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haku 05-04-2006 00:56

I just listened to the album and i quite like it, it's cute and fresh, i like the sound. :D
That song Pam-Param is awesome, makes you shake your ass, lol.

thegurgi 05-04-2006 22:34

yeah... i enjoy this album as well, although the last song reminds me of a scene in an creepy anime -- haha. I love Otpuskaya and her voice, it's light and has this angelic childish thing going on... thanks Igor!

Sean Jon 07-04-2006 03:10

What does it sound like?

angelmouse 15-04-2006 11:09

Wow, thank you Igor and Lana!!
Downloading now but I'll have to listen later cause I have to go to work now. Bummer...

angelmouse 17-04-2006 15:19

I've been listening to this album going to and from work for the past days and I quite like it. She has such a great voice! I like most of the songs, some more than others. I like the new music for santimetry duchanja. The only song I really don't like is nezhnost. And well, not so sure about pam-param... It's catchy but I'm not such a fan of that kind of monotonous electronic drums. And I would have liked to have Zavedi on this album, wonder why it's not.

Rachel 17-04-2006 15:22


Originally Posted by angelmouse

That song has copied samples from other songs. Listen to "Operation Blade" by Public Domain :p

Igor 17-04-2006 16:47

Music Video: MakSim - Nezhnost (TVRip)


Rachel 17-04-2006 16:48

Thanks a lot Igor! :done:

*Gave rep* :)

haku 17-04-2006 18:40

Thanks a lot Igor :done:

Nice to watch. :D

taturocks8 18-04-2006 09:23

Thanks Igor for the video I love it :)

Blakeich 10-06-2006 00:31

she has a new album. can someone please upload it. Also can someone please upload all the music video's she has. God i wish i lived in russia

haku 10-06-2006 00:45


Originally Posted by blakeich2005
she has a new album. can someone please upload it.

There is a working link in the first post of this thread.

Blakeich 10-06-2006 10:33

and what about music video's what video's does she have out?

Mino-An 25-06-2006 06:23

"Trudnyi Vozrast"
and "Nejnost'". and the next one goona be "Otpuskayu".

Ya_lyublyu_taty 31-07-2006 21:54

Thanks a lot for the MakSim songs, they are really great I only knew "Trudnyi Vozrast" :) :rolleyes: :kawai:

GoorillaZ 17-09-2006 00:22

Damn ... Could anyone write down lyrics for MakSim - Otpuskaju ?! Please , i need it very much


shagratha 19-09-2006 23:05

Her album is really fantastic, I've played it a LOT ever since I bought it in July. I only don't like Pam-Param but the other songs are awesome.:)

khanhfat 20-09-2006 03:11

First,I randomly found the album on a russian download site. but the one who upload it typed the name MaksUM instead of maksim so i couldn't find maksim on google until today. I found 3 of her videos clips on youtube an i'm loving it. I downloaded all 3 of those videos. The album is awesome. i played those songs over and over again. My lil cousins love the music too. Her voice is childish but it's easy to listen to. I didn't know that there's a big fansite over this site. Hey, Hook me up with good russian music yall i started to like russian music now!!! Of course i like TatU.

khanhfat 20-09-2006 22:57

Hey, um.. any body has the HQ music video of Maksim? i only got some low quality version on but i prefer a HQ one...please , any body ?. Thanks.

- Tigoo 10-11-2006 05:04

Please re-upload videos of Maksim :)

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