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AshMcAuliffe 19-08-2009 11:42

Robotic - Bis

AshMcAuliffe 19-08-2009 11:47

Chicago - Bis

robbie 19-08-2009 11:50

C A N D Y Candy Shop! :D

AshMcAuliffe 19-08-2009 11:53


Originally Posted by crazy malchik (Post 388371)
Chelovechki. Maybe for the 4th time ever. xD

i've only just recently started to listen to it more. It's not a bad track to be honest. lol :D

Silver Spoon - Bis
Bis are the best Scottish band ever and "Return To Central" their best album.

I think Madge has kidnapped Robbie's soul!!

fanoff 19-08-2009 11:54

Robbie,try to listen to someone else:)

Nichya - Sneg

robbie 19-08-2009 12:11


Originally Posted by crazy malchik (Post 388376)
Can't wait to hear it live...

I want again too :D I'm gonna steal your golden circle ticket :D

MalchikGeiBrand 22-08-2009 21:17


Autotune machine feat. Miley Cyrus - Party in the USA

This song is so unbelievably crappy and her voice is so obviously edited but I can't stop LISTENING TO IT. ;___;

robbie 22-08-2009 21:21

Madonna's album "Ray of Light". It's so amazing.

Argos 22-08-2009 22:00

Having my Flamenco day. 5 hours of Paco de Lucia and counting...

robbie 23-08-2009 11:30


Originally Posted by crazy malchik (Post 388517)
^^Robbie, I think "Ray Of Light" is bad, I don't like it. My fav. Queen album ever is "Erotica".

I love "Erotica" so much. It's sooo raw :D and sexy of course. Love the book too :D

C! A! N! D! Y! Candy Shop! Enjoy the show tomorrow!

sakuya 23-08-2009 12:25

SLOT - odni I simply love them :)

AshMcAuliffe 24-08-2009 23:57

You Are Nice - Agua De Annique

Endri 25-08-2009 08:30

Muse - Time Is Running Out

fanoff 25-08-2009 09:59

t.A.T.u. - AAU

sakuya 25-08-2009 12:31

The Pussycat Dolls - Hush Hush *my guilty pleasure*

AshMcAuliffe 25-08-2009 13:46

Lucifer Rising - Kelli Ali

AshMcAuliffe 25-08-2009 15:48

Radio (Kallisti Remix) - Theatre of Tragedy

fanoff 25-08-2009 17:55

Tarkan - Bu Gece

QueenBee 25-08-2009 22:47

Maskinen - Alla som inte dansar. I hate the chorus of this song because it translates to "Everyone who doesn't dance is a rapist" - I know it's meant to be funny but I think it's kind of crossing the line. :lalala:

Anyway, the tune is kickass and my friends and I often play it at parties to get everything going.

Music video
Performance at Pride Festival Stockholm... is this not just the best performance ever? Rap dudes in drag!

little_polar_bear 26-08-2009 01:04

I love it! They are sexy!!! I love men in drag, so... oh well... I probably would say that about any band LOL... Thanks for the links! :rose:

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