы танцуем. That is closest to a t.A.T.u. song we have gotten in a really long time.

t.A.T.u. Media 12-06-2021 16:06

I like, it has definitely gotten stuck in my head. But like with every Lena song for me it is not in its full potential.

Instrumental: amazing, it's powerful and captivating
Lyrics: good, but could be deeper
Voice: good. I like how she changed it up a little with the high notes. But I think she could have went further to make her vocals more powerful - this is a great song to scream in...starting at 2:03 they could have done some really cool, strong screams in the background.

Once again there is no original bridge - just a repeat of the chorus. Her songs always lack a bridge and that is always on of my favorite parts of a song.

I think the reception of the song from fans has been good and like Xenia Sobchak mentioned in her Insta story it is good that Lena released the song right after her interview to "catch the wave". However, I feel like there could have been more done with this song, like a video or more content. I find myself coming back to her VK page in hopes of finding another post related to the song and something around it, but there is nothing there besides the original release post. The song is strong, they should have pushed it further.

VeronicaF 13-06-2021 19:21

I feel like the song has a quite a strong personal significance for Lena as you can tell by the lyrics and her tearful Tiktok singing of it. The thing that I thought to myself, considering the big interview and the opportunities coming from it she could have released something more powerful & unique. Her doing ballads is a pretty expected thing, nevertheless I like the song :)

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