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MalchikGeiBrand 26-07-2009 00:45


Originally Posted by LenoDumas (Post 387576)
Summer boy - Lady GaGa

I love that song! It was an instant favorite of mine. I think it's a little underrated, 'cause it never really seemed like a fan favorite in my opinion.

dradeel 26-07-2009 04:01


Originally Posted by AshMcAuliffe (Post 387598)
Love Lene so much!!! :D

She's pretty good. Well, at least some of her songs. Seems like some are reaaaally good, while some are really bad and most are mediocre. It's kinda bad that not all of her songs hold the quality of Here We Are and Unforgivable Sinner.
And major lol; I actually wrote Marling earlier! Wtf? :laugh: Edited!

Still listening to Here We Are anyways. Damn good song :cool:

Serduchka Fan 26-07-2009 05:08

Закрой за мною дверь - Ласковый май
Zakroi za mnoyu dver' - Laskovyi Mai

Love this song. Here's a video of it if anyone is interested.

Endri 26-07-2009 09:01

3 Doors Down-Landing in London

FiorE 27-07-2009 02:17

decode - paramore

Endri 27-07-2009 04:03

Muse-Map Of The Problematique

QueenBee 27-07-2009 17:19

I just remembered Blümchen exists! :D *jams*

Khartoun2004 27-07-2009 19:17


Originally Posted by Endri (Post 387651)
Muse-Map Of The Problematique

I love that song. It's definitely one of my favorite Muse songs. :coctail:

MalchikGeiBrand 27-07-2009 19:31

Super Junior - Haengbok/Happiness


fanoff 27-07-2009 20:09

Yulia Savicheva - Otpusti

AshMcAuliffe 27-07-2009 21:46

Not So Manic Now - Dubstar

Endri 27-07-2009 23:50

Amy Macdonald - This Is The Life :)

AshMcAuliffe 27-07-2009 23:55

OK Amp Let Me Out - Apoptygma Berzerk

Endri 28-07-2009 00:20

P!nk – Glitter in the Air :bye:

Endri 28-07-2009 10:22

Céline Dion-A New Day Has Come

la_fee_verte 28-07-2009 10:24

Got my tatu playlist going - atm its Lyudi Invalidi. Not such a fan of the film clip though

fanoff 28-07-2009 12:16

Şahsenem-Gözyaşlarım Anlatır

This was a song from my childhood.Still love it,gives me a good feeling.

Endri 29-07-2009 03:02

Evanescence – Taking Over Me

cHAmpY 29-07-2009 04:39

Keeper- Yellowcard

ghixide_2136 29-07-2009 06:25

destiny's child - emotion
yeah... old song :p

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