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concy 15-04-2004 07:48

"Zaschischatsia Ochkami"
Download for "Zaschischatsia Ochkami" VIDEO >>> VIDEO >>>k1n3t1k's Uploads >>>tATu Reality Show>>>i_budu.mpg

Thanks xena225 and Trunkster - ********

xena225 15-04-2004 08:31

Thanks should go to Nike75, Mitja, Twiggy and
I was just the messenger. :)

Here's the original thread:


concy 15-04-2004 11:34

Thanks everyone :)

Artem 15-04-2004 12:46

soon will be more quality and some other video.

admin of

denial 15-04-2004 16:49

thank you very much everyone .. :D

QueenBee 15-04-2004 17:13

Yes, I saw that on the Russian forum.. thanks everybody :rose: :kwink:

Mossopp 15-04-2004 18:39

What's the password?

Artem 15-04-2004 18:52

kick-ass is closed... :(
original link there:
please write your questions and comments in the same site.

QueenBee 15-04-2004 19:36

Mossopp, the password is "Taty"

Username: tatu_us
Password: taty
Port: 21

I hope I got that right...

forre 16-04-2004 14:26

Mossopp, Or get it here but as Artem said "more quality" is somewhere out there too. Thanks to all the people who cut the video from Tatu-RS and uploaded it here. :rose:

Mossopp 16-04-2004 21:50

Thanks forre.

This is an interesting video. Although it isn't really a proper video I suppose - more a cobbled-together collection of random footage (rather like 'How Soon Is Now').
I've seen the clips of the girls recording this song in the studio before. Those clips were shown on the 'Liquid News' Podnebesnaya report - the one with Lena saying how "disappointed" she was in Ivan - back in February.
How cute does Julia look in that clip about 15 seconds in? Does anyone know where that particular piece of footage came from?
And what about the bit where they're jumping on the bed with the flags? That's on the SFM DVD aswell but I dunno where it's originally from. Since Julia is holding a Union Jack I'm guessing it was a UK photoshoot but I've never seen the pictures in any UK publication.
I feel sorry for Julia in the last scene, standing at the station in the cold by herself as the picture fades to black. :(
I suppose the tearing down of the billboard poster shown throughout the vid is supposed to be symbolic...

kishkash 17-04-2004 20:32

sweet thanks for the vid :rose:

I guess this is the vid everyone was talking about a while back where lena was on the metro and flashed her boobs LOL sept it happens at 2 different times, and not in the one setting as was led to believe :p


LenochkaO 18-04-2004 00:27

Thanks to everyone who helped to make that available. I see there's some footage from the Japanese concerts in there - I don't understand where this "The Japanese audience just stood there without reacting" thing came from, because it's blatantly obvious from this that people were bouncing up and down and generally getting into the whole thing. I also spotted their Japanese bodyguard in the background in one scene.

I like this video better than the HSIN one, because it's footage I've not seen before.

crni 18-04-2004 00:35

the video is pretty good, though i'm not a big fan of random footage videos :none:
and the song is also good, so the overall impression is rather positive ;)

and of course, tnx to the providers :done:

Lux 19-04-2004 17:27

eh, another video. although the footage of yulia and lena that i havent seen before is nice

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