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sakuya 17-09-2009 19:32


Originally Posted by Endri (Post 389418)
Isn't it the same song? :lalala:

Yeah, its sampled in hush hush.

Framing Hanley - Its not what they said

nikki 17-09-2009 22:43

Rammstein - Pussy :D ;)

robbie 17-09-2009 22:51

Madonna - Dress You Up :D

MalchikGeiBrand 18-09-2009 03:48

4Minute - Hot Issue

They sound like 12 year old boys and their singing talent is questionable, but the song is so catchy.

fanoff 18-09-2009 13:01

The Veronicas - 4ever

louise 18-09-2009 13:19

self-inflicted by Katy Perry, I'm not your Toy by La Roux and Ya Tvoy Vrag by t.A.T.u

AshMcAuliffe 23-09-2009 14:16

Self-Obsessed - Paradise Lost

AshMcAuliffe 24-09-2009 01:07

Lost In Moments - Ulver

Endri 24-09-2009 06:15

Coldplay - A Message :love:

sakuya 24-09-2009 18:49

Bright eyes - lover you dont have to love

fanoff 24-09-2009 18:58

Enrique Iglesias - Taking back my love is playing at the café

Endri 28-09-2009 01:48

offspring - why don't you get a job

AshMcAuliffe 08-10-2009 09:58

Spacelab - Kraftwerk

Endri 22-10-2009 00:03

Paolo Nutini's new album "Sunny Side Up". I discovered him today and he's really great! :)

AshMcAuliffe 22-10-2009 20:36

We Are Bis From Glasgow, Scotland - Bis :)

spyretto 23-10-2009 03:32

New Alice In Chains album
New Rammstein album
New Living Colour album
New Skunk Anansie songs from their imminent best of release.

Some good stuff there, though all of these bands are past their prime, they're still more original than 90% of new rock bands.

Also Transvision Vamp's greatest hits ( I don't know how I came up with that, I was thinking of bands of the late 80's early 90's with female vocalists that were popular in the UK charts for a while, like for example Deacon Blue, The Primitives ( of Crash fame ), The Beautiful South, Prefab Sprout, then after that the Cranberries who became huge stars etc. Where are these bands now, it's all so boring in the music business.

Transvision Vamp's ridiculously hot singer split them in the early 90's and tried a solo career which backfired after one album but it was a good album nonetheless. I'm listening to that one too. ;)

Next week I'll remember something else to listen to.

Endri 23-10-2009 07:34

Joss Stone - Colour Me Free!

AshMcAuliffe 23-10-2009 19:52

I'm A Slut - Bis

fanoff 24-10-2009 13:47

Миро - Губя Контрол Когато

Endri 30-10-2009 18:48

Michael Jackson mood :)

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