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Endri 04-07-2009 04:32

Pretty Woman.

AshMcAuliffe 07-07-2009 23:30

The Afterlife by Elysian Fields

Endri 08-07-2009 19:17

Avril Lavigne - Keep Holding On

QueenBee 14-07-2009 20:22

This :D Awesome song and awesome movie.

AshMcAuliffe 14-07-2009 20:26


Originally Posted by QueenBee (Post 386522)
This :D Awesome song and awesome movie.

CLASSIC! The best supernatural horror movie of all time.
Komeda did a remarkable job with the soundtrack

robbie 14-07-2009 20:59

I can't stop listening song K.D.Lang -The Consequences of Falling from "Soldier's Girl" movie :love:

FiorE 17-07-2009 02:26

loba - shakira!

Endri 17-07-2009 02:29

Coldplay - White Shadows

Endri 17-07-2009 05:08

Muse -Starlight

AshMcAuliffe 18-07-2009 18:51

Try Everything - Republica

Endri 19-07-2009 01:36

The Fray - You Found Me.

Tatygotiko 19-07-2009 05:48

Wonder Girls - Tell Me

regigigas1505 19-07-2009 06:17

Jeff Buclley - Everybody Here Wants You; and his entire posthumously released album "Sketches For My Sweetheart, the Drunk". Worth giving it a try.

Talyubittu 19-07-2009 07:22

Mandalay, Solace. - The entire album.

Endri 20-07-2009 00:03

Muse - Black Holes And Revelations (album)

Khartoun2004 20-07-2009 03:55

Armor For Sleep - Hold the Door

Tatygotiko 20-07-2009 05:11

Wonder Girls - Tell Me

Endri 20-07-2009 06:37

t.A.T.u. - Stars

AshMcAuliffe 20-07-2009 10:22

Mourn (Mesh Remix) - Apoptygma Berzerk

MalchikGeiBrand 20-07-2009 18:07


Originally Posted by Tatygotiko (Post 387120)
Wonder Girls - Tell Me

I just had that stuck in my head as I was browsing this thread! :p

I'm listening to "Nobody" by Wonder Girls myself. Apparently they're trying to break out to the international market, and are starting out by opening for The Jonas Brothers... I'm not sure how successful that will be with a crowd of stubborn little girls. I just hope their English songs aren't lulzy. I personally didn't really like the English version of Nobody. I can listen to it, but they really need to fix the editing on So Hee's voice especially. Whhhy do so many English edits of songs end up sounding so messy?

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